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  1. Thanks, Stuart_R This is even better than my method. The result is amazing.
  2. Ok, somehow I've managed to do this on my own. I'm just gonna write step of instructions for the community. 1. Document ---> Resize Document... Change from current DPI to 400 Make sure Affinity has adjusted the resolution according to the increase in DPI Resample: Lanczos 3 Non-Separable 2. Layer ---> New Adjustment Layer ---> Levels Adjustment Layer White Level around 93% Black level stays changed 3. Layer ---> New Live Filter Layer ---> Denoise Filter Everything maxed out without enabling extreme option. Is this the best method? Most certainly not. I'm only a beginner in this image editing software debacle just so you know. Have a lot of details been lost during this process? Hell yes! But you be the judge Image. I can't upload an image for now on this forum for some reason. P.S. I don't guarantee that this method works for all images nor that it is the most reliable and quality preservation technique out there. Edit: But what I could say is that if you would repeat the whole process on the image again and downsize the image to your original intent I guess you should end up with a better quality image overall.
  3. What steps would one need to take in order to increase the resolution and quality of a low resolution photo? I have been searching on Youtube for a tutorial on Affinity for some time now, but unfortunately all I've been able to see so far are some tutorials for Photoshop. Any help would come in handy. This is the image that I would like to have its size increased while still getting high quality image in the end if possible.
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