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  1. OK, something must have switched but now it's fine. Weird.
  2. Designer V2.1.1. Just updated. Whenever I am working with the node tool to adjust some lines I had drawn, I need to select each new curve I want to work with on the side panel, and the app seems to go straight back tot he move tool. Before hand I could just double click on the curve and it would show up with the nodes, and I would still be in the node tool. Did something change or am I unaware of a setting to make that work?
  3. Perhaps I found the solution during that time. For some reason I thought I had gotten my answer in that thread, but if there were no other responses, then I guess not. Thank you for filling me in.
  4. I am printing from Acrobat. I have to go through HP Smart and do a custom legal size. My printer supposedly doesn't print legal but there is a workaround. There was a setting somewhere. What I really don't understand is what happened to the original thread.
  5. Yes, that's right. Sorry, I didn't know it would appear without the file names. I assume using my designer file (ie before I went into Export persona and converted to PDF) is the spot to check, and there I see RGB/8.
  6. Posted this topic before(or replied to a thread of the same topic), but now cannot seem to access the thread, so posting again because I can't recall what the solution was. Basically, I have PDF file that looks like image2, but the printout comes out like IMage1. Someone had the suggestion, but I can't recall what it was. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi all, Very general question here. Note that I am not looking for someone to give me a tutorial. I am looking to see what kinds of things I would want to learn about using to do the what I will describe below. When it comes to AD, I've read things like raster and rasterize and all kinds of terms...it's all pretty overwhelming. Just hoping someone could point me in a good direction. To wit, here is my current process. I take a snip image of a google earth section; I then, through the magic of AD(and now AD2), get myself to a point similar to this: Now I can fill in the water with blue, and come up with some type of image to represent trees, and I think I am pretty good with text. But what kind of things would I want to learn to do in order to go from the second image, to this: Again, I'm not asking for the step by step, I know it's out there, I'm just not sure which areas I want to focus on. I have some time but not enough to make myself an AD2 expert in a quick bit of time. Thanks for any advice.
  8. Coming back to this as I had forgotten about it at the time. I had pulled up a video from someone showing V2 and new features, and his menu had Save a Copy. At 9:03 of this video, his menu is very different from what I have. (Don't know how to embed with the arrow set to the exact moment.) But 9:03 would also explain my previous question, since I saw that. I don't get the sense this fellow is a Serif guy based on what I am seeing but maybe. Just seems weird he has that.
  9. I was doing a Save As. The location comes up after tapping the Save on the menu that pops up.
  10. Thank you. It appears the issue was the length of time it was taking to save, not the process. I do see my file where I want it finally.
  11. I have one Doc on Live Doc, and when I tap the 3 line icon, I get Save and Save As. Save As does not give me those options. I'm also not sure if I should start another thread as when I am actually in the document, I do not have "Save a Copy" as an option. Have not been able to get a file that iCloud says is saved there to my desktop.
  12. Wow. Only ended up here because I had to clear cookies and thus re-sign in, and I saw this headline. I will say I am in complete agreement about the subscription model being a major turn off. I bought designer this summer at the full price, and added the Ipad when I saw the sale. I'm getting good value for my money thus far, and very well might pay for the upgrade just to support a company that doesn't do subscriptions. But the rest of the stuff about Serif owing answers, and definitive dates....not with that. It will come when it comes.
  13. Thought I had already posted this question. Has it been your experience that double sided printing helps mitigate the bounce issue, or it will still be the same? Or could that make it worse?
  14. You may regret posting this answer. :-) I guess I always assumed I had to go through a PDF or some other export. I see the Print option in AD, and it appears I can select my group and print it. So that is a good start. I have to say the Value stuff you posted is complete news to me, though. I have one file with 40 artboards broken into 10 groups. For what you are saying, should I have 10 files with 4 boards each? Thank you.
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