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  1. I am expecting at least some ability to determine if I want to assign sRGB during save or export. There's a difference between sRGB view transform and actually modifying the image data. AP does the latter. I should be able to either use sRGB only as view transform, and not actually bake it into the image data, or have ability to counter/remove the sRGB which was automatically added on file open when saving or exporting the file.
  2. Yes, I wrote "linear RGB", not "linear sRGB". That's a difference, since the former makes sense, the latter does not I am attaching one example texture for a test. Rock_Floating_02_Normal.zip
  3. There's no "linear sRGB" profile. There's either linear or sRGB The source had linear color profile, the saved version had sRGB: This is before opening a normal map in AP: And this is after opening it in AP, and doing nothing except pressing Ctrl+S: Same happens also when you export the PNG through export dialog. AP will just slap the sRGB on anything, regardless of if you want it or not, and there's no way to prevent that from what I know.
  4. Hi, I've thought I can rely on AP even for tasks related to game development and 3D computer graphics, but it does not seem to be the case at all. Today I've had a trivial need to flip a green channel of a normal map, so I proceeded to do that in AP, but as soon as the normal map PNG file got saved, it was completely destroyed because instead of respecting the image's color space, AP just slapped the sRGB correction on top of it. In the "Convert format/ICC Profile" window, there are numerous sensorimetric color management profiles, but there's no simple linear RGB option, nor is the
  5. Thanks. This is a bit scary though. Given how basic this feature is, it's almost undiscoverable in the user interface :X
  6. Ah, thanks. That's not very discoverable I have one more question. Whenever I merge several Curve layer together, it creates a new layer of "Curves" type, which can contain multiple curves at once. I probably know what the answer is already but asking anyway just in case. Is there any way to create and Pen draw onto this "Curves" layer which can contain multiple curves at once? When I draw one Curve per layer, as soon as the new Curve layer is created, Curves drawn on previous layers cease to be visible, so I can only view one at a time.
  7. Uh, I must be missing something, but I don't see any "Compound" option in layer menu: Is there any chance you've confused Affinity Photo with Affinity Designer?
  8. Hi, when I select a pen tool, and want to start drawing a curve, whenever I finish drawing a curve and want to start a new one, I don't know how to do that. Switching to a different tool and then back to the Pen too doesn't start drawing a new layer, but rather continues extending the curve on the current layer from last drawn point. When I go to Layer menu, there's no such thing as a "New Curve Layer". The only workaround is to create a new Pixel layer, then select it, and then start using Pen tool, which creates another new Curve layer. But that is really just that, a workaround. There
  9. Hi, I have a simple use case where I want to mask a shape with another shape non destructively. I am starting with a fresh, transparent document, and adding two rectangles: Now, I'd like to perform a trivial action of using the black Rectangle layer as a mask for a blue Rectangle layer so that the black rectangle layer removes part of the blue Rectangle layer. If I just drag the black Rectangle layer as a mask layer of the blue Rectangle layer, I get an inverted effect where the black Rectangle area defines where the layer is visible, not invisible: I am aware I
  10. I originally wanted to jump in here and start to complain that Alt+RMB+LMB stopped working but my god am I thankful. The LMB+RMB along with Alt key was really a horrible key combination to deal with, a complete UX disaster. I am so happy it's now fixed, as Ctrl+Alt+LMB is much more comfortable to trigger. It'd still be appropriate if we eventually get a complete mouse button customization, like we can do with keyboard shortcuts :)
  11. Hello, I just wasted some time figuring out why I was unable to cut a marquee selection from a new image generated from clipboard as a new layer. It took me a while to realize that the imported image needs to be rasterized into pixel layer first before I can start working for it. I am failing to find the setting in the preferences that changes it so that clipboard contents are always imported as pixel layer. There surely must be one because I can't imagine Affinity Photo throwing sticks under my feet every time I just want to quickly edit an image pasted from clipboard. It would be r
  12. Hello, I recently bought Affinity Photo but I am having very hard time using the software due to unreliable keyboard shortcuts. For example when I am already in a brush tool, but forget about it, pressing B again completely switches the tool to something else. I tried to mitigate this by opening keyboard editor, and removing all the bindings for the B key except for Paint Brush tool, but even then the B key keeps switch between Paint Brush tool and last used tool. Is there any way to fix this so that I can use keyboard shortcuts in Affinity Photo? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello, I've recently bought Affinity Photo to explore it as an alternative to a Photoshop, and while I am having fun, the first impression Affinity has made on me is that it's very laggy and unstable. What caused this poor initial impression is very unfortunate default behavior of smooth zoom tool, activated by ctrl+spacebar+mouse drag combo. Affinity seems to try to help out user by snapping zoom increments to values like 50%-100%-200% etc... but ultimately, this behavior feels like a lag, not a snap, sending constant signals to my brain that the entire application is lagging and I should
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