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  1. Hey all, here is a good workaround if you have Acrobat still: In short, you can add a 0% opacity watermark to trick Acrobat into thinking there has been an amendment to the PDF, then you can go to Flattener Preview and convert fonts to outlines with a tick box. It only works if you add a watermark first though.
  2. it really needs a font management option, like AI where after the file is open you can go back and check. In illustrator this is the Type-> find font menu. Here it lists all the used fonts, any that are still missing and the ability to change all. A missing font dialog in the character pallet is a bit useless. It's missing ok, what line has the missing font, is it just that line or somewhere else aswell? You would have to go hunting and checking every text box to see this way which is long winded.
  3. I've had to put this switch to Affinity on hold. I think the developers at Serif need more Prepress experience. It barely warns you that a font is missing and if you place a PDF in a document it doesn't warn you at all and just automatically changes the font for you quietly. This and the fiddling around with bleed has killed the idea of switching for me for now.
  4. On further review, it seems that it does work on an artboard if you drag the background with the bleed outside of the artboard group. Strange way of working though........
  5. Completely baffled by this! Just downloaded the latest version as a trial (1.71). I was all set to try and replace Adobe with Affinity and I'm frustrated as hell already. What is the difference between a document and an artboard? If I create a document with bleeds I can see the bleed by ticking view>show bleed. If I create a multipage/artboard document and tick view>show bleeds I can not see the bleed! This is soo confusing and makes the most simple thing frustrating! Am I missing something or can you not view bleeds on artboards? I've so far opened 2 Illustrator business card documents in Affinity to amend for clients and I'm already ready to switch back! If I want to see bleed do I have to create every page as a seperate document and not as an artboard? Is that the only way? Big MEH!! (Print shop owner)

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