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  1. Are there 'call out' graphic packs anywhere? Where I can just pull out objects and just use? Thanks.
  2. @Alfred Sorry, I re read. Now the light has turned on. Playing with now. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. @carl123 That looks awesome what you did. I want similar, but the smoke needs to be wider a little. + I would like a few trails. What plugin did you use? Any recommendations where I should get smoke plugins? I searched and there seems to be too many available. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I need to make the exact smoke you see here: Any ideas the best brush to use? ALSO... is it a 5 minute job? Or needs more time? Thanks.
  5. I need to add smoke in a picture. Can I do this in Photo? Thanks.
  6. Say I have 3 layers. I want them left aligned and want them equally distanced vertically from each other. Can I do this? I've googled and clicked around, can't fund an option. I see helper guides when I move layers around - so guessed that there might such a tool that I need. Thanks.
  7. Are there any Facebook post and ad graphic templates? I'm going to make an ad and wanted some inspiration. Just wondering if there was anything out there? The graphics needs to be of specific dimensions + wanted some inspiration! Thanks.
  8. Are there any filters to change face images - make looks slightly different. I want a quick solution - just to make the pic look slightly different. (Don't want to make look older or something similar though.) Thanks.
  9. come on... that cut of the girl looks DAMN good. Did you use the website or Photoshop? My personal need: to cut out graphics from a plain background. A complex image: would need a super program - but will never beat a human. But for me... no need for a complex program! I wish, I wish there was a one click solution in Affinity Photo. I've searched around for code. I found some Python. I'll try and give that a go.
  10. Oooh... very nice. :) Thanks. Never spotted that in the menu (even though it was always there!)
  11. I got 3 free macros with the install files. I've never used. I guess I should try. Just wondering... are there zillions of others I can look at and download if I like somewhere? What are the 'top macros'? What macros do you guys have in your armour? Thanks.
  12. I copy an image. It's 700 x 1600 pixels, say. I create a new image in Photo. How can I get these same image dimensions be part of the new image to be created? It's like this in Photoshop - has been like forever! Is this possible? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the reply. I just tried the Selection brush. It's OK. But not magic like this website! Surely they can't be doing anything super complex hidden from the rest of the world!? It's just got to be code at the end of the day! The images I uploaded had a plain cream top with a bottom 10% that had flooring with a pattern on. The website cut the images super clean. There MUST be something everyone else is missing?
  14. @Alfred Thanks for the reply. I have Affinity Photo. I searched for Pixel Persona. Can't find. After googling for a few minutes, it seems apparent that it's ONLY available in Affinity designer? Am I missing something? I've tried this website a few times now. I'm blown away by the results. I normally pay a freelancer something like £0.15 per image - cutting out background for images. I normally shoot on a plain background like cream (but just need completely white) and give to the freelancer. Somehow, the background ends up getting shadow gradients as well - which adds to to the complexity of removing the background. I can cut out backgrounds just fine - give me 10 minutes per image and I do a fine job. Problem is when you have 100 images to edit - that becomes 1 thousand images! Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Hmm.. weird... I tried install again just now. It worked. I had rebooted before (I think). All good now though. I was panicking. I need to edit some images and was just stuck without an editor - I didn't want to torture myself with Gimp again. (I actually managed to get by, by finding a link for the latest beta.)