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  1. Not in 1 of 3 cases... PUBLISHER keeps on crashing still in background and is not seen in the tasking list while i am clicking around in wacom settings...
  2. Yes, i´ve been there often... but often the problem is: PUBLISHER is dead and does no appear as living task anymore when I try to switch back. I can only kill him by TASKMANAGER right now! Shitty this is. DEATH by pen stroke! In PHOTO or DESIGNER this is working all fine.
  3. After Hibernation and rewoke of notebook (with only one screen in use)... problem is back. No pen strokes inside your software get noticed and when i switch to mouse... only straight lines are produced while trying to work with any pen tool.
  4. Don´t understand ecaxtly your question... I only switch monitor output to single fn+F8 ... I do nothing in tablet driver panel (too much klicking...)
  5. The high precision tablet button was deactivated a long time ago. Problem must be connected to use of two Screens... When the pen tool gets stuck and I reduce WIN 10 to "Notebook Screen" only... Pen starts to behave normally again after some strokes. Is it a WIN 10 or an SERIF problem?
  6. Problem is still alive. I often used that trick with changing between mouse and pen... but that leads into desaster too. After Changing tools and focus or DESIGNER / PUBLISHER I cannot click anymore. Mouse is dead - it´s not a sleeping parrot... it´s a dead one. Publisher is not longer responding.
  7. pixelschubsen

    Switch back problem?

    Never ever read a F**king manual my life as a ux-designer
  8. pixelschubsen

    Switch back problem?

    Okay, thank you for the quick help.
  9. I am not sure if this is the right place... I did some artboards in DESIGNER - then i switched to PUBLISHER where the artboards were converted into pages... !!!! and then I want to switch back into DESIGNER (CAUSE I CAN)... BUT... pain!!! Where are all my PAGES OR ARTBOARDS?!?!??! only one left?
  10. KB nummer? KB4515384
  11. I am working on two different systems. So no mixture of drivers. I am suspicious about the last WIN 10 Update and deinstalled that. Problem seems to be solved so far.
  12. I do use a lot of paintingstrokes inside publisher... I switch over to photo persona and then i do handwrite a lot on a pixel layer...___ BUT ___ sometimes AND VERY OFTEN pen stops responding - Pressure is not correctly transmitted _AND_ cursor starts jumping when I try to click on tools ON THE LEFT BAR or on TOP MENUE I´ve tried it with WACOM and with a cheap HUION Tablet. But the problem stays and comes randomly...(or maybe when i come back from another task...) I don´t know. Everything seems fine in PHOTO or DESIGNER... but PUBLISHER is getting on my nerves. ANYBODY ANY IDEA ??? Thanks
  13. pressing strg start helped me. Close topic!
  14. since a few days I am unable to start DESIGNER --- I can use all funnctionalities in PUBLISHER... but when I try to switch to DESIGNER or start it standalone i doesn´t Work... Fonts are loaded, splash screen dissappears, fullsize window shows up... and then - all is gone without any trace. WIN 10 PRO - ALL PATCHES _ DELL XPS 15 no fancy hardware attached please help