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  1. Über die Wahrnehmung der Geschwindigkeitsthematik: Keine (bzw. nur sehr wenig) Erfahrung mit Windows. Auf dem Mac wird Metal benutzt, das ist die MacOS-Lösung, um die gesamte Power der verbauten Grafikprozessoren nutzbar zu machen. Habe ein MacBookPro mit integrierter Intel-GPU und AMD Vega 20. Kann mich über die Geschwindigkeit nicht beklagen. ****** Concerning the post from 2019 (Link in the post above): With Windows I am lacking the experience. On the Mac, Affinity uses the MacOS Metal solution to employ all available GPUs. It works really fast (MacBookPro with integrated Intel-GPU and AMD VEGA 20).
  2. Aus meiner Sicht ist die Develop Persona eigentlich nur dafür da, das Histogram grob dahin zu bringen, dass man danach damit gut arbeiten kann. Also im einfachsten Fall so, dass die gesamte Bandbreite genutzt wird, ohne Lichter oder Schatten abzuschneiden. Dann entwickeln. Alle weiteren Anpassungen sollten m.E. In der Photo Persona erfolgen, wo es viel bessere Möglichkeiten gibt, das Bild genau aufzulösen und zu optimieren. Werden Live-Filter genutzt, sogar mit visueller Kontrolle. ****** IMHO in the Develop Persona the histogram should only be tuned so far that the further work with the picture is supported. This means to use the whole spread of the histogram, without clipping lights or shadows. Then develop. All further adaptions should be done in the Photo Persona, where more refined tools are available. If Live Filters are used there is even visual control on the monitor.
  3. „Metal“ is the Apple standard for graphic processing. With the Affinity products it enables the use of all available GPUs at the same time. Slick - but Mac-only. No idea what causes the problems you have. Normally somebody from staff will show up on crash reports and try to sort things out.
  4. Sometimes it helps to just close the app, switch the iPad off, wait a moment, and switch it on again.Some more ideas are in this help article: https://support.apple.com/en-ie/HT201412 The radical solution: Save all of your work (to iCloud or another service), uninstall the app, switch the iPad off, back on again, reinstall. Have your license key ready. Warning: It may be you loose presets, Addons like brushes, Macros etc. So maybe you wait to see if there are other solutions from the forum or moderators.
  5. We completely agree, accessibility is a high value, because not everybody who needs to get information is able to do it when documents are not prepared. So they need to be edited for this situation. Apart from this, we disagree. A quick search in the EU directive showed the use of the word „pdf“ twice: One at the top, where the language versions are, another down in a paragraph together with office documents and other stuff. PDF/A is not mentioned at all. But these are facts, and you did not try to argue with or against the facts in my first posting, and you will probably not do it again. Just throwing links left and right, each with worse government-speak. The guys writing up this stuff should take some of their own medicine, like „simple language“ ... And because your way of discussion is personally offensive and aggressive without cause, my argument stops here.
  6. Citation of a government paper does not make a bad argument a better one. In the web link there are several ways described to make a document „accessible“. The most important features are Think about format (use HTML whenever possible) Keep the language simple Keep the document simple Give the document a structure Forms, complex documents and other office formats Obviously 1-4 has nothing to do with software, but with good writing practice. Only in point 5 PDF/A is mentioned as one of several options to comply - and it is only relevant for the specific documents mentioned. There is more to read if one is interested in details. A short search with DDG generated a choice of free online tools that will convert any pdf into a pdf/a-file. Conclusion: It would probably be nice if Publisher would support pdf/a-creation. But we users should not try to BS people just to get what we want. Fake news concerning the (non-)use of Publisher for official documents should not be spread through this forum.
  7. It depends on how you set up the document in first place. You can choose individual pages in sequence, or facing pages as a double, among other options. If you choose the double, you can define whether Publisher should start with a single right page, and terminate with a single left page, or start with a left page, double layout. Publisher is a publishing tools, which means it has to join the logical document view with its sequence of content spread over pages with the print shop necessities to pull a sheet of paper through a machine to fix the content to it. It offers a lot of functions to transfer from the content-view into the physical printer-press process.
  8. Congratulations, very nice service for the creative community from Serif and all the team. And continue to give hell to „these other guys“ !
  9. Maybe he sold the new logo already before getting the software going ....
  10. Is it the barebone APhoto, or are extensions, brushes, fonts, macros and other stuff involved ? On my MacBook Pro 2019 / 15" / i7, Catalina it takes approximately 15sec from hitting the icon in Launchpad until the AP logo shows, and another few seconds to the open app. There are plenty of Wolfs here in Mecklenburg too ...
  11. These boxes are controlled by the Studios menu item in the View menu. You can toggle them on and off, to get the right tools displayed and no clutter on your desktop. So make yourself familiar with what is behind each studio. Go to View, select Studio, select Pages. I hope this is the correct translation since I am on the German version
  12. Right - this is user to user, Customer to customer, so we are not „wanted“ to do anything. We just put some of our time into sharing with others. If they don’t share, no way to get things fixed.
  13. Maybe you decide to dry your tears, and get a bit more specific. You don’t even tell on what sort of machine and OS you try to run the software.
  14. Why should Affinity compensate for deficiencies of the OS on which the user has decided to run the software ? A Mac is offering better support for many types of artistic or creative use as Windows. On the other hand, Windows is probably stronger in business or gaming use cases. So if you decide to run Affinity software on Windows, it is your own decision. Don’t blame others for this. It would be the same if I would play the blame game with somebody, just because my Office software is running short of appr. 50 functions that exist in Excel on Windows, that are missing in the Mac version of Excel. Tough choice, but it is still my own.
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