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  1. Oh it was artistic text tool. And it was the whole text or object selected, so should've worked. I tried the other eyedropper and that worked, and then since that, it now works the other way... I seem to get a lot of intermittent bugs lately
  2. Yea both curves are defo selected, but yea it does seem to be a very intermittent problem. Very inconsistent. join curves greyed out.mov
  3. When I have text selected, whether with the text tool (highlighted) or the selection tool, I cannot choose a colour via the eyedropper. It just deselects the text when I click the eyedropper.
  4. I have 2 curves with end nodes on top of each other. I have both nodes selected and yet join curves is still greyed out. I literally did the exact same thing seconds before and it worked fine.
  5. Ah it didnt update cos i had be signed out of app store. All sorted now thanks
  6. sounds silly but cannot work out how to update, where do i go to do this?
  7. I just printed some cards today and it actually happened printing directly from affinity this time. I have attached the file for this one, (had to drag and drop cos the 'choose files' link still doesn't appear to be functioning. xmas4.afdesign
  8. Just tried exporting as PDF, and the lines are still there when opening in acrobat. Not tried printing yet as tucked up in bed atm, but I presume it will show up on print as well. I cannot seem to upload the file atm, the link 'choose files...' doesn't seem to be responding when i click on it and I've tried refreshing the page several times.
  9. Hi, I am aware there is a mild glitch with lines appearing where some elements of a design meet even if there is no stroke, it even mentions it in online tutorials but to be rest assured they will not print. And you can normally check the lines are not really there by zooming in and they don't get bigger with everything else so just a glitch on the screen. And I have not noticed a problem when printing before, but I recently made some placemat designs that needed to be exported before printing and the lines appeared in the exported version and then even when printed even though they don't exis
  10. no copy pasting from photoshop works when i paste into illustrator and inkscape, and inkscape works pasting into photoshop and illustrator, and affinity designer into inkscape and photoshop and illustrator, but nothing works pasting into affinity designer
  11. Basically anywhere that isn't affinity. Recently there was images i had edited in photoshop, and inkscape and from the internet. All of which pasted transparent in all other programmes except for affinity designer.
  12. I have this problem with pasting into affinity designer, and i am on a mac. But it creates a white background rather than black. In the attached file the white background doesn't exist, but has been created by affinity designer when pasted... :( example.afdesign
  13. Hi, didn't entirely follow the video tbh, was abit quick for me. When you say merge, is that different to add? Well the only opperations I used were add and subtract so cannot fathom how the extra curves got created that weren't attatched Oh well I know kinda how to rectify it if it happens again, just quite a nuisance. But even if the shape was infinitely small, shouldn't I still be able to see a stray node somewhere?
  14. Well no thats what I was saying, the extra curves weren't there until I divided. But then why didn't it work initially as I had previously tried? I hadn't used divide at that point.
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