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  1. Is there a hexagon tool? I can find pentagon, but I need a hexagon
  2. I had created a table, then decided that the information in some cells should be moved. So I highlighted the data and moved it to the new cell which was intended to be the cell below As you can see from the graphics file below, the information highlighted in blue was not moved to the cell I selected, but inserted in an entirely different row and column, in the middle of the text in that cell. OK I can control X and control V but it would be so much easier and quicker if I could simply move the data. Publication3.pdf
  3. Why, when creating a new document, is there no 'retrieve margins from printer' option? This means you have to enter spread setup after cresting new, and modify it there, where this option is given. Seems un-necessary to have to do this.
  4. I may have answered the first part of my question, as after restarting publisher from scratch, the problem has disappeared. However the graphics problem remains
  5. I wanted to create a twenty page booklet in publisher. Set up the document, created four master pages, copied text and graphics across and then I realised I had hit A3 instead of A5 So I went to spread and converted it to A5, but I found I also had to change the master pages to A5. All went well or so I thought, but I started getting not responding messages, some lasting ten seconds or more. Had something been created in the file as a result of my error, which was causing these problems? OH also I found that copying and pasting graphics resulted in the graphic in publisher being distorted widthwise. Is there any reason for this? Colin Goss
  6. I had an 82 page manual to transfer to publisher. I produced a pdf and imported it into publisher. A stack of it was read as artistic text instead of frame text and it was taking ages to edit it into frame text. Then I started again. Set up the new page with frame text in publisher. Then went into page plus, entered the text frame and control A, then control C to select all and copy. In publisher I entered control V. All the text AND FORMATTING was copied into publisher. Editing was a doddle. This was so much easier than playing with pdf files. I am surprised that this hasn't been mentioned as the way to transfer page plus files
  7. I wanted to replace paragraph, paragraph with just one paragraph In page plus it would have been ^p^p replace with ^p But for the life of me I cannot see how to do this in publisher.
  8. Thanks Alfred I do hope it is the list of "TO DO" projects
  9. One of the features in page plus was the ability to increase or reduce the size of the text so as to fill a frame completely. Is that available in publisher?
  10. I have a leaflet 16 pages long, mainly text, but if I add anything to any part of the text there is a delay of several seconds between typing and it appearing on the screen,
  11. Back to have a second try. Created new xlsx file but afpub crashes as soon as it tries to load it. File attached. Using the csv file, I now have the field headings showing in the document but cannot view the contents even though preview is ticked in the data merge manager And YES I took note of what Alvarez and Murfee was trying to say. I have used page plus since VERSION ONE and used their data merge system all the time. That I found intuitive. This one need a lot of explanations as to where you find everything 877 experimental.xlsx
  12. DMTool added to toolbar, I haven't a clue what it is telling me I have a document with eight pages, the data is showing on page 1 for the first item in my data merge file (still csv at this time) I really need to be able to view each line in the data in the document to ensure that the layout is right. I cannot see how you do this. I get preserve Cell size, gutter, rows, columns, record offset, record advance, record origin, layout order, record order What on earth is that all about Serif - you are usually so intuitive - one of your strengths. This is not.
  13. Got it, found the fields, entered them in a plain document, and the mail merge generated 83 single plages with the date on. BUT my real document would be four or eight pages, with the date only on the first page, That is going to masker one huge document I think I preferred the page plus system, where it is only generated at the time of printing When is the xlsx file access going to work?
  14. As a csv file it loaded, but I do not get any extra subsets in the view studio tab, so I do not see how I can get the fields into the document
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