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  1. I notice the Selection Brush Tool and the Flood Select Tool have the same shortcut. [W] I am able to select an area of "grass" in the image. How do I paste the color of another area into the selected area?
  2. AffinityJules; Very close to what I want to achieve. What settings (brush, color...) did you use?
  3. I just tried Photo's clone tool. I think that might do what I want to do but I would like a watercolor brush stroke effect. How do I get that? When I select a portion of the green grassy area and [option-click] to select and start cloning the green that is cloned is solid. How do I clone the exact faded green in the image?
  4. I would like to remove the wording from the attached image. I've tried to remove with Photo's Inpainting, Healing, Blemish Removal tools but the underlying green looks a bit peculiar. What's the best way to remove the wording an fill in with the green?
  5. OOPS! Yes, CraftsburyFarmersMarket.com will be corrected. Thanks!
  6. What would you do to improve this poster design?
  7. R C-R; Thanks so much. That's exactly what I was trying to accomplish. I'll reverse engineer it to learn how to do it. Thanks again.
  8. I'd like to remove (make transparent) all the white background and keep the white for the gazebo, fence and the word "Craftsbury". How do I do that?
  9. I think I've done that. Here's what it looks like now.
  10. When I do that I can't get the image to show up. I'm using Photo. Should I be using Designer?
  11. I have a rectangular image that I want rounded corners on. How do I do that?
  12. I want to create a design for a 11" X 17" printed poster. The design may also be used for smaller posters or flyers and at a website. Which Affinity program would be best to use and why?
  13. Proofreading Excellence Logo - draft - Times New Roman font.afdesign The red "P" in the attached image file has a black outline. How do I remove the outline? The red in the "P" appears to be a slightly different shade than in the horizontal line through the P. I'd like the horizontal line to be the same shade as the "P". How do I do that?