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  1. guess those pixels are really there. When I added a layer of white at the bottom, it looked almost like a shadow in that area. So strange. I think I finally got rid of them in another program.
  2. I drew the design in designer as vector. Then added a few pixel layers so I could "paint" in some texture. Grouped all the vectors and then did a selection from layer. Invert selection. Went to each of my pixel layers and hit delete to get rid of the overspray. But no matter what I try - editing in photo (from file menu), using the eraser brush (both programs), or hitting delete, I can't get rid of these weird pixels in the background. So I saved as PSD and took it into another program and that program does not show these pixels! Are they really there or not? I can't print this as it is way to big for a home printer. And if they are there, how the bleep do I get rid of them? If they aren't really there, then why am I seeing them? I need to be in Designer and add text to finish off the design. I guess I could finish it and then export as PSD again and take into another program and resave it out from there as the PNG that I need for final submission. Driving myself nuts today with this. BTW I love how I can go back and forth between Designer and Photo with the file menu. That was very slick. Sig
  3. that is what I was expecting to happen but it didn't no matter how many times I tried, it would just move one node. Oh well. will try again later. Now I am arguing with the program because it did exactly what I wanted and what I expected the first time, now I need to repeat the technique and the program just will not do it.. Maybe I just need to restart it. It is getting extremely slow. Thanks Sig
  4. It was more work to tweak each individually since it kept changing the width of the shape. If it was a true line - that would have worked but this is a shape and so I had both sides to deal with. Just highlighting a bunch and then trying to move by clicking and dragging would only move the one the cursor was on and not the group.
  5. See pic The swash is interfering with the graphic. I would like to take all the selected nodes and first move them as a group and then go back and tweak their placement. So far I have been unable to find a way to move them as a group. Is there a way to do this? Thanks Sig
  6. ok I think I've got it now. Not the way I've ever seen a brush work before. But if I draw the line first - which for some reason defaults to a dashed line. Then I turn it solid, then I hit the brush 64, it applies it to the line. As long as I understand HOW to make it work, I will adapt. It just didn't work the way I expected and so my results were all over the place and confusing me to no end. Sig
  7. ok. that is great for the future to stop me from screwing up again. Now how to I fix what I messed up? Is there a way? when I hit "edit brush" it looks like it should but it sure isn't working right. Sig
  8. ok, I was drawing a line using brush 64. I guess I should have left it alone and added a color overlay, but instead, I hit the color and changed it to what I wanted. After that I did not get the same effect. The brush was only 13.1 wide and not that fuzzy distressed look. I ended up just copying in the one line that was the way I wanted and pasting and rotating them into place. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the brush back the way it was. In fact, the more I tried, the worse things got until I had probably 6 brush 64s in the menu. I gave up and rebooted the computer. Started the program back up and I still can't get that brush back the way it was. Now it is .06 wide and just a black line. Obviously I have messed up something somewhere somehow. How do I fix this? What did I do wrong before (so I don't do THAT again)? Sig eye is the one where I got the first set of lines like I wanted after doing copy and paste. why is what is happening now after a reboot.
  9. thanks
  10. thanks. I'll look at the video. Sig
  11. I was very interested in this: But I wasn't sure it would work in Affinity Designer so I wrote to the creator and this is the answer I got: Unfortunately, I haven't converted this one to Affinity as it's pattern brush feature isn't accurate enough to make the brushes as good as I’d like. If they improve it in the future I'll definitely make an Affinity version. So is this something that is being worked on? Or is there something like these brushes out there that do work with Affinity Designer? Sig
  12. thanks
  13. I had to get a new computer and reinstall Designer. Now every time I start the program I get a box that says: Windows Security Warning Scripts are usually safe. Do you want to allow scripts to run? Yes No I have to answer before I can use the program. Very annoying. I didn't have this on my old computer. What scripts are they talking about? I had asked earlier if there was an ability to add in a macro (script) to automate things and was told no. So what scripts am I allowing? Is this from brushes I've added? I can't think of anything else I added to the program. Can I add things? Like adobe actions? confused Sig
  14. that worked! Thanks
  15. MikeW, wow I never realized that it worked for apps. I use it for Chrome and file explorer but never thought to try it on Affinity. Thanks