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  1. Is it possible to make 'smart' reusable objects? Like a double headed arrow line - that you can then later stretch out and expand and contract - the line expands, but the arrow heads stay the same for example? (From a previous post, I know Ver 1.7 of Photo will have arrow lines) Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Direct download seems to be the recommended route, so I'll go for that when trial runs out.
  3. @Aammppaa Thanks for the reply. If in beta, then all is good. I am happy to use from there. No need to try out anymore. I've looked at Affinity for a long time... then went away and tortured myself using Gimp... but have now woken up and have seen the light. LOL.
  4. Anything wrong with buying on Windows Store? (I personally prefer to buy from there, I know it's something I can trust) Are there any limitations? One important thing for me is being able to run on 3/4 laptops. All of these have my Windows login - so if buying on Windows Store, all is OK. But if I buy the direct download, are there any limitations on usage? I will only ever use on 2 machines to be honest... and on each, I'm only logged one at a time when using.
  5. I'm using the 10 day trial version right now. Can I try out the beta at the same time? This might sound silly... but the arrows were a showstopper for me. I'm not going to use 99% of what affinity does - simple things like layers, cutting out images, adding shadows on layers AND adding lines with arrow heads are super important. @Aammppaa The pen tool, is that available on Affinity Photo? Thanks.
  6. There is no arrow tool? Seems so crazy. I see old posts saying there isn't one. Has this changed? Also... on a Youtube video, I saw someone draw a smooth curved line in one stroke. This was not using the pen tool and adding points. How do I do? This is the video: Thanks.
  7. thanks for the replies. all these things sound not good. i'll try the trial anyway. if some simple usability things are there, then all is ok for me.
  8. >> incompatible file format? can i open photoshop files?
  9. so what is Affinity Photo? isn't it just the latest version?
  10. 99% of the time, i just need to resize, cut, crop and cut out objects from the background. + create images and put a shadow all around. + make background transparent by deleting. + saving optimised JPG and PNG for the web. + ability to have layers (don't use for anything advanced at all) photoshop is what i need. problem - it's MASSIVE - and not worth the money JUST for doing all of the above. gimp does EVERYTHING - and a whole lot more! OMG. the worst unintuitive software ever written by man. it really just sucks. paintshop pro - has ALL the answers! yeeee ha! except boo hoo. things just don't seem to be in the right place. menus and options and keyboard shortcuts. it's like the entire world use CTRL P to print and they decide to make it some other alien key combination on mac, i've got some other editing software. i paid something like £30. it does EVERYTHING what i want + menus and other things are just in the right place. i wished and prayed (for 2 years) for something the same to come along for pc. has God answered my prayers? is afinity the one i'm looking for? £50. i don't want to spend. i'd prefer free. (also would like a free ferrari) but... happy to pay to stop all of my pain instead of using some clunky free web based editor :)
  11. are u sure? (of course you are sure!! lol) i want for pc only i clicked around the website - it's soooo minimalistic! can u send me a link to the trial download? thks!
  12. Looks awesome Just wanted to know if there was a version I could trial before buying? I clicked around but cant see anywhere! Thanks