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  1. PÅ¡enda I cannot find the file in any form. I have a separate backup on a removable HD. I found where it should have been, but it was not there. I can't believe I did this. Live and learn! I will try the suggestions above and if successful, I will post the results, Thanks, everyone for the help.
  2. firstdefence, unfortunately, I screwed up and do not have the original .afphoto. All I have is the modified version. I know, stupid.
  3. Carl123 I am not sure what are asking? What do you want a screenshot of? Thanks,
  4. I have attached a photo where I replaced a bland sky with one more dramatic. I followed Affinity's Sky replacement tutorial. The problem is when in enlarged, there is a white line between the foreground and sky. A second issue is when I zoom in and refine some of the rocks and bushes will not take the refinement. How do I avoid this? What am I doing wrong? Thanks,
  5. Lagarto thanks for the response. However, I do not understand how to accomplish what you are suggesting.
  6. I installed the Nik Collection version 1.2.11 as a plugin with Affinity Photo The plugin is in the correct location, I believe. When I go to Filters-Plugins-Nik Collection-any of the options, let's say viveza 2, Viveza 2 loads within Affinity Photo and photo being adjusted comes. However, the Viveza 2 screen is so small one can't use it. Does anyone have an idea why? Thanks, Dave
  7. I am a pretty new user to Affinity Photo. Editing to date has been basic; white balance, levels, etc. Attached is the photo being edited. I would like the tree tops, covered in snow, to be a bit whiter so as to stand out some. I have not the slightest idea how or if this can be accomplished. I have search online for "how to" videos, but have found nothing I think is helpful. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for help. I will try the above and let know how it went.
  9. I followed the Affinity tutorial re: replacing the sky. When done there was a white line separating the new sky and old foreground. See photo attached. As a new user and new to editing, I could not figure out where I went wrong. I would appreciate any help. New_sky.afphoto
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