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  1. here the fileLabel Kawan Saraso.afdesign (cant upload directly) link file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Khb9hI4RK4yrBqx6ydA5uDZFrbl4NIbb/view?usp=sharing
  2. yea i already attach that file that i have problem with it, i dont have any backup for the file
  3. Hellow everyone, i'm afdol, Works on digital printing in a small town in West Sumatra - indonesia, i migrate to affinity designer since last year, I like what I get in Affinity Designer, the features are suitable for what I'm working on, and I just entered the forum a few months ago, I think by joining this community, I hope I can add and deepen my skills.
  4. I can't open a project that i did 2 days ago. I get an error saying "The file type is not supported". Is there a fix for this? and can affinity designer can like a corel file that have backup files? please give solution for this, i using last version of Affinity designer ( )
  5. thanks for share, i used it for my dekstop ^^ great work
  6. so i must download from that link after reinstall OS in my dekstop? no action need before reinstall the OS?
  7. I am going to reinstall the Windows OS for some reason, and after searching some sources I can't find a way to Tranfer the license I am currently using to new Windows OS later For those who know, please help, thank you
  8. i dont think that is afinitydesigner bug, i also got like that when use coreldraw when i'm still using it, some tool keep a appearing outside of the reach of my mouse to close, dont panic, just re configure your screen resolution and open that afinitydesigner again, just delete your user profile setting on that program, or try resetting to default configuration, if that/some tool still appearing, try reinstall your program, hope this help you
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