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  1. The same problem with Polish, dictionary from LibreOffice. This error has appeared since version 139. When text is selected - hyphenation or quantity of columns change causes crash, when text is unselected - all works fine.
  2. Thanks! I use, I did not know that the next version is available. Didn't get the update info.
  3. Left picture - before retouching, right - after 17 minutes of work. Most of the time it took to remove the tent behind the monument. The time I spent with this work was much shorter than using Photoshop for similar effects. It looks like the tools in Affinity Photo are more polished. I only used inpainting brush and selection brush, I used a graphic tablet to control the pressure of the pen. Thanks Affinity! I'm giving up on the end of my Adobe subscription in February
  4. Hm... So I think the problem is spelling dictionary bacause hyphenation file has same structure as LO hyph file. EDIT: I checked it, in fact, this is hyphenation dic problem. I installed only hyphenation dictionary file and the AP crashed while tried to use auto-hyphenation. Sorry, this is the only one dict file in web I found. I will try to find another one on my CD's, I remember I have the dictionary files prepared for Apache Open Office I used for Finnish when I worked for an advertising agency from Turku. It was very useful because I can only say hello and say goodbye in Finnish. I will try to find these files but it can take a long time.
  5. Spelling can be problematic because of another structure of dic and aff files (comparing to Libre Office dictionares) but hyphenation should work correct. This archive is a compilation of files I found in various sources. So, there are 3 files from 3 sources in attached zip. The problem is Libre Office uses Voikko library for Finnish and there are not standard dic and aff files. Files I attached are created for other applications. Maybe someone can convert aff and dic file if spelling doesn't work.
  6. The same problem. When exporting to pdf, the trasparency disappears. While eps export it's ok. Designer does it correctly, this is Publisher problem only. P.S. A temporary solution to the problem is rasterizing the picture with transparency before export. I make a copy of layer, turn off one and rasterize the copy. I hope the most pdf export problems will be solved before I had to pay to Corel 233 EUR for the next year- 42 days to the next payment
  7. @mykee How did you get version 133? I have no update option from 128 (Windows) EDIT: OK. I have found it
  8. Thank you, it's very useful. So far I duplicated layers that had to edit.
  9. It would be very useful, I can not find it in Publisher. I am user of Corel and there's just F9 click to preview the result
  10. You can add Czech spelling and hyphenation dictionary, look here: