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  1. Well I purchased 2.0 before I knew it was a Windows App. I have never installed a Win App and I don't plan on starting so I plan on using 1.9 for the foreseeable future.
  2. Does anyone know if V2 will work with Win 8.1? I see in the requirements they state Win 10/11.
  3. Considering this is version 1 of the software there are still bugs that need to be worked out and features that need to be added before they release a SDK.
  4. I would say 6 months after their target date. This is probably why they don't want to tell anyone what their target date is. 🙄
  5. There is a reason why corporations seek a subscription model and it isn't consumer benefit.
  6. Yeah I have the same problem but it only occurs with Designer for me. Also, have revered back to 1.9.2 for Designer only. Haven't tested the other 2 yet but at least they open.
  7. So I uninstalled and reinstalled with same results. Downgraded to previous version and works fine. So now I have the new versions of Photo and Publisher working fine and the previous version of Designer working fine. Go figure... [Win 8.1]
  8. Just updated all 3 apps and Designer is the only one that will not open now. It gets to "loading fonts" and then exits.
  9. It appears like flipPDF is or was a Flash app. Your online version doesn't seem to need flash. What format did you render too?
  10. I like how the online version came out. What program did you use to put that together?
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