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  1. AffinityJan

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    OMG this is ... wow. Just wow. THANK YOU!!!
  2. AffinityJan

    My logo, which one do you prefer?

    That is exactly what I was going for :P
  3. AffinityJan

    My logo, which one do you prefer?

    I hope you like the idea. And make sure to check the .afdesign-file which contains the original sketch. ND.afdesign
  4. AffinityJan

    Tablet Recommendation for Novice

    I wanted to say thank you for the feedback so far <3 I didn't buy anything yet, so I am quite interested in your review.
  5. AffinityJan

    Tablet Recommendation for Novice

    Hey guys, I'm looking for an entry-level-tablet and just finished my research which left me with three devices. Those are: - XP-Pen Star 03 - Huion H610Pro - Huion 1060 Plus Since I am a novice I would love to know which of these devices you would recommend. I also created a strawpoll, to collect the feedback from across the web, so feel free to give it a click ; ) Cheers, Jan
  6. Hey rintin, thanks for the reply. I just checked my settings and it's already set to 100%.
  7. Hey guys, Affinity seems not to adjust to the taskbar position at the moment. I have mine on top and the window has been out of position during the setup and still is when I launch the app.