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  1. Having problems when trying to copy & paste some bitmaps in and / or out of the beta ---- not of the right type the box says...
  2. hard crash after splash screen WIN 10 pro - latest nvidia driver - 4 k - hd display
  3. Great Work!!!!!!! What about autsave and incremental save?
  4. lovers gonna love - haters gonna hate - i am a professional always looking for the best tools. and so I repeat: 6,3 out of 10 Stars for my professional view on workflow and GUI of AD and AP--- I am not an Adobe Fanboy - I am an innovation-Fanboy - and thats what I miss here. Working in AP saves some klicks and there are some nice ideas... but in sum important tools & features still are missing. good night ladies
  5. and it´s boring to see a very slow development... PUBLISHER is sure another hot spot... but as long as DESIGNER and PHOTO stay that low its wasted time so start another project with that hig ambition. by the way ON WIN 10 my FANS are running like hell since the update todays... there´s no way to change the cache ... the tools are not really envolving... i can´t find a changelog somewhere... this is bad customer experience.
  6. waiting for a buyout? or 6 of 10 stars? :-) lost path ... getting stuck... no progress... vision lost.... it´s a photoshop copycat....nothing more.... that´s how it feels here
  7. Hi guys at serif. I have the feeling you are running out of staff... or that you are waiting for a buyout. GO FOR GOLD! - "ship early, ship often...(ship crap" "Steve Jobs) Show the community that you are not dying or go open source and call the guys that made INKSCAPE or KRITA for help. I am using both of your programs for over a half year now. The are really fine - but they must get better... 6,5 out of 10 stars.... it feels like you have lost the path. GO for the 10!
  8. mesh 3d tool... in fact i often switch to INKSCAPE for stuff like that. a simple 3d distortion in designer would be a small step for programmer... but a big for the product
  9. after last nvidia update a few day ago... hibernation seems to work !!!
  10. pixelschubsen

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    We are desperate waiting for an After Effects killer too
  11. Sorry guys. But this sounds not very professional to me. If you want to sell software to the biggest market in the world - WINDOWS Systems - then you have to do better and hire staff or keep the windows version a beta till stable enough. if you like to get rich with that one percent APPLE Market you have to raise the price of your software. this stays a sucker... but I wish you all the best!
  12. okay... took me while to screenshot that...(the boxes cant be scrolled or scaled!) hope this helps (by the way: think about tinypng integration... your export of .png and .jpg is not state of the art https://tinypng.com/)
  13. Sorry, i cant follow the last points of your instruction... 4. Disable all and then ..? 5. What Do you mean with Startup? Restarting the system?
  14. Nope. That didn't solve the problem. Both apps not responding after first click after sleep. Hibernation stays the same Situation... Apps are gone without a trace. That's a sucker