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  1. Hi Callum, I look forward to how you plan to improve upon it. All your software are great as is, but there will be always something to do. Thanks!
  2. Hi, At the office I do a lot of online banners in Photoshop which require a lot of variations in size. My workflow usually consists of placing and embedded image onto one of the artboards (I have about 10 artboard / PSD), converting it to a smart object, then going into the smart object and masking out the background of said product. This a a huge time-saver in the long run. I can copy-paste the same smart object all over the place and all the things I do inside the smart object get updated on all of them. I know Designer's Symbols feature is somewhat like this, but I'd like to be able to do this in Photo since its raster tools are superior. Also when I used ~6 symbols in a single AD document with about 10 artboards, it was very unstable, meaning AD crashed frequently when I tried to modify the symbols. My question, will Affinity Photo or Designer include something like Convert to Smart Object (I know they use nondestructive placement by default, so no need for smart object), so that we wouldn't need to create a separate AD/AP file, save that and manually place it inside the document? OR is there something similar which I do not know about?
  3. I know it's been already reported to the developers, but wanted to inform you that I ran into this problem too with my own AD document.
  4. I wouldn't hate on Affinity personally. We have to take into account that Affinity's very small compared to Adobe and also, they don't milk you for $52.99 a month, like Adobe does. Affinity Photo is tremendously good value, but everything has its downsides. I agree though that it shouldn't take 2 years to add proper support for one of the biggest manufacturer's camera.
  5. That is indeed quite strange. Has to do something with Affinity's RAW engine I guess. I can't help you with this, but I can confirm that Photoshop does not have this problem, while in Affinity Photo the photo has a highly visible magenta shift.
  6. My only gripe is that Designer crashes fairly constantly when I use artboards to do web banners and its several different sizes. AD does not like Ctrl dragging to copy and move layers. Also, I think that Serif does development similarly as all other developers do. Their people are split up, some of the work on core features, some of them on the new ones, while someone works on fixing bugs. No human resources are taken away from core features. I might be wrong though, because Serif is a small company, so they might not have the manpower to dedicate people to distinct features.
  7. They are reevaluating the resource manager, so I guess they will rethink how linking and embedding works too.
  8. The assets studio panel requires some tune up in general. Reordering, sorting and editing assets for example. One thing I love about Adobe is the CC Libraries feature. Affinity assets is usable, although a bit clunky right now.
  9. I agree. Serif will think of something clever, I'm sure. We do need a better a way to manage files placed, linked or embedded in a document. The funny thing about embedded files though is that, looking at Designer and Photo, I don't think that it would be hard for Publisher to manage a publication of about 1000 embedded images. Designer already does a great job at resource management (CPU, Memory, GPU etc.). I've imported a catalogue PDF inside made with InDesign into Publisher, it had about 700 embedded 300 DPI resolution images accross 64 pages. Altough it took about 15 seconds to open the file, the performance after that was remarkable.
  10. I really don't think that you should attempt anything, especially learn a software that is not intended to be used by someone who never used some kind of similar software before. The tutorials explain just enough so we get brought up to speed, so we can test the heck out of Publisher. Please wait for the actual 1.0 release before judging the tutorial section and don't get so defensive and call someone a liar.
  11. In general, Serif needs to make their Affinity products' UI more customizable. At least, in my opinion. Adobe does a lot of UX things wonderfully, and other things horribly (including some UI and UX design ones), like that all their software are bloated like a well fed gigantic toad.
  12. Serif is always trying to find better way to do things in their Affinity product line. I have trust in them. I agree with you. Your idea seems interesting. the custom note warning feature could be very useful.
  13. I love how Affinity Publisher turned out. Can we except something similar to the Preflight panel in InDesign? Thanks for the hard work!
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