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  1. As far as I know there's no way to disable it but I have already gotten used to it, I don't notice it anymore! I came from using Illustrator which I still use and love but if you compare the way the two software handle zooming, it's almost exactly the same especially below 100% after which Illustrator seems to skip 50 units after the first 3-4 zooms as AD maintains 25 units. I think the smoothness is affected by the speed of the processor as well as the video card though their utilization is quite minimal. The other thing is zooming using Ctrl+Spacebar or just holding the Ctrl key alone achieves the same effect at least as far as I can tell. I am using version For panning, I no longer use the Spacebar instead, I use the middle mouse button to pan which is the standard in most other design and animation software. That said, I would still really appreciate iPhone level of smoothness while zooming
  2. Hey is it just me or does AD and APh rasterize text when you export to Photoshop file .psd? Is there a way to retain text editable for animation in After Effects. Surely there has to be a way
  3. Up voting data merge here. It is a must have. I use it to populate certificates every other week for a training company I work with.
  4. I am having this exact issue when I double click the bottom of the text frame to snap to the bottom edge of the text. The annoying thing is how many times this bug sneaks up on me because I keep double clicking on the text frame to snap it to the end of text. By now double clicking is basically muscle memory I keep forgetting not to double click. Rolling my eyes, so hard
  5. Makes perfect sense. I will observe this next time around
  6. I hope that's the case in which case I hope they update designer and photo so that we may use the three apps seamlessly
  7. Not to worry, at this stage the software has so many bugs! Hopefully they have enough time/resources to push through to the final version soon. They seem too focused on the iPad apps more than the desktops right now. The frequency of updates for AP and AD is all but stalled now. I wish they at least managed some good level of integration between the three apps by now. Right now you can't even copy anything from AP to AD or AP.
  8. When you have overflowing text, there's a red triangle that appears on the overflowing text frame. If you click on that triangle and drag out a new text frame AP will copy the overflow text into the new text frame (Adobe InDesign does the same only instead of the triangle it has a square with a red + inside) That's what I did there. The problem for me is that the new text frame has very different text style and I don't seem to be able to change it's formatting even manually. I hope that helps.
  9. Thanks Walt for the help. For your first comment, I think you did not understand what I meant. See attached GIF to for what I meant. Text frame studio worked with the gutter size even though I don't know why the gutter size is not included in the context menu. I can't think of a situation where you would apply text columns and not use gutter size so that's definitely poor design on Serif's side. "Something being applied to paragraphs" The reason why I mentioned this is because I have defined a text style for font, font size, font colour and leading and all that. If I apply a text style, I expect it to override all the other text formatting in the text frame.
  10. Yesterday I decided to take a dive into AP by updating my company profile in it. While i was able to finish the job but the App has some serious bugs (as expected I guess). The moment I create flowing text, text on the second frame becomes tiny while maintaining it's leading. I tried to manually edit the tiny text on frame two but I doesn't respond. Applying the same text styles to both did not work either! At this point I tried to use page Colums because I wanted side by side text frames but it I could not manage to have spacing between the colums even using the textual ruler. I finally simply divided the text and created two frames manually like you have to do in AD. I remember that is one of the things I did not like in AD last year. Another thing I noticed is that text frames don't always respond to text styles applied to them especially font and font colour. There just seemed to be something being applied to paragraphs that I had not created. All in all though, this is a lovely app I can't to have the final release to add it to my arsenal
  11. Another vote here, I use it all the time to auto populate certificates and business cards. Highly requested
  12. dkibui

    Merge Layers/Groups

    Thank you Carl. This seems to be the best process, I wish the rasterize command appeared as part of right clicking or the merge layers command worked. I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to "Rasterize" but it's a little slow to respond. Thanks a million for pointing this out, it works for me. I was probably going to renew my CC subscription.
  13. dkibui

    Merge Layers/Groups

    Thank you so much Walt for the suggestion. I have tried it and it works, it is not the most efficient process but it works. Most appreciated
  14. dkibui

    Merge Layers/Groups

    Last year I bought both Affinity Designer and Photo because of the reviews I saw on the internet and frankly I did not want to miss my opportunity of get rid of Adobe PS and Ai since I only use them to prepare my animation files and some graphic design here and there. My honest opinion is that when the software works it works so well but when it fails it falls on it's stomach, hard! I have a composition with elements I am preparing to export as a PSD but I want to merge every element's building blocks to reduce clatter. You can probably imagine my shock finding out that the merge feature does not work. I can only merge all layers into one layer! I have included a sample file containing two sample elements each made up of many parts which I want to merge into a single layer for each group. I know in the spirit of wanting to help someone will suggest a work around but please consider that I have more 10 such elements in this one composition and I have more compositions. I am hoping that I have missed something. Thanks! Eagle Animation.afphoto
  15. dkibui

    Affinity Designer 1.6 Export Bug

    Thanks Mark, I had defined my document in 300 dpi. As I mentioned, I managed to export an eps file and then used Illustrator to save as PDF. The banner is already printed as we speak, I posted here to let you know about the bug, hopefully you manage to identify the bug. All the best to you.