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  1. I can upload a file, but some of the resources (fonts and some pictures) are subjects of licence agreement and I can not provide them to a third-party company. Is that OK?
  2. Great job, Thank You for the idea! The last changeling left for me is to guess how change font style for weekends and holidays.
  3. I try to create a 12-page calendar, based with master-page, containing calendar greed-table. I've experienced a series of crashes while tried to set up proper table formatting, then, while tried to put a placeholder text in the table on a master page, and then, trying to replace the placeholder text with an actual data on the calendar pages. And after some edit attempts Affinity just can not load the file (It reports loading, Uses CPU a lot, but open nothing for more than 5 minutes) (see screenshot attached). See master-page template attached.
  4. +1 to calendar wizard. It is not only about the right dates. It may also include some interesting features such as custom holidays dates sets (for example for different countries or special industry occasions), lunar phases etc.
  5. Merry Christmas and happy New Year for all of us! My NY wish list: Preflight and collect features for affinity publisher - it is vital for large documents with lots of linked content. Wrapping tools for Affinity Designer; Scanner support for Affinity Photo; Photoshop styles and vector forms support for Affinity Photo/Affinity Designer Some solution for image management, butch processing and RAW-files processing (as Adobe Lightroom). Best wishes for Affinity team - you've made great work! Keep moving!
  6. I still hope, that Affinity Photo Will implement WIA support... It is quite strange to use "All-in-one designer suit" for all kinds of design work but switch to another to scan images. Is it in feature requests?
  7. +1 for preflight! If I could I would add even more pluses!! It IS essential in publishing work!
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