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  1. I had a problem printing a design in 1.7.1 from within Designer. It wouldn't print the complete design. The workaround was exporting to pdf and print from reader too.
  2. InfoCentral

    Message to owners

    +1 I use Spyder Pro 5 myself
  3. You would think this would be a common occurrence. I am surprised that it has't been addressed.
  4. I use the industry standard Camtasia Studio myself although it certainly isn't the cheapest way to go.
  5. I don't think it was the platform used but the platform that wasn't mentioned that is of concern.
  6. I couldn't agree more. I also don't think they will ever drop Windows even if their focus is primary on Apple products. The reason being that it is a cash cow. I'm not a gambling man but if this was a horse race and using OS market share as the handicap I would bet that the Windows versions are bringing in more money than all the Apple versions put together.
  7. Its probably going to take a few versions before Affinity Publisher catches up to Page Plus feature wise.
  8. InfoCentral

    GPU, disappointed

    Yeah right! Lots of Windows graphics programs have GPU acceleration i.e. Photoshop/Illustrator.
  9. InfoCentral

    GPU, disappointed

    Yep it seemed more like a Mac Affinity live event. I didn't hear Windows mentioned once. Basically where Mac Affinity is now and where Serif plans to take it next.
  10. I noticed that article has been removed. UPDATE: And it's back up again. No more 404.
  11. Me too. Dang! I was hoping for a couple more years of free beta...
  12. You know now that might just be in Serif best interest.
  13. Hit Film (they have a free version) which is pretty feature rich and plenty of room to grow with, or Pinnacle Studio (comes with free 21 day video training at Studio Backlot) which has a ton of transitions and effects to play around with.
  14. Serif did have a product before called WebPlus. My feeling is that they are knee deep into rolling out their current line of products that they truly are not even thinking about a WebPlus replacement. After they get the bugs and features under control and roll out a few more versions it is my feeling they will probably look once more into the Web product line. The bottom line is that it is probably 5 years down the line so I would look elsewhere.

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