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  1. Same here, while being able to set the ruler origin is a good start it is crucial to define a document origin that is transferred to the exported document to improve workflow. (importing in Fusion360 without the need to manually move it around after import)
  2. kokosmolch

    DXF Export Support

    I'm designing electric guitars in Fusion360 and while love the technical approach over there it is not very well suited for aesthetical design. I therefore gave AD a try and love it for several reasons, but I NEED to be able to transfer my design from AD to Fusion360 without loss of precision and DXF is the way to go. I'm using an online converter now and I always get tiny deviations which are a pain in the ass to compensate manually, we all know how many small changes are made in a design process ang going through converting and adjusting every single time is not what I expect from a professional design software.
  3. I'm working in a document with size A0 (1189mm x 841mm). When i try to set the spread origin in the guides manager to a coordinate greater than 400mm it instantly resets it to 400mm. Happens on both Win7 and Win10. AD Version

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