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  1. Can someone tell me how to get the shadows and gradients as show in the image below. The shadows are slightly offset, but also at an angle, so the end has more shadow than other parts. The gradient seems to be a mix of orange with black and white. I'm sure it's super simple and 1 minute job. Thanks in advance.
  2. OMG! That is just magic! 🙂 I couldn't do at first. Tried about 10 times. Now can do. I have no idea what I'm doing - but I can now join 2 pics side by side! THANKS guys. 👍🏼
  3. YES! Exactly like that! What tool are you using? Looks like a wine glass tool. I've spent a few minutes looking on my toolbar, can't find. And wow! How quick! Photoshop needs to add masks and do other things and 10 minutes in video to explain. You did in less than 7 seconds. Really impressed. But how do I do it!? Thanks.
  4. Take 2 images, say both 10cm wide. Overlap 2cm say... Now blend the 2 images on the overlap. How do you do this? I've seen video on Photoshop how to do. Thanks.
  5. @j3rry OMG... absolutely amazing video. I have learned something new. 🙂 @Alfred I think your last suggestion solved my original question... but thanks to all the replies... I've learned so much more. 👍🏼
  6. Looks OK. Gradient is better though I think... need the colouring to be subtle. I've been playing around and using the method you mention It's not the end of the world needing 2 images. Now... I just duplicate the layers. Say I'm doing left and right... I duplicate 2 copies. On the left I do a gradient Then multiply blend with above layer Then do the right gradient and also multiply blend with the above layer (which is the first gradient) I'm 100% sure this is NOT the right way. LOL. It's working for now. 😎
  7. Just tried. Thanks That works I suppose 🙂 I still need to edit 2 images and place on on top of the other. And making gradients, I need to make sure I avoid the object in the middle. I thought there would be a better way.
  8. Thanks for the reply Is there a way of just editing the exiting image and adding the gradients? Instead of doing what I had to do and make a new images, make the gradients, paste over the existing image and then cut out the middle? (Hope that makes sense!)
  9. Say I have an image with white background. I want to add a gradient starting just outside the image which then fades in to the edge. What's the best way to do this? I did it by using my uneducated amateur way.... I made a copy of the image... made a gradient... copied the result and then put on top of the image and then cut out one side. See the images below for what I mean: I'm guessing there are better ways to do what I want? I want to do for left and right and also maybe top and bottom. How can I best do this? I watched a youtube video... but it shows only how to use the gradient tool for the whole image. I tried playing with the tool... and starting from a section... but it doesn't quite work. Thanks.
  10. I saw some videos on tiktok on what you can do with Photoshop. I saw some pretty cool awesome affects. Like remove background tool - that seemed to work pretty neatly (just judging by the video I saw) - the guy says they use AI or something. It even copes with hair. There were quite a few affects, like having a figure and then being to move its arms and legs around... + Quite a few others. For me... if I could just have the background removal, I'd be happy. Not worried about the others. Disclaimer: Haven't used so no idea how good the tool is. (One of the videos, the guys says it's not perfect.)
  11. I don't have a super beast machines like you guys... But... I have to admit... ALL other programs on my computer launch super quick. Sad to hear Affinity suffers from bad coding. I'm sure they will fix
  12. I always run through virustotal.com any exe files. (+ I only every install things rarely and ONLY from trusted sources.) 3 flags: Jiangmin: Backdoor.DarkKomet.kcu Rising: Malware.Heuristic!ET#80% (RDMK:cmRt C2AE: UNKNOWN_VERDICT The website runs against 60-70 virus scanners. When you upload the file, it doesn't upload as such. It calculates a hash number that is unique to the file - only start uploading if no previous match found or you force an uplaod. The above virus checkers are maybe bogus ones... But why would there be any flag at all? I trust Serif. Another program... I would have given a lot more thought before running. Any thoughts?
  13. Yes maintaining aspect ratio. The dimensions resized to is OK. Something else just happens - the image gets distorted. It resizes to the correct dimensions. I'm applying the macro repeatedly on the same image. 2nd, 3rd, 4th... times nothing should happen. It's a shame the program doesn't give detail of the instructions - maybe I've done something dumb - I could easily see in the actions list. (Photoshop has this - you can see exact actions.) .afmacro format - can I edit and see what's inside? QUESTION: can you write macros outside of Affinity Photo? That would be good, then you could have precise control. Let me know. Thanks.
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