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  1. Thanks guys I don't think I need designer from the descriptions you have given
  2. Well... I was hoping someone could tell me Designer does XYZ things that Photo doesn't.
  3. I've got Affinity Photo. Only need it on odd occasions. But it's a life saver. In the past, I would use online free software... but they always were pants! YES, you could do exactly what you wanted... but the interface was slow and cumbersome... and I would end up spending 10x the same time. I don't really do enhancing photos or anything. Most times... just cutting out images or resizing and or adding a shadow. Affinity Designer: half price right now! :) Just wondering if I would ever need? Vectors: I would always pull into Affinity Photo and edit t
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I followed instructions and worked it out. 🙂 @firstdefence I tried your instructions... just doesn't work for me. Any videos anywhere showing? Thanks
  5. Ooohhh. very nice 🙂 One thing missing was the outline on the white part. How do I add that? How do I do myself from scratch? Thanks.
  6. I need to make a logo with writing... which has a border... then that border has a border that is 5 times as thick and then the same border again. I have Affinity Photo only. How do I make? See below pic attached for a pic that shows what I want. I'm sure it must be simple, but I don't know where to start. Thanks.
  7. Can someone recommend where to get backgrounds to make motivational quotes? I searched online to get some to set as my desktop. OMG - spam after spam. FULL of SPAM! They normally link from Pinterest and just have a super spammy website - with about 10 different 'Download' links. Thanks.
  8. I was asked to sign in after the update of Photo. Just wondering why? Not a problem. Just don't want to see Serif go down Adobe route of making monthly subscriptions.
  9. Take an ordinary portrait photo. Can you apply lighting to it to mimick what a professional lighting setup will give you? Like three main lights, a backdrop light, a light on top of the head etc. Just wondering. 🙂
  10. When I say collage, I mean a grid - always It's for ecommerce Nothing beats a tool Otherwise one has to do work for many minutes - something that can be done in seconds 'Free' they give you 9 image grid for free for example - all others are premium The one I use is this one: www.befunky.com/create/collage - but only free one is 3x3 grid. Fotor used to be good. I gave up. Looked again. Looks good. I found a few others as well Google has in photos! It's pants though. Once collage created, you can't move images. You can't say you want an image in a specific
  11. Are there any ready made tools that automate creating a collage in Photo? I end up using a few websites. I haven't found a free tool anywhere else. But then I thought... it should be built into Photo!!? (Well, hoping anyway!) Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the replies. None of this makes sense. ALL I want to do is append white space to the jpg. I don't want to 'recreate' a jpg. Paint on Windows 'seem's' to do this. (I could be wrong.)
  13. Say I have a JPG I want to increase the size of the canvas How can I then save the file as a jpg - without losing quality? If I choose 100% I can end up with a big file. If I choose less quality, I lose quality. JPG - by definition optimises and reduces file size (correct me if I'm wrong). I get that. But then I can use a program like Windows Paint and increase the canvas without compromising the file size or quality. Am I missing something? Thanks.
  14. Can someone tell me how to get the shadows and gradients as show in the image below. The shadows are slightly offset, but also at an angle, so the end has more shadow than other parts. The gradient seems to be a mix of orange with black and white. I'm sure it's super simple and 1 minute job. Thanks in advance.
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