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  1. Hi. Thanks for the fast response. I'll be happy to send the file to you as long as it is not visible to the public (and won't be shared). Can you make this post private? Do you want me to send it to you via email? Thanks again.
  2. Hi. I am facing a frustrating issue : the selection tool is not working anymore, or barely. My document uses several art boards and various graphic elements on each art boards. I can not simply and directly select any of the elements on any of the art boards with the black or white arrow. To select anything, I have to use the layer palette. When an art board is selected, I **may** be able to select one or two elements from that art board with the arrow tool. But not all. Am I missing anything? Did I forget to disable something somewhere? I am really confused by the bug. When I create a new document with a similar structure, that issue is not there anymore. Thank you for your advice.
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