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  1. They’re not going to answer. This Serif is not the Serif we used to Love.
  2. @D_WW It wouldbe reall really great if you make a video explaining everything start to finish.
  3. 😑 When I run Designer For the first time lt works fine. After working for 30-45 min, it starts to lag. Everything becomes slower & perform slowly. Like, selecting any object or layer lags for 1 sec. I'm on version 1.8.3. In the previous version (1.8.2) I didn’t face this problem. There is no specific file that I can attach. It is same for every file, mainly for larger sized file. I tried resetting the software holding ctrl key while launching the software, but it does nothing. My windows is up to date. My laptop config ( i5 6th gen, 8gb ram, 250gb ssd ) is fairly well too.
  4. Is this feature only for mac by born? Maybe I found that feature in version 1.5, I'm not sure though.
  5. I'm missing Separated Window mode in my affinity designer desktop. Is it discontinued? Or something wrong with my settings?
  6. How does it works? Could anyone attach screen video?
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