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  1. @Palatino you are a great thinker of the world. Your wisdom has no barriers. Only a few appreciate your being and the words you speak. Keep up the good work.
  2. Can anyone suggest where to look to get inspiration for graphics work? Websites? Search terms on Google? Instagram? Pinterest? What should I search for? Thanks.
  3. I want to take a picture and apply a beaten up battered look... With bullet holes and a grunge look. Wanted to get a graffiti artistic finish look. Are there filters that help do this? Thanks.
  4. Hmmm Thanks Dan I'll give that a go. @v_kyr I think Dan sussed it out. I had an image and not pixels. See the screen shot below.
  5. I have an image. I want to select a part of it and paste it onto the image. Imple. Except not. I select the rectangular marquee and make my selection. CTRL C. And then paste. The WHOLE image gets pasted. What am I doing wrong? I saw a youtube video. The guy does the same - except it works differently. Out of despration, I open a new version of the image. I crop to the part I need. Select all, Copy. Go tot he other image and paste. DAMN. Similar results. EDIT: I am having to use Windows Paint and copy and paste the parts I need. Crazy. HELP! Thanks.
  6. OK... So this sounds like a dumb question... How do I chose colours? Is it possible to have a selection of standard web colours? I find it time consuming needing to use the sliders and get the rough shade I want. Thanks.
  7. AP = affinity photo? Yes, that's what I use Thanks for the replies. I'll try the suggested.
  8. Say I have an image. I want to highlight one part of the image and blue out the rest. How best can I do this? I don't need to be a work of art - just rough and ready - it's just to show someone and point out to them clearly what I'm talking about. Thanks.
  9. DOH! You idiot! - Just talking to myself. I saw your reply + just saw a yuotube video. Thanks @Old Bruce I do think they could have made a dumbo version - where you just selected a tool and made an arrow. The way they have it is very sophisticated.
  10. I can only get double headed one. + it's not ideal - it's just a shape. Having to adjust the width of thickness is pants. Why can't I just have a line line tool that has an arrow head at one end? Or am I simply doing the wrong thing? Thanks.
  11. Happened again. Was OK again after a reboot. I think something somewhere must be wrong? Just giving feedback. I'm guessing others are sufferring as well similar?
  12. Are there 'call out' graphic packs anywhere? Where I can just pull out objects and just use? Thanks.
  13. @Alfred Sorry, I re read. Now the light has turned on. Playing with now. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the replies guys. @carl123 That looks awesome what you did. I want similar, but the smoke needs to be wider a little. + I would like a few trails. What plugin did you use? Any recommendations where I should get smoke plugins? I searched and there seems to be too many available. Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I need to make the exact smoke you see here: Any ideas the best brush to use? ALSO... is it a 5 minute job? Or needs more time? Thanks.

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