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  1. A well known bug in AP is that a selection in AP can not be filtered by the Filter Forge Plugin because AP is handling parameters in a wrong way since AP 1.6. We are now on 1.8 and the bug was not fixed until today! When will it happen? It's a shame! https://www.filterforge.com/forum/read.php?FID=8&TID=15412&MID=150169&sphrase_id=4598896#message150169
  2. BofG and Sean P, thank you for your help! ❤️ This makes sense to me, but it's a little bit of shame, that this Assets are installed to Windows system by the Windows installer and you run into this issue. Isn't it? Maybe Serif could fix the Assets for Windows installations. This would very kind...
  3. Hi, I realized that Affinity Designer (Windows 10 64 Pro) freezes while adding iOS 12 Assets to a project. I can reproduce it all the time on two different Windows 10 64 Pro computers (Workstation 32GB RAM/Laptop 16GB RAM both i7 ones). This seems only happen if I add something from the iOS 12 assets, if I add something from the Grade UI asset all seems to be fine an Designer does not freeze at all. What the heck? Is it a bug? Look at a screencast I made...
  4. I just realised this morning this happens if you have anything with the selection tool and when you open the ff plugin after you have done this, the crash happens ALWAYS. If you remove any selection the FF plugin does NOT crash and works. I've done a screencast:
  5. Filter Forge 7.007 and AP always crashing while open FF 7. FF 6 still works fine.
  6. I'm running the latest AP version ( and FF 7.007 Pro, but FF crashes everytime if you try to open it. Need help. :-( Thanks....
  7. Filterforge 6 isn't working anymore. In the latest 1.5 it works fine...
  8. Would be nice to stay inside the Designer, without moving between Designer->Photo->Designer->Photo->Designer->Photo->Designer->Photo->Designer. ;-)
  9. Aaah, I didn't recognized this setting. In other Software I'm knowing the default setting of this parameter is center. Thank you.
  10. Filterforge 6 does support 16bit, but not in all versions.
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