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  1. @Daniel Lalande Hope it works. I'm waiting for the next release as well.
  2. @SPaceBar I found the solution for this problem now, thanks to your idea: when I can't move or transform any object with my mouse, I just move it with my tablet a little and it "defreezes" the objects. Thank you for your suggestion!
  3. @SPaceBar I'm using the tablet for drawing and the mouse for other steps (such as transforming and editing the nodes). Maybe that's the issue.
  4. Thank you @SPaceBar for your response! Sure, I managed to do a screen recording, using some random shapes that I added in different groups. I noticed the bug shows up especially when I work with object groups and object subgroups, and when I work with multiple artboards (especially when I copy/paste objects between artboards or between different files). You can see the actual bug (as I'm trying to move the objects) at the time of 1:17 . problem_with_moving_objects_designer_08.07.2020.mp4
  5. Hello! I love all the Affinity Products (including Designer), only that sometimes, when I work with objects (especially when I move them or copy/paste them) I can't move/transform them anymore. They just get "locked", I see the bounding box when I click on them, and the only way to move them is with the arrow buttons. Depending on my work flow, it happens from a few times a day to once every few minutes. The only thing that solves the problem is closing and reopening the program, but imagine opening and closing the program even once a few minutes. It gets very frustrating! Hope this problem will be solved soon.
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