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  1. They’re not going to answer. This Serif is not the Serif we used to Love.
  2. You're right! Unfortunately I can't set up bootstrap grid system in fhd document.
  3. I also see this sometimes and most of the time with a psd file.
  4. @BorojiHey! I'm interested to know one thing, how often do you use AD for UI design?
  5. Same here, the snappiness I found in version 1.7.3 was the best. Although vesrion 1.8 has no new incredible features, it’s a lot buggy then before. Developers need to work on optimization
  6. @D_WW It wouldbe reall really great if you make a video explaining everything start to finish.
  7. There are hundreds of icons and I've to search them to find the right one. So It's not going to work for me. By the way, Thanks for your suggestion. Is it going to be fixed in the upcoming update? It'll be great for me as I've to deal with assets every single day.
  8. Thanks for your response. I understood your limitations. But I wasn’t able to work with this assets, this made me crazy and I asked for an instant response. Your supports are good although. From next time I'll try to be more specific while reporting problems. And again, I use the same assets in adobe xd, It's fine there. How do they manage such a large amount of icons? Maybe Developers should focus in this area as it needs serious improvements. What is the problem here You think? The numbers (2100) of the icons or the file size (mb)? As a UI Designer, I've to work with icons everyday. And this is not even possible to split up the icon assets in more than one file. Is there any tip from you until it gets fixed?
  9. Do you have any opinion or solution according to my problem? Did you face any problem like this?
  10. The problems with asset panel in designer 1.8.3 are below. 1. Switching Between assets crash the software. Not always, but most of the time. When no documents are open & with document open. 2. Dragging .afassets file in the panel dosent add any assets in the panel & Sometimes makes Designer not responding. Luckily importing works. 3. Searching asset is very slow. When I type something in the search box, it appears after 2-3 sec. Deleting a keyword after the search is also slower. Clicking on the cross button also works slowly. I'll attach the asset file. 4. Changing assets position in the sub categories & between subcategories make Designer not responding (not always). 5. Notice 1:36 sec in the video. It glitches. Restarting Designer Doesn't solve the Problem. I use adobe xd in my UI design. Searching assets in xd is incredibly fast. Working with t Asset Panel Problem.mp4 he same material icon asset is fast enough here. Is there any limitation for assets file or category or subcategory or file size or items in the subcategories? Material Icons.afassets Material_Design_Icons.afassets
  11. Ok, I'll try that. By the way, does is have any impact on the performance of the software if I don’t keep my windows up to date ( sometimes latest build of windows causes problem)?
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