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  1. Jonathan Apologies for the late reply - I have been otherwise pre-occupied. Sorry to hear that you had similar issues. Having now read both your emails I can only tell you that I for one will not be installing V1.10 until Affinity Software fix this issue. So I'm sticking with V1.9.2 until otherwise advised by Affinity. Best Vitamin X
  2. Hallo Ich denke, wir können in der Zwischenzeit nur in den Affinity-Foren nachsehen, ob sie einen Bugfix für v 1.10 ankündigen. Ich wüsste nicht, wie Affinity seinen Nutzern einen Bugfix zu V 1.10 ankündigen würde. Ich denke, es ist ein Fall von "Beobachte diesen Raum" Am besten Vitamin X
  3. Dan Thank You A very eloquent reply. Agree with what you say in hindsight (a wonderful thing). I must inform you another colleague of yours has managed to reply to my query (via a reply I made to another user who was experiencing similar/same problems) earlier/prior to your above message. I'm satisfied with the reply given by your colleague. So I'm sticking with V1.9.2 until you have resolved the issue. Best.
  4. Thanks I think I'll stick with V 1.9.2 until such time a solution is found as I cannot even get V 1.10 to load once installed. Presumably we should all get an email (or some sort of notification) from Affinity when this bug gets fixed (?) Best Vitamin X
  5. Hi and Thanks for your message. Just to be clear - I've currently got V. 1.9.2 re-installed on all Affinity Apps. Do you want me to open all of these - then do the reset on all V 1.9.2 apps as you've described above?
  6. Sorry to hear of your woes Catrin This problem of the update Affinity Apps to 1.10 seems to be expanding. Over 20 hours ago I posted that all my Affinity Apps will not open v 1.10 after upgrading. I'm now back to using a reliable v 1.9.2. Still no reply to my posts from Affinity in regards to this. Does anyone know if Affinity Software have a dedicated technical support line or do users have to rely on Affinity Support Forums for this? Best Vitamin X
  7. Yep - posted similar/same update problems to V1.10 today (08 Aug 21). Sticking with all versions 1.9.2 until advised of a solution. Sorry to hear that this problem is affecting others as well. Disappointed.
  8. Sorry to hear you got a very same problem - it's a little disconcerting. Hope someone at Affinity Support takes note of this! Best Vitamin X
  9. Hi Just spent a disappointing afternoon trying to update my apps to 1.10. I have now gone back to V 1.9.2 as these are reliable for me. With 1.10 both Photo and Designer crash when both apps are trying to load fonts and from what I can tell Publisher app loads up OK (however I have not test it out). I have no time to spend trying to figure out why this happens hence I have gone back to 1.9.2 on all my Affinity Apps. Just as a heads up I have tried to update all apps with my security software turned on and off - but this has no effect on the problems trying to update my apps to 1.10. Just for info, I have a Lenovo P500 ThinkStation running Windows 10 Pro, an NVidia Quadro K4200 GPU, 32 Gbytes of RAM and no storage issues. Any ideas as what could be the problem? Regards Vitamin X
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