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  1. ok, I didn't realize that I put it on the top. It wasn't turned on originally - at least that I remember and I use that all the time. Ok, I'll move it up to the top in pixel mode. I seem to have two different panels. They aren't attached to each other. I thought at one time they were, but they sure aren't now. I just stacked them on top of each other. For awhile they covered up the X to close out the image and that was annoying. But I managed to resize them a bit and pull them down below the bar with the name of the image. Thanks Sig
  2. SigsCreations

    Text on a Path question - arc

    thanks. Suddenly it just did it. Go figure. Thanks Sig
  3. Is there a way to put the text on a curve on the inside of the arc? I made a circle then converted to curves, then broke apart at both sides. I now have two arcs one on top and one on the bottom. I want the text to be on top of the top arc which is how it does it and all is fine. But on the bottom I want the text to be on the inside of the line. I can't seem to find a way to do that. I tried playing with the start triangle but ended up with the text backwards. Can someone explain how to do this please? Thanks Sig
  4. I know this is pretty minor but a bit irritating. The navigator is at the top on the side over the layer/effects/styles panel. But when I switch to pixel mode, the navigator is suddenly at the bottom of the screen under the layers. I don't know why it moves but it is annoying to have it suddenly moved on me. Sig
  5. SigsCreations

    Help what went wrong? Purple outlines make it hard

    oh! Thanks. Guess I hit a button by mistake. Sig
  6. Ok, I watched a bunch of videos and then messed with the assets and artboards for a while. But I have restarted the program twice since then and now I have the most irritating problem yet! What is making these purple outlines on everything? They are not selected, I did not use that color. It is very hard for me to see what my design really looks like. And why is it suddenly defaulting to this font? It never used to. I must have changed something somewhere but I can't figure out what I did. this is a new design. It did it on the last one I made this morning too. It would even put the purple outline around just parts (curves) in the design and around all the text. it is driving me nuts.
  7. SigsCreations

    AD asset questions

    thanks. Yes that is a good idea to export the assets. I have a program with leaky memory. I've used it for years and keep thinking that the new versions will fix their memory problems but this is a new computer and I just bought their new version and found that it has the same old problems. (shut down the program and later I have issues so I go into task manager and find that it is still running!) Yes,I go into admin and turn off a TON of garbage. Thanks for you fast answer. Sig
  8. SigsCreations

    AD asset questions

    I have been watching a bunch of video tutorials and ended up with more questions than what any of them answered. Basically they told me the how to use but not enough info. In almost all the videos, they made it seem like this was mostly for web designers. I only work in print, can I not use this if I work at 300dpi? I have NO use for any IOS anything. If I delete all the assets that came with the program, can I later get them back if I ever find a need for them? If assets are available every time I open the program, if I had a lot will it slow down the program? Will it be using more CPU resources? I often have several graphics programs open and the web browser, so I have run my computer out of working memory before and am concerned about the impact of assets being there every time. Thanks Sig
  9. SigsCreations

    selecting from an eps file

    that worked! Thank you. That will save me hours.
  10. SigsCreations

    eps file - open and hard to find

    that worked. thanks Still weird Sig
  11. I open an eps file. But it isn't where I can easily find it. It is way off somewhere not visible. Here are some screen shots to show you what is happening. Question is WHY is it doing this? Can't this be "fixed" so that it is opening in the center? The white area is very very magnified. But look how far I have to zoom out in order to even find the graphic to drag it in to where I can work with it or even see it.
  12. SigsCreations

    selecting from an eps file

    I don't think they are grouped. It just says layer and then everything is listed under that as curve. Oh well.
  13. SigsCreations

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    thanks for the email telling me about it. I voted. Sig
  14. When I buy vector clip art with a commercial license it usually comes in the form of an eps file. Usually all the designs are on one "page". I am finding it very time consuming and hair pulling to isolate what I want from that. I can't "draw a box" around it because it selects everything (the whole "page"). Say I bought 20 cats. They are all on one main layer and I want only one cat. Sometimes I can click on something in the layers panel and when that itty bitty dot is selected I can then click on the cat I want and get one itty bitty little dot in the right cat to be highlighted. From there I can "show in layers". Then I have to hold down the shift key and randomly select a bunch of layers (we are talking so many I have to scroll a lot in the layers panel) and hope I got all the cat. Often I don't and then I have to go through the whole mess again. (Yes, I am smart enough to first group what I found that was correct and then label it so I can find that part again). And more maddenly, the entire cat may not be on sequential layers. But my question is, why can't I surround that cat and have it be selected. Even at the highest magnification I can not directly select on the image - it will select the whole page. Why can't I zoom in until just that cat is showing and then click on it to select just a piece of it? Like what someone here told me to do when I couldn't seem to select just one node to move (it was just moving the handles until I zoomed in a ridiculous amount so I could isolate the node itself)
  15. SigsCreations

    Can I use CSH files? how?

    thanks. I look forward to the mesh warp Sig