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  1. Does 1.8 Publisher have mail merge? The only reason I am still using Page Plus is for the mail merge
  2. I had cut a piece of text and stored it in a text box in the white area outside of the document. I kept getting messages when trying to export the document that one text box had an overflow -- so I checked every box IN THE DOCUMENT How was I to know that it was referring to a superfluous item that wasn't going to print anyway?
  3. Thanks - you are right I had checked everything on the spread menu but didn't think of looking at the pages menu as well Why are there two separate menus - couldn't they be merged into one?
  4. I wanted to print off some 6in x 4in photos. I set up the page as custom 6x4 landscape and added two pages and inserted the jpg files This is what happened Page two was twice the size and the image did not fill the page. After trying to fix this for some while, I went back to pageplus 9 where is was completed in a couple of minutes Is this a further bug in publisher?
  5. I am hoping that there is a way to add formulae in a table, but I haven't found it yet. Simple things like add, multiply for starters
  6. I am just transferring documents from Page Plus to Publisher. As pdf creates more work than justified, I have created the text boxes across the publisher document, and then cut and paste to populate the boxes. The text in the PP document is (say) Times New Roman, but if I paste, publisher converts it to arial. I cannot see anywhere to set and save the default that I wish to use in all the text boxes. What have I missed? How can I insert the text and have is formatted correctly?> CRG
  7. I am answering my own query Having read another post regarding the use of slant, I realised this would achieve what I want. I selected the text and applied a 15% slant and achieved what I wanted.
  8. I have just tried to create a document identical to one I use in PagePlus. In some ways it was easier, and in others not so - but I think that is largely down to the fact that I have used PP since V1 and I am used to that. Transferring a pdf file was a nightmare. In the end I created text files in the publisher page identical to those in PP and then copied and pasted the contents over. A much easier task. BUT I have some fonts where there is no italic ttf file available, and PP used to create the italic on the fly. It seems Publisher cannot / won't do that. Searching the Web cannot find an italic version. Is there any way I can create the italic font into Publisher Any ideas would be welcome CRG
  9. I decided to use an existing single page document created in page plus with logo, text frames, and display text. I converted to pdf and imported it. Boy what a mess! Several text boxes were converted to curves, so instead of one paragraph there were tens of curves. It has been stated that this is the best option to import page plus documents. RUBBISH! It was quicker to create matching text boxes etc, then copy and paste the actual text. It took a long time but less than trying to clear the mess created by importing a pdf file
  10. I use PagePlus X9 for place settings for banquets, using datamerge. Absolutely essential for me.
  11. An alternative to using pdf files, which can be problematical, is to go into write plus - select all, and then paste into a new text box in Publisher. OK you have to do it separately for each text box, but you get so much more control, and do not have to correct the errors in the pdf import Just a suggestion
  12. I am a long time user of Page Plus. I often have notices, where there are a number of text frames. Sometimes, I need to make some/all of them the same dimensions. I have not yet found that in Publisher. Is it there yet? Will it be there? Otherwise my initial tests have been very positive. I have a huge number of PPP files which I will need to move over, so I really hope there will be a conversion suite. My first attempts at moving pdf files have been OK, but they tend to create odd text frames including miscelaneous items on the page, which should in fact be separate text frames.
  13. Thank you so much I am still learning designer, and had built up the design as I developed the concept. By changing the grouping, I now have what I wanted. So I am very grateful. CRG
  14. Here is the file - no doubt I have put something where I shouldn't, so please advise kindly if I c***ed up. CRG 4449_ticket_2017.afdesign
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