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  1. Look at video below. In what app? And could you attach png? 2019-07-16_01-02-37.mp4
  2. Windows file info window can not always provide a color profile. Maybe Affinity uses a non-standard way to write information about an image that Windows can not read . You must check in another program. See the video below. 2019-07-11_02-24-19.mp4
  3. Nice, in this picture it was not difficult because the background was out of focus. I usually use the "select subject" function in PS when I need to quickly cut the background in product photography. With more complex objects, it works worse but in every release of the application is getting better. As you can see in the second movie, the selection is not perfect but a minute correction is enough to get a very good result. This function is useful for the initial selection, which can later be corrected. I could use this tool also in Affinity, I hope it will appear in the future. 2019-07-02_01-17-57.mp4 2019-07-02_01-29-38.mp4
  4. The advantage of graphics programs over such "one-click action" websites is that you can always correct the operation of algorithms switching to another selection tool to correct errors.
  5. Photoshop has a similar tool based on AI. I think that in the future a similar tool will go to Affinity 2019-07-01_02-29-33.mp4
  6. As in title. Brush size change depending on pressure level works in pen mode but I can't find a method to let it to change opacity on pressure level change. In Photoshop and Artrage it works without problems but not in AP Windows 10, Huion Inspiroy Q11K V2 Pen Tablet.
  7. I've done it in registry and in settings but with no results. But now, however, this does not bother me because Affinity does not use Windows Ink and in Photoshop and Artrage I managed to disable the use of Windows Ink. So now I have disabled this function in the Huion driver and it's OK.
  8. Yes it does. Works well (but only when you DISABLE "windows Ink" mode in tablet driver), it's especially useful when I'm drawing in ArtRage. In the video you can see that it works (screen video from Expresii app to show tilt): Where can I disable it in Windows 10? 2019-06-21_22-07-49 (1).mp4
  9. Yes, I also use this tablet with Photoshop, ArtRage and RAW developing apps (CaptureOne, Zoner Photo Studio, Lightroom). It works well with all apps. The only difference I noticed is that Affinity does not use the "Windows Ink" mode, while in Photoshop and ArtRage this function must be enabled in the tablet driver. It also seems to me that Photoshop is better prepared for working with a pen than Affinity Photo. In AP you need to do a bit with the brush settings to get good results Before, I used Penragram tablet and Wacom Intuos but there were some problems with pen of Wacom and I I returned it to the store after a few repairs. I was simply unlucky because Wacom is generally a very good device, but this adventure has put me off the brand. There is a table comparing both versions of tablet on the site https://www.huiontablet.com/inspiroy-q11k-v2.html. Most important is Report Rate, Tilt function and Sensing Height in new pen. I could compare both versions because my colleague uses both tablets, the pen is simply much better in the newer version.
  10. Done! By the faster way, all seems to be ok. Now I have installed
  11. I use this one: https://www.huiontablet.com/inspiroy-q11k-v2.html - very good tablet, much more better than v1, . I recently bought a second one
  12. souacz

    Pencil tool whereabouts

    There is no pencil tool in the Publisher. They withdrew this tool a few versions ago, it was initially present
  13. In Photo: Document > resize document > 300 dpi (remember to set up pixel size) an then, when you add next photo to document just right click and "rasterize" In Designer and Publisher: usually document is set up to 300 dpi as default, just click "rasterize" on picture or resize picture dragging the corner to get 300 dpi value
  14. Bad news, I thought that no operations would be necessary. I've introduced a lot of interface settings and have tons of assets, shapes and styles, which I introduced slowly while testing beta. Is there any method to import everything with one click?
  15. Will the stable version just overwrite beta? Or will it import all settings, swatches, assets, styles etc. from beta?
  16. Pin > Float > unpin > crash
  17. souacz

    Unpin Crash

    OK, thank you for this explanation, help in Publisher doesn't work (searching), so I could not find the tip
  18. souacz

    Unpin Crash

  19. ...could them be a bit larger? When I set max scale (500%), on A4 300 dpi and line 0,2 pt arrowheads are too small. I often make technical diagrams with thin dimension lines and arrows, and for example in Corel Draw I can set bigger arrows. So far, I have made such drawings in Affinity with the help of arrow assets (constraint groups), but the option with the ends of the line is much more convenient.
  20. This is a useful way, but only if you have to use several lines because it is time-consuming. I do a lot of technical drawings for the client and I use a lot of various lines with arrows in them. With a large number of such lines, it is easier to use previously prepared assets. At the moment it would be possible to easily zoom the arrowhead to any scale - it would greatly speed up my work on the diagram.
  21. Yes, of course but I would like to have a thin line with bigger arrowhead