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  1. I'd like to see a tool that would allow the user to select all (shapes and/or layers) by color. This would be extremely time-saving when designing logos or making illustrations where you want to show several color variants. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Photopea and InkScape are good workarounds for the missing distort feature, but this tool is very sorely lacking. I was really hoping it would show up in the 1.7 betas, but alas, the workarounds continue.
  3. Having the choice to convert to curves or replace font would be ideal.
  4. I'd love for designer to hold the last brush used and it's properties between sessions. It would be great to be able to jump back into projects without trying to recall the last brush used and it's settings. As of now, the only option I can find is to label a layer the brush name which is very inconvenient. Please consider this. Thank you!
  5. I gotcha. I'm just asking Serif dev's to consider adding the capability so we have that option when bringing in a file where the fonts are missing. I mentioned above we have SAi Flexi that runs our printers and plotters which does exactly that when it encounters a file with a font that's not on the system. A lot of other apps do it, I'd just rather have the option to do it in Designer which is where I do the majority of my work.
  6. We do. We use SAi Flexi to run our printers and plotters which opens it and renders everything as curves which is what I was hoping Designer could do. I had to bring the logo into Flexi and save it back out as an EPS to bring into Designer to put in on the graphics I'm working on only to send it back to Flexi. Not the worst thing in the world, but it does slow things down a bit.
  7. Right, that's why I added it here in the "suggestions" thread. It's a feature I, (and I'm sure others,) would like to see implemented. That's what this thread is for, correct? If I'm wrong, please let me know and I'll move it.
  8. I ran into a situation where we were delivered files (AI and PDF) from another design agency where the embedded fonts were not on our machines and were replaced with system fonts. I'm looking for the ability to have Designer give the option to convert to fonts to curves when opening a file where fonts are not on the system. At the moment, we need to open the file in another application and save as an EPS then bring into Designer. Thanks for your consideration.
  9. Thanks Alfred. It's sloppy work by the original designer that made the file. They should have converted to curves before sending it out. It's standard practice with our staff to do that before sending a file. We were just stuck dealing with it this time. Perhaps it's something Serif can implement in a future update like an "open as EPS" which doesn't carry any embedded fonts over so we don't have to jump to other software to convert everything embedded over to curves.
  10. I have a document sent to me by a customer in both PDF and AI format. The document uses a font that I don't have. Even though I uncheck replace fonts, Designer doesn't outline it. It just give me a standard system font. Am I missing something? I swore Designer would do this. I'm running 1.6.5
  11. Check out videos by illustrator, Brad Colbow, he tests all kinds of apps and devices and gives good honest feedback. His videos are entertaining and generally simple yet very well done. I would highly highly recommend Procreate or the pixel persona in Affinity Designer. Both are wonderful to work with, although my nod for sketching/drawing would go to Procreate for pure responsiveness and some of the more realistic rendering. With Procreate, AD and AP, you have the option to save file IN the app, as well as to any cloud service or AirDrop to your Mac so any workflow will work. You can also have your iPad set to back up the app data on iCloud which means if you ever move to a new iPad, your artwork follows you over.
  12. This (along with blob brush and eraser) is top on my list of features as well. I've bounced things over to Affinity Photo to be warped but the object needs to remain in vector, so I have to export the element and use Adobe Illustrator instead which is a huge inconvenience. I would pay additional for this feature if they could add it tomorrow.
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