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  1. Create a new device iPhone XS artboard. Insert png file. In the transform pane activate the option to keep (change) the width and height together. Select the move tool. Resize by dragging the corners. - works OK, the ratio is kept. Resize by dragging the sides - does not keep the aspect ratio. In the status bar the hint says "Hold shift to ignore aspect ratio". When you hold shift it actually does the opposite — it then keeps the aspect ratio.
  2. Hello I've got a WhatsApp icon (attached) that I would like to make a tad thinner. How to make the stroke thinner is such case? Is there any way to make it automatically thinner in all the places or does it require manual work and adjusting? Warm regards whatsAppIcon.afdesign
  3. I have dropped out of Affinity Designer as a UI/UX tool a couple of months ago and I keep checking back if somethings has changed. So far it did not. AD is a good tool for drawing. However, there are other tools for UI/UX design than AD is not able to compete with, such as Sketch or free AdobeXD. You might want to try them out.
  4. 1.6 might have fixed the problem, because someone from Affinity team has been already been working on fixing that AFAIK. That is great. Nevertheless, I am not testing it again. I currently gave up on AD and I will get back to it to see what has changed in terms of UI design for iPhone and the amount of bugs when the 1.6.1 is released. Currently, for me, it boils down to more fighting with the software than working with it. That said, I still have high hopes to use AD in the future. See you after 1.6.1.
  5. tomn

    Exporting Artboards not possible

    The company might have had a deadline for the beginning of the November for the release, so 1.6 was a bit rushed and there are still bugs. At least this is how I see it for now. That's why I asked in Designer Beta RC thread when the 1.6.1 will be released I asked about that immediately after the 1.6 But no reply yet I just wanted to know if it makes sense to use AD at all if the company is going to release the update in the next 6 months or longer. Working with the iOS designs is a poor experience now, lot's of stuff is outdated. I imagine that the iOS assets should be updated by the company every time Apple releases an update on their website, if Affinity wants to keep AD usable for creating UI designs. And they definitely should get rid of any bugs related to artboards.
  6. @Bri-Toon sure, no problem.
  7. Can you back this claim up with some research data? Do for example even 1/3 of the world professionals do UI design or work on vector graphics on an iPad? From my point of view the Serif went for the money in the mobile market simply because it was there, it was justified by marketing and sales. Somehow they neglected the Designer on the Mac. And you can't do many things at once unless you are Adobe. Compare it with the progress of Sketch or Invision, and take a look how they tend their software. They are very focused mainly on personal computers platform. They progress fast, and they fix the bugs fast too. Adobe officially released Experience Designer, but they are big, fat corporation with lots of resources, so it would be unjustified to make any comparison to them.
  8. Chris B, I confirm, I have tried with the Bradley font and the Apercu font with the Beta 12 starting from scratch a new document and the bug seems to be still there for both of those fonts. I have attached the file. Test_font.afdesign
  9. Chris B, I've checked it in the current beta 12 as for today and the problem seem to be still present.
  10. AD 1.5.5 Open AD. Choose type Devices, choose a preset. Take a look at the create artboard check box. It is selected. Hit OK, to create a new document. Now from within the same document go to the menu or by using shortcut choose to create another new document. Now take a look at the settings. The checkmark in create artboard check box disappeared.
  11. AD 1.5.5 Please see the file attached. When you select all the objects notice the overall height of the selection. It should be 20. Now make a group out of it (cmd +g). The height of the group is smaller than the height of the objects the group is made of. Example.afdesign
  12. Another crash occurred today in the evening. This time I was doing nothing in AD too. The app was in the background. I was making an export of some of the UI Elements provided by Apple in Sketch.app. This might be helpful: Before that I had added two symbols to the Symbols panel. After the crash those two have disappeared. Background Crash report.txt
  13. Yes, resetting the studio helps all the time. I have a secondary monitor connected to my mac, but I couldn't fine the panel anywhere. It looked like it couldn't be displayed and it was blocked from appearing at all. If I get a crash report or I will be able to reliably reproduce it I will let you know about the steps.
  14. Hi Chris_K Nothing peculiar that I could remember, just a standard set of apps available on Mac like Safari or Mail etc. Cheers!
  15. Hello Chris, Thanks for looking at it. I have tried it in Sketch, and it works ok. The font is Apercu, regular. Warm Regards!