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  1. Have be struggling with the same problem right now. Maybe my solution works for you as well: For me, the problem lays in setting the stroke different then "Align stroke to center" before applying "Expand stroke". Just switching it back and resizing the shapes to match the targeted stroke solved this issue.
  2. Thanks for your reply guys. Offering the StudioLink I hoped to avoid CMYK conversion and Adjustment Layer changes on the reference picture before importing it into Publisher... As you said: > The PDF exporting process is first converting the RGB document to CMYK and then compositing and exporting. For comparison of the different export routes I also tried to export the same document to JPG considering the conversion into sRGB and CMYK. The results are much more similar than the PDF export. It seems, that in the case of JPG export, Publisher applies the Adjustment Layer
  3. Hi @Gabe, Thank you for taking the time to discuss this issue. I attached the afpub file that cause the described behavior. PDFexport_color_debug.afpub
  4. Hi guys, I'm currently having strange color shifts when exporting from Affinity Publisher into PDF. The color of the imported RGB .jpg image is strongly shifted close to grayscale when the document is being exported, even if the used gradiation curve layer (for matching the target color space) is only slightly affecting the overall colors of the image. When exporting the pages as .jpg with CMYK format this color shift is not visible. For better understand of the effect, I attached three images: 1st image: screenshot of page within Affinity Publisher without softproof 2nd
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