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  1. I would like to remove everything in the attached image except the town hall building on the right. The smaller of the two buildings with the single window above the entrance. The file I have is a background layer. I do not have the raw file that the designer used to create the image. Can I extract everything in the image except for the town hall? If not, how do I draw the town hall building?
  2. Do fonts purchased from Heritage Type Co. work well with Affinity software (Photo, Designer & Publisher)?
  3. All of a sudden when saving a Publisher file, Publisher closes. It gets closed just after I click on [Replace]. It reopens when I reopen Publisher. Could this be a Mac OS issue? A Publisher Issue? An issue with the file?
  4. I have a 27" Mac desktop and often like to have more than one program presenting simultaneously. Can I do that with Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher. For example, have more than one document presenting side by side.
  5. The RGB Hex values (#F90C08) for the background in Photo are the same as Publisher however the BG in Publisher is a shade lighter than in Photo. Shouldn't the BG color be the same in both programs? When I check the yellow BG with Mac's Digital Color Meter I find the Generic RGB Values are: Publisher (R252, G255, B191) Photo (R250, G255, B143). Photo.pdf Publisher.pdf
  6. I moved the Shape Text layer to the bottom in both programs. The BG yellow colors remained the same but the text became brighter in both.
  7. When I open the same file in Photo and Publisher, although the RGB Hex color settings, #F90C08, are the same, the file in Publisher is enough of a different shade (lighter) that I can easily see. Why would the shades be different if the RGB Hex setting is the same in both?2019-Authors-Fest-Very-Large-Gathering-Craftsbury-Common-VT-8.17.2019.afphoto
  8. Just figured it out. No need to reply.
  9. I'm working on an image that has text on a path and want to add a Text Frame. When I select the Text Frame tool it thinks I want to edit the text that is on a path. I.E. It doesn't allow me to create a frame and add text to it. ???
  10. I'm a bit familiar with the "reverse text path" button and the "baseline slider". Can I use them on the Craftsbury Farmers Market portion of the path? How?
  11. When I view this Designer image as a PDF (2019-Vermont-Blueberry-Festival-7.27.2019.pdf) 100% of the background is white. When I view it as a PNG, much of the BG, except for the blueberry illustration, is gray. Why does the PNG version show much of the background as gray? It's transparent when viewing it in Designer. Also, how do I get Craftsbury Farmers Market to present on the bottom of the path, but as Craftsbury Farmers Market instead of upside down / reverse as it is now?
  12. UPDATE: I've removed the date with the Photo Inpainting tool. Now I'd like to fix the fuzziness in the upper right corner.
  13. I would like to remove the date (06/03/2014 15:13) in the attached photo and the fuzziness in the upper right corner. Which Affinity program is best for doing that? How?