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  1. I give up, I do not know what the problem is
  2. One file yet, another export presets Merry&Bright.svg
  3. SVG files often cause problems, it's a pity that you can not send the file as eps or pdf
  4. Try now, I exported file to EPS in AD then I opened it in Corel draw and exported to svg Merry&Bright (1).svg
  5. Yes, I think the same. I checked file in Corel Draw and Photoshop and it was ok
  6. Try to upload this one Merry&Bright.svg
  7. I installed beta versions of the AP and AD on the older computer. There are no handles of move tool and layer boundaries lines in Affinity Photo and Designer 184. For example, the mesh for the perspective tool is also not shown. In the previous beta version (1.7.x) it was ok. In stable versions also the handles are visible. The reinstallation did not improve anything. I tried on a light and dark theme, with hw acceleration turned off and turned on. Win 10 Pro, GTX 750 Ti, Xeon X5650, 32 GB ECC DDR 3 RAM. 2018-11-22_03-42-53.mp4
  8. Here is the set of gradients "WEB 2.0 v.3" converted from the free .grd Photoshop file. I downloaded the PS gradient file from this site and converted it into .afpalette. It's a pity that creating .afpalette files from .grd files is so time-consuming, I hope that in the upcoming versions of Affinity programs, the ability to import the .grd file will be added, just like it is with files .abr WEB 2.0 v.3 gradients.afpalette
  9. souacz

    Vector brush only makes straight lines

    Try to turn off "windows ink" in Huion pen settings. Do you use Win10? If yes, set up windows ink settings as below (it's in Polish but you can easily figure out what's going on):
  10. I have 4279 fonts installed and "loading fonts" part of Publisher start up takes 8 sec. But for Designer it takes 23 sec. Full start up process for Publisher takes 12 sec. Photoshop full start up takes 9 sec. I think it also depends on the speed of the disk. Below you can see the parameters of my drive (a comma in numbers separates thousands):
  11. Thank you, it works but much worse than in Photoshop. I had to set-up Accumulationn to 100% that it would work at all. The transparency only works with really low pressure and quickly passes to 100% opacity when increasing the pressure of the pen. My pen supports 8192 degrees of pressure and in Photoshop it works very linearly
  12. As in title. Brush size change depending on pressure level works in pen mode but I can't find a method to let it to change opacity on pressure level change. In Photoshop and Artrage it works without problems but not in AP Windows 10, Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2 Pen Tablet.
  13. The same error occurs randomly after using the keyboard shortcut assigned to the preview function. After next clicks, it randomly displays various parts of the document in the bleed area.
  14. The same error. I noticed that this error occurs when I copy the embedded document in the Affinity Publisher and paste it again. I copied the SVG file created by Affinity Designer. When I place a file as a normal object, the error does not occur and I can save the document. I do not use NAS or external drive, this error occurs while saving file to local drive.
  15. If you want to make simple gifs - try https://ezgif.com/ - a lot of options, optimizing etc. If you want to build more complex animations - you can use SwishMax. It used to be commercial software, now the company publishing it has ceased its operations, the software is abadonned and can be downloaded and activated for free. It is basically for building flash animations but it also has the options of exporting it to GIF. You can download the program from the Polish distributor website (translate page with Google Translator): http://www.swish.pl/swish_max - do not be afraid to use key generator - it's developed by Swish Company, the developer of software you unlock. The SwishMax generated GIF animations are a bit poorly compressed, you can use https://ezgif.com/ to optimize the file