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  1. Hi, Thanks for the proposal. I found some older ticket where my problem is also mentioned and still not solved. I will use your link and place photos there. It might be like this: Or this: Best regards, Seweryn.
  2. Hi, Due to GDPR I can not publish photo on the forum. How can I report a bug related to such a photo? Do you have any storage with NDA, that data will not be shared? Best regards, Seweryn.
  3. Hi, Is this problem solved? I have the same effect. BR, Seweryn.
  4. Hi, I am working on some leaflet, where separate chapters/sections comes from different authors (text files). What are best practices to work in such a case? As I have to glue the document, whenever I got new text from any author I have to recreate his or hers chapter from scratch (text flows, fonts styles, ...). Are there any options, not to do this all over and over again? Remark: The main reason for my question is that for images, the workflow is pretty clear in that case. One shall use linked images and operate on resource manager. Best regards, Seweryn.
  5. Hi, Thanks for helping me. I am attaching the complete project. It is my "private" photo, so feel free to experiment, as I was starting to do :-). BR, Seweryn. _DSC3408.zip
  6. Dears, How to use layer masking in Affinity Photo 1.10.1 (AP)? For me, this tutorial (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/332168517/) does not work at all. At the very beginning, AP v. 1.10.1 behaves differently. Mask in the icon in layers panel appears not in the place, where it is painted. Mask does not create any transparency between layers. Are there any significant changes around this topic between AP version 1.9 and 1.10? Best regards, Seweryn.
  7. Hi, On Windows I am using FastStone: https://www.faststone.org/FSViewerDetail.htm I am not what "selling point" would be to have it in Affinity Studio. It shall be a kind of separate tool, which serves for all Studio parts. Regards, Seweryn.
  8. Hi, Simply: "Liquify for designer" :-). I think this would be great to have. Regards, Seweryn.
  9. Hi, I have a simple question. Is any of the tracers good enough for complex shapes? What would be your rating? I have not used all of them, but I tried few free and commercial ones and at the end I was never happy with the results, because: worked only for demos or simple cases*, which I was able to vectorize myself by hand; having this traced shape, I never can efficiently work with it except very trivial resizing or so. So finally I took glass of water and patiently draw what shall I draw ignoring this fancy feature. What was anyhow good for design, as I might rethink the symbol, logo or whatever. *) simple shapes, only few colors. Best regards, Seweryn.
  10. Dears, I have a question. When I am creating list with bullets using some style and typing text, then style of the bullet it self is preserved. See on the image the bullet has standard black style and then the first character is "black regular" space: But When I am changing the style of the first character in the list (deleting "black regular" space) and then "blue bold" 4 becomes the first chanracter, then the style of the bullet is changing to "blue bold". See when I am removing the space: Is this behaviour expected? How can I keep bullet style not changed even if the first character style is changed (placing space is not nice woraround)? Best regards, Seweryn.
  11. @walt.farrell Thanks a lot for the hint. I had unpacked the files from dict_ru-ru.oxt to the dict_ru-ru directory. Then created subfolder in side: C:\Program Files\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries\ru_RU Then copied all necessary files from dict_ru-ru: ru_RU.dic ru_RU.aff hyph_ru.dic Restarted Publisher. And I have it under Character > Language > Spelling.
  12. Dears, I am not sure what I do ing wrong, but according to the documentation: There is a way to install additional dictionaries, but this is not working with OpenOffice files e.g. dict_ru-ru.oxt Do you have any hints about this? Thanks in advance and regards, Seweryn.
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