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  1. As I said earlier I don't care about the noise, what I'm not tolerating is amount of magenta that AP Developer persona brings to RAW -image.
  2. Ok did install the beta and here are the results (only converted to .jpeg and resized them 2048 pix). The other one is for comparison made .TIFF with DPP4 and made it in beta as same size.
  3. I know it's high ISO because it's night golf competition with glowing golf balls. I do understand that no software can do miracles but how come DPP4 gets the right tones and AP has huge amount magenta?
  4. My only AP pic is processed through DPP4 to make it .TIFF and opened it in AP to make it .jpeg. It doesn't have magenta at all.
  5. You can't see difference in first and third pic on the sides? There's a huge amount of magenta there in AP but how come DPP4 doesn't have it?
  6. Sorry I didn't say it, but I use Win 10 and I haven't found app that converts to .dng.
  7. That's just what I mean. The pic is way more magenta than it should be. I'll put .jpeg that was converted by DPP 4 to .TIFF and opened in AP.
  8. How come AP don't support my camera? They say it's on the list but that's inaccurate because RAW files are still in magenta. This is very visible if I use bit higher ISO and pic is underexposed. I'll place example here and you guys can check it yourself. Open it and you'll see what I mean. IMG_7587.CR2
  9. Canon Digital Photo Professional 4 in which I still need to convert my RAW files even though my camera is on your "supported RAW list". Yes it says it's supported but you can clearly see what I see when I open with AP and DPP4. I can't make you a link but if you can PM me where to send original I'll be happy to.
  10. The other one is straight from AP and other one was converted DPP4 as tiff and then brought to AP. Take a wild guess wich is wich... It's been almost two years since this camera came out and still AP can't handle it's RAW files. Shame on you.
  11. I've been waiting over a year for them to fix 6D mkII RAW files, so wouldn't hold my breath for newer types of RAW.
  12. Photoshop does. Did right from the start. Later I moved to AP and this is what it still is after a year.
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