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  1. I'd like to see a tool that would allow the user to select all (shapes and/or layers) by color. This would be extremely time-saving when designing logos or making illustrations where you want to show several color variants. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Photopea and InkScape are good workarounds for the missing distort feature, but this tool is very sorely lacking. I was really hoping it would show up in the 1.7 betas, but alas, the workarounds continue.
  3. Having the choice to convert to curves or replace font would be ideal.
  4. Update: I trimmed my system fonts down to around 2,400 (not done yet,) and voila, everything is showing in Publisher Beta 1.7 (which had the same symptoms as Designer and Photo 1.7). Adding fonts using FontBase manager and so far so good. The take away from all this is: there is a bug where Affinity 1.7 apps can only see so many fonts.
  5. @wigglepixel Thank you - Hopefully they squash the bug soon, but that's some good info. I'm a Mac guy at heart and this is a Windows work machine, so I'm hoping I can get this to work so I can get 1.7 back on this machine. I just downloaded FontBase to give it a try. I'll post here if it makes any difference. Thanks again.
  6. @GabrielM Is this something that has been forwarded to the dev team? Until we have an actual resolution to this, I can't move to 1.7
  7. Thanks @RonR I'm definitely not looking forward to the culling. Also - to tag a name directly, type "@" then the persons name without a space after it like you would on any social media platform.
  8. @GabrielM Sorry I missed this earlier. I have 5,199 installed. I know it could use some pruning, but that's a fairly time consuming process I hadn't planned on doing, but will attempt to do as soon as time allows. Given the info in this thread, is this something that could be reported to the development team for further inspection?
  9. Rolling back both Photo and Designer to 1.6 and all fonts were available. I uninstalled ALL Affinity software, (very sad,) and just did a fresh install of Designer 1.7 and again, not all fonts available. This, along with my experience makes me think that may be the problem. Perhaps a bug or intentional limitation on the number of fonts . I currently have 5,199 fonts installed. @RonR how many fonts do you have currently running to where you can add a font and it shows up in 1.7?
  10. Several things to report: I rolled back Photo to and all fonts are showing! I'm going to do the same with Designer now because this is our daily use software to help avoid being held over a barrel by Adobe. I installed latest 1.7 beta for Designer I still had and same problem - no new fonts showing. Uninstalled. So there is definitely a bug in all Affinity 1.7x software I've tried (Designer, Designer beta, Photo, & Publisher beta) for this particular Win10 machine at least.
  11. I have a Font Viewer but no font manager apps. Just a random thought: is there a limit to the number of fonts Affinity apps can see? My next step is going to be rolling back Photo to the last 1.6 version and seeing if that helps.
  12. Negative. I tried both Designer and Photo as suggested. I also tried renaming 1.0 to 1.0.backup then uninstalling and reinstalling Photo. Same problem persists. I even tried Publisher beta and again, same issue with the same fonts. Is it a registry thing?
  13. I sacrificed Affinity Photo since it has the same behavior as Designer with not seeing newly installed fonts. I don't have nearly as many custom resources installed in AP so less hassle to reinstall them. I uninstalled AP, did a full shut down on Win 10 computer, restarted and did a reinstall of AP. I still have the same issues. The fonts installed are missing. However it kept my preferences and installed brushes. I didn't have to enter registration information during reinstall. So some preferences file was still on my system. I've attached a side-by-side screen shot with Illustrator. These are running at the same time. You can see the fonts are installed and show in Illustrator, yet when I opened one of the icon logos calling for these fonts, AP doesn't see them. Designer is mirroring this exact same behavior. I did update to 1.7 (AD & AP) on my Mac, installed the same fonts and there are no such issues. As of now this is limited to my work's Win 10 machine. Is there a factory reset in the software I can try?
  14. Good thought, I tried this. It's any font installed since 1.7 update yesterday.
  15. All of the "iconic-fonts" that were gifted with the 1.7 update are installed and not showing up. They're also not showing up in Photo 1.7. Any fonts installed after the 1.7 update yesterday are not showing up in the font list. I'm scrolling and also searching in the ALL column. I've tried installing fonts with the applications closed and open. No Change. I really don't want to reinstall as I have a healthy amount of brushes, styles, palettes, assets, etc. that I'd have to re-load, but that was going to be my next step.
  16. 1.7 Not recognizing newly installed fonts on Win 10. All other applications see them. Rebooted application and computer, still no font love.
  17. I'd love for designer to hold the last brush used and it's properties between sessions. It would be great to be able to jump back into projects without trying to recall the last brush used and it's settings. As of now, the only option I can find is to label a layer the brush name which is very inconvenient. Please consider this. Thank you!
  18. I gotcha. I'm just asking Serif dev's to consider adding the capability so we have that option when bringing in a file where the fonts are missing. I mentioned above we have SAi Flexi that runs our printers and plotters which does exactly that when it encounters a file with a font that's not on the system. A lot of other apps do it, I'd just rather have the option to do it in Designer which is where I do the majority of my work.
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