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  1. oh, ok. I was trying to hold down the keys while dragging. thanks!
  2. for calendar templates, I've always found it easiest to just make 7 all with 31 days. The 1 starts on a different day of the week. Then you just change out the name of the month and delete any extra days at the bottom for the months with less than 31 days.
  3. My trial of photo timed out and I can't buy it until payday so am trying to finish up my project in Designer. I found how to paint with a texture, but need a way to do it with a straight line. I've tried control, alt, and shift and none of those seemed to make it paint in a straight line. I'm putting it on a pixel layer and then masking it onto my vector layer and that part is working well to get rid of the "overpaint" areas. But this is a very long line I need to draw and I can't seem to paint it straight. thanks Sig
  4. thanks. Seems an odd place to put that function, but as long as I know where it is - I'm good. Sig
  5. I want to be able to add menu items to my toolbar. I would like to add "Export", "Group", and "Ungroup". In other graphic programs, I could add any menu item to the tool bar. that makes repetitive tasks faster and easier. And is there a "close all"? And can I add it to my toolbar? thanks
  6. ok, thanks
  7. I want to add some texture to an element in my design in Affinity Photo but can't figure out how. I watched some videos and found how to mask an image into it, but this is a small seamless tile that I want to apply as a texture and can't find a way to flood fill with anything but a solid color. what am I missing? I bought Affinity Design but am still on the trial of photo. I am looking for a replacement for Paint Shop Pro because that program has memory problems with the size and dpi that I am working with now. So far I am pretty impressed and have been able to work out how to do most of the things I need to do, but flood filling with a texture is super important to me and something I do routinely. Please tell me that I am just missing something and that it can be easily done. Thanks Sig
  8. So far I haven't found a way to add menu items to my toolbar. I would like to add "Export", "Group", and "Ungroup". Am I just missing a way to add menu items? All I've found is "place" in my list of wants. And is there a "close all"? And can I add it to my toolbar? thanks
  9. thanks will check them out
  10. I do a lot of seamless tiles and was wondering if there is a wrap around paint and/or draw function somewhere. I have an old program called PhotoSeam that does a great job, but it is limited to around 300px. That was fine when I was making for online use only, but now I do mostly for print and could use it larger. Vector would be cool and extremely useful, but mostly I use my photos. thanks
  11. took a couple of tries but the method gdenby suggested worked. It wouldn't paste inside for me. I did try that. Could be because I also needed to resize, but the only method that worked was "place" and then dragging that layer to the vector circle.
  12. I have a template I made in vector. Now I want to add some jpg and png pics to fit. I have the vector shape (a simple circle in this example) selected but how to I delete the overhang on the pixel layer? I inverted the selection but still couldn't seem to delete the overhang. I did finally get the eraser brush to work but not cleanly. It left a very uneven edge and I need it cleanly chopped off. End result will be similar to this. The vector layer will become the svg which will be converted to work with the cutter.
  13. thanks that seems to work
  14. I teach a monthly class using a cutting machine so I am always on the look out for free SVG cutting files I can use. I have found that often these files have errors in them and need to be edited before they cut well. One common problem is double lines. This month's project had several score (dashed) lines duplicated which resulted in the paper cutting clear through when I did my test. In trying to delete the extra lines, I was having a terrible time clicking on the actual node itself and not its handle. No matter how hard I tried, I always seemed to grab the handle. Is there a way to turn off the handles when editing so that I am only moving or deleting nodes themselves? If not, would you consider adding that ability? I do have that ability in another program, unfortunately, it doesn't have enough other controls - which is why I got Affinity. That and I used Serif products back in the day when they could make my dot matrix printer look good enough for me to have a business in DTP.