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  1. Hi A couple of days ago, I ordered what I thought was Affinity Photo, paying for the 50% offer. Instead, which may have been my fault, I downloaded Designer. I have already got a licence for that, so I would either like to return this, or have it swapped for a Photo Licence. Can someone help please? Thanks
  2. True. There will be 9 or 12 images, each with a short piece of text, the length you see. The part at the top, will have key messages to a concept, and the images are part of the concept for sustainability where you live, covering the component parts. It's not going to be the site itself, just a marketing page. I appreciate the comments though, and the top part will be key. I may well take away that imagery. I'm just formulating these parts for now, and hope to finalise in the next month for release. Ciao!
  3. This is going to be a slider with some Key messages, although I accept what you're saying. It depends on the content when I've done it, whether I will change it to Vertical, but thanks. There is More Info.
  4. I do tend to agree to be honest. Thanks for your honesty. I also admit, that the font idea is a good one. It does look better for the reasons you stated. The advice is appreciated guys and the jokes 😂🤣
  5. I was trying to see what a chain link would look like on a webpage I'm doing. The idea is that there would be 9-12 images and that it conveyed a message that everything is linked to a particular community model I'm doing. I was going to try Arrows between each image, going left to right on the 3, then down and left etc I'm not yet convinced it's clear. Just looking for any views on this from anyone, and/or suggestions. Thanks Robert
  6. Thanks guys. Amazing to see the variable methods and expertise that you guys have come up with. Hat's off too, for Affinity, providing the tools they do. I think I'm going to try a bit of all of these, just so I can learn, but the last image and process looks the best outcome, so if I can, I'm likely going to use that. Having said that, the work has been done in that respect, and I may well just use that image, if that's ok?
  7. Hi. I've got this png shape of a chain link. I'm trying to slightly bring the ends of the broken sections, a little bit closer to the centre link. So that the appearance can be that it's almost removed the gaps. I think just stretching the ends parts of the chain on the left and on the right, closer to middle link, will be sufficient for it to look closed. I want it then to be a new png image. Does anyone know the best way to achieve this please? Thanks chainlink.afphoto
  8. Thanks. I don't see Mesh Warp Tool? Ah. Just found it at the edge of the bottom. However, how do you use it on a layer such as that image?
  9. I'm baffled by how to shape an image. I'm trying to shape the highlighted image (it's not text), to fit into a shape on the image in the background. It's to make it look like the sign is on the bin, but I can't node edit the image that's highlighted? You can see the perspective shape on the bin, I want to fit this into. I tried drawing a Trapezoid and node edit that, but I couldn't get the image into the Trapezoid and have it move to adjustments. I hope that makes sense. Any help would be appreciated? Thanks Robert
  10. Thanks Guys. Clever stuff there. I managed an attempt using the radial part and did some adjustments, but these are other ways I wasn't aware of. Particularly liked the video method. Appreciate your help there. Caio
  11. Hi. I have an image I want to fade into on both sides. So I use the transparency tool on one side, then when I click on the other side, the left one doesn't remain in place? Any ideas how to do this please. Thanks
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