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  1. The latest versions lag and freeze, even if I did performance changes in the settings menu. When I will use new equipment, I will use the new versions as well.
  2. I've found a thing by accident: these kind of notifications appear only when I am connected to the Internet. If I am offline and open one of the Affinity Programs, I don't get the update notifications (I'm using 1.9.1 versions).
  3. I've installed Affinity Photo 1.9.1 and it works much better! Until now I didn't stumble upon any problem as soon as I unchecked "Enable OpenCL compute acceleration" from Edit > Preferences > Performance (also I've seen the performance increase when I lowered the undo limit number).
  4. By the way, I'm using the Affinity Photo 1.8.5 (can't use 1.9 for the moment) and when I use Colorize Lineart (for automated color fill for my lineart drawings) from the GMIC list, it shows the expected result in the preview panel, but when I click "OK", nothing happens (this works in Krita, btw). In rest, most filters work pretty well in Affinity Photo. Not sure why it works in Krita and not in Affinity Photo, even with the latest version of GMIC.
  5. To install the G'MIC filter, go to the link mentioned by @nezumi, and install one of the .zip files for 32 or 64 bit operating system. While Affinity Photo is opened, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Photoshop Plugin. Click on "Open Default Folder in Explorer". This will lead you to the directory of Affinity Photo Plugins. Open the GMiC Plugin .zip file that you downloaded. Extract both he "gmic" folder and the "GmicPlugin.8bf" file from the .zip into the Plugin folder (like in the following example): (Note: status.json is a default file from the Plugin folder of Affinity Photo.😞 Go back to Affinity Photo. In the Photoshop Plugin window, check "Allow "Unknown" plugins to be used". The GMIC plugin should appear in the Detected Plugins list, like in the following example: Close Affinity Photo and reopen it. Now the GMIC filters can be found at Filters -> Plugins -> GMIC.
  6. I'm not sure ,but it might happen as by using new features from Publisher 1.9 and which are not found in Publisher 1.8.5.
  7. And a screenshot about the RAM thing: The programs that are shows in Task Manager are, in the following order: - Affinity Designer 1.9 - Affinity Photo 1.8.5 (I already uninstalled Affinity Photo 1.9) -Affinity Publisher 1.9 The RAM usage of Affinity Designer 1.9 and Affinity Publisher 1.9 is almost double compared to Affinity Photo 1.8.5 (both Designer 1.8.5 and Publisher 1.8.5 were using about 200-300 MB of RAM when they were only opened). And as you can see in this screenshot, all these programs were opened with no respective file. So that might be the reason Affinity Photo 1.9 is running so slow - it consumes double the RAM than it's previous, 1.8.5 version.
  8. @DutchyThat would be a good idea. If you use new features of Affinity Photo 1.9 in a newly created file (or save an older file with the new version of the software), you might not be able to open it in older versions.
  9. I installed Affinity Photo 1.9 and checked on Task Manager to see how much RAM is using while opened. Not wondering why it worked so slow, in my case: it is eating 400-500 MB with the program being opened and almost 1gb of RAM with one Affinity Photo file opened and nothing else (the file has one a4, 300dpi canvas, with a few drawing layers). Also, when I'm trying to draw, the brush has a delay sometimes, and small brush lines can't even be done properly Until there will be a better solution, I will reinstall the 1.8.5 version, as it was working better (and consumed less RAM - the highest this older version has got was around 700-800MB while working with big files). I enjoy the Affinity package and it helps me a lot with my workflow, only that Affinity Photo 1.9 is creating too many problems for me to use it in its current state.
  10. @Daniel Lalande Hope it works. I'm waiting for the next release as well.
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