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  1. You know now that might just be in Serif best interest.
  2. Hit Film (they have a free version) which is pretty feature rich and plenty of room to grow with, or Pinnacle Studio (comes with free 21 day video training at Studio Backlot) which has a ton of transitions and effects to play around with.
  3. Serif did have a product before called WebPlus. My feeling is that they are knee deep into rolling out their current line of products that they truly are not even thinking about a WebPlus replacement. After they get the bugs and features under control and roll out a few more versions it is my feeling they will probably look once more into the Web product line. The bottom line is that it is probably 5 years down the line so I would look elsewhere.
  4. Krita is primarily a bitmap program.
  5. My advice is to open and resave in Inkscape. Then import into Flexi-Sign. A lot of people use Inkscape with their plotters.
  6. I thought it would be out with the Beta of Publisher but it can be released anytime between now and the official release of Publisher.
  7. InfoCentral

    Affinity for Android

    Looks like Adobe is coming to iPad...
  8. That was an interesting way of doing it. I never thought of doing it that way. Thanks.
  9. They won't so it's "no bother."
  10. Yep, we should start seeing new 1.7 features implemented into Publisher.
  11. I see the current version 1.6.5 Designer/Photo aren't compatible with Publisher 1.7
  12. So I have Affinity Publisher 1.7 but Designer and Photo 1.6.5...interesting.