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  1. Please rework the downloads and product keys page. I just want to access all my apps license KEYS, right now I have to scroll though the page of trial purchases that are not active anymore. This is TERRIBLE user experience. If you really need to store all the trials someone has downloaded over time, just place the paid downloads at the top of the page so that one does not need to scroll looking for the product keys.
  2. Maybe I am asking too much, I don't know! This is just feedback of an in-consistency I noticed across the software suite, if AD has it I don't see why it should not be in Publisher especially if it increases efficiency of the software. Hopefully the developers agree this is a good thing to have. Just to be clear, I am in agreement with you, mostly. Prior planning goes a long way. The best designed software hides the most mundane activities from the user. Creating facing pages in Publisher is probably the most obvious thing you will do, assuming organisation of layers is important to you then you have to deliberately plan to do that for every single page, it's okay if you are creating a few pages. Publisher by definition is used to create many pages though. My question is why not automate this activity especially because it already works automatically in AD. The pursuit of better or improved is why we keep progressing as a society.
  3. Actually the current layer order is based on the layer you have selected before creating a new element which can seem to follow a time axis because you create progressively across time. This can result in good order for the layers for people who don't tweak and refine the composition as they go, I tend to tweak and refine my pages as I go and I feel that is what most designers do. You end up with elements from the left and right pages allover the layers panel.
  4. Thanks Murfee for the suggestion. That works like a charm but as on my reply to Pebowski the idea is for the software do this automatically for you. You would be surprised how much time it takes to manually organise these layers if you have a document with considerable number of pages.
  5. You are absolutely right about some content spanning over the pages, with that in mind I have this expectation that the software is intelligent to classify content according to which page it resides or is created on. Perhaps it can be ordered into three folders, left page, right page and across spread. The idea here is for the software to takeover the task of creating order in the layers panel so that the designer can concentrate on creating, I hope I am not expecting too much from the good developers at Serif
  6. Works like a charm. I don't believe I missed it. I like you can reset the curve after messing with it. Thanks!
  7. Thank you Paul for your reply. Cropping the image is a possible solution but it is very inefficient for work that needs art directing. What if I receive feedback that says I enlarge the image to cover the full right side of the page? Which by the way I just did! As you can see, this is not an easy image to key from the background because of the hair so you certainly don't want to crop the image unless you absolutely have to. In this case I chose to duplicate the lower text, sent one copy to the back and converted the top copy to curves. It's a work around but I would rather there Serif implements a way to exempt some text covered by the image from wrapping around the image. Without it, it will create a lot of headache for a lot of designers. In Adobe's world you wrap the text and not the image so this problem never comes up.
  8. One thing I really love about Designer Artboards is how content is grouped into "Artboard1", "Artboard2" and so on. The outcome of this arrangement is you end up with really clean layers that makes it easy to understand what you have "going on" on your canvas. Sadly that's not the case in Publisher when you have facing pages. Anything and everything on the left and right pages goes anywhere on the layers panel and the outcome is lots of chaos in your layers. I suggest implementing the same technique used in designer so that anything created on the left page is automatically grouped under "Left Page" and "Right Page" for content created on the right page. I have 2 simple pages to illustrate
  9. I am using the new aPub release and I love it. I have however run into a frustrating situation with Test Wrap Setting. I have 2 sets of text on a page and an image, I want the first set of text to wrap around the image but not the second set of text. Is there a way to exempt one or more sets of text from having to wrap around the image? If there is I don't know how I missed. I have attached 2 images below to better illustrate my issue. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. As far as I know there's no way to disable it but I have already gotten used to it, I don't notice it anymore! I came from using Illustrator which I still use and love but if you compare the way the two software handle zooming, it's almost exactly the same especially below 100% after which Illustrator seems to skip 50 units after the first 3-4 zooms as AD maintains 25 units. I think the smoothness is affected by the speed of the processor as well as the video card though their utilization is quite minimal. The other thing is zooming using Ctrl+Spacebar or just holding the Ctrl key alone achieves the same effect at least as far as I can tell. I am using version For panning, I no longer use the Spacebar instead, I use the middle mouse button to pan which is the standard in most other design and animation software. That said, I would still really appreciate iPhone level of smoothness while zooming
  11. Hey is it just me or does AD and APh rasterize text when you export to Photoshop file .psd? Is there a way to retain text editable for animation in After Effects. Surely there has to be a way
  12. Up voting data merge here. It is a must have. I use it to populate certificates every other week for a training company I work with.
  13. Another vote here, I use it all the time to auto populate certificates and business cards. Highly requested
  14. Thank you Carl. This seems to be the best process, I wish the rasterize command appeared as part of right clicking or the merge layers command worked. I have assigned a keyboard shortcut to "Rasterize" but it's a little slow to respond. Thanks a million for pointing this out, it works for me. I was probably going to renew my CC subscription.
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