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  1. Yeah I have the same problem but it only occurs with Designer for me. Also, have revered back to 1.9.2 for Designer only. Haven't tested the other 2 yet but at least they open.
  2. So I uninstalled and reinstalled with same results. Downgraded to previous version and works fine. So now I have the new versions of Photo and Publisher working fine and the previous version of Designer working fine. Go figure... [Win 8.1]
  3. Just updated all 3 apps and Designer is the only one that will not open now. It gets to "loading fonts" and then exits.
  4. It appears like flipPDF is or was a Flash app. Your online version doesn't seem to need flash. What format did you render too?
  5. I like how the online version came out. What program did you use to put that together?
  6. Thank you for your prompt reply and fix. I made the changes and indeed that corrected the problem. Of course the pdf is another issue.
  7. Well I uploaded the files but I still see zero downloads. So I guess its not a top priority.
  8. Opened up my Designer file in 1.8 and it was screwed up. Then I open some pdf files in 1.8 and they too were screwed up. I then remembered that I just updated to 1.8 so I uninstalled and reinstalled 1.7 and everything is fine again.
  9. I had a problem printing a design in 1.7.1 from within Designer. It wouldn't print the complete design. The workaround was exporting to pdf and print from reader too.
  10. You would think this would be a common occurrence. I am surprised that it has't been addressed.
  11. I use the industry standard Camtasia Studio myself although it certainly isn't the cheapest way to go.
  12. I don't think it was the platform used but the platform that wasn't mentioned that is of concern.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I also don't think they will ever drop Windows even if their focus is primary on Apple products. The reason being that it is a cash cow. I'm not a gambling man but if this was a horse race and using OS market share as the handicap I would bet that the Windows versions are bringing in more money than all the Apple versions put together.
  14. Its probably going to take a few versions before Affinity Publisher catches up to Page Plus feature wise.
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