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  1. This is a useful way, but only if you have to use several lines because it is time-consuming. I do a lot of technical drawings for the client and I use a lot of various lines with arrows in them. With a large number of such lines, it is easier to use previously prepared assets. At the moment it would be possible to easily zoom the arrowhead to any scale - it would greatly speed up my work on the diagram.
  2. Yes, of course but I would like to have a thin line with bigger arrowhead
  3. ...could them be a bit larger? When I set max scale (500%), on A4 300 dpi and line 0,2 pt arrowheads are too small. I often make technical diagrams with thin dimension lines and arrows, and for example in Corel Draw I can set bigger arrows. So far, I have made such drawings in Affinity with the help of arrow assets (constraint groups), but the option with the ends of the line is much more convenient.
  4. The latest beta (, on stable version without problems. DNG file (Pentax) opens correctly. I attached the file _DSC0913.ARW
  5. Thank you very much, I made only studio reset, it helped and partially solved the problem with unwanted links in Art Text, now I can delete links in hyperlinks panel.
  6. I can not run view>studio>hyperlinks, it doesn't work for me. I noticed one more problem with hyperlinks. If I create artistic text with hyperlink, the next artistic texts objects will have blank hyperlinks and it can not turn them off in any way. Adobe Reader shows me a blank address as "https: //" when I hover the object This error does not occur in work with text frames, only with artistic text.
  7. souacz

    Pressed & Embossed styles

    I used styles pack for Photoshop. In PS I wrote "ABC", added styles and saved as psd. Then I opened the file in Affinity Photo, I've improved a bit in the effects section (bevels ans emboss, shadows etc.), sleceted each element, than right click and I choose "create style" form menu. It's a pity that AP does not support textures in the effects section because in Photoshop they looked more interesting with textures (See attachment)
  8. You can enlarge view to 100% but then you will see only the part of your image because of big left toolbar width. You can move the tabs from the left panel to the right and attach them to the right toolbar by dragging. You will then have a larger workspace
  9. You've attached autosave file which can not be opened. But on your screenshot it looks like everything is fine. Your image is small because a large part of the workspace takes you the toolbar on the left. The document view is reduced to 53%, you can enlarge it, for example with the Navigator tool.
  10. can you attach the Affinity file of document with picture loaded?
  11. What size (in pixels) is the image you are loading? And what is the size of the document?
  12. @Ulysses Beta version (1.7) brings new HSL adjustment tool. We have the same tools as in PS, look at this: 2018-12-29_04-21-53.mp4