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  1. AleMello

    Problem with Colour panel

    I couldn't "repeat" the problem. But I'm glad I could help. I'll keep posting if I find anything weird. Anyway, thanks for this app (and Photo and Designer). You're doing a amazing job there!
  2. I choose to see a Pantone colour as CMYK sliders and the spectrum box became huge. At the same time, the swatch panel misbehave, and I couldn't add any colour/gradient to it.
  3. Hi. I've just noticed I can't grab the file icon at MacOS bar and drag it to other place, as I use to do with other apps. Nor COMMAND+click the name to see its path... Am I missing some configuration? Screen Recording 2019-06-09 at 17.51.34.mov
  4. Thanks a lot. I don't know why I didn't look there before. Sorry.
  5. In a post from 2015 they listed the filters, and they're there. I think they changed... It means, no more Minimum and Maximum blur, right?
  6. I don't have this here... Should I use bilateral Filter?
  7. I had a warning because Publisher beta wasn't downloaded from Windows Store. Microsoft asked if I want to install Affinity Designer, instead. I said no thanks and asked to install anyway. Was that your problem? About, when Publisher asked me to download the update, it pointed me to 312 version. Which was the one I had. I try again, and it downloaded 312 again. I went to affinity website and am downloading the 337.
  8. AleMello

    HUGE file sizes

    In fact! Didn't notice that. MacOS sucks sometimes :-) It was missing an update to the folder size. Follow the correct shot. Job done, it raised more than 80MB from that point. Just a couple of images
  9. AleMello

    HUGE file sizes

    I think it's a good point. In fact, I noticed that too. I'm working on a magazine. The editions are very similar, using basically the same content/files/sizes. When I was using Indesign (CS5), it has 37MB. I'm rebuilding it using Publisher Beta (I now it's beta, it's a working progress and I'm doing this to test the app under real conditions, my share when I accepted trying the beta) and, not finished yet, I have a file with 703MB. Screen shot attached. I just think Affinity crew should, later in the proper moment, think about this.
  10. AleMello

    Data merge

    But they never said they won't do it. Just need a little more time to do they the right way. And probably we'll be able to test it a lot before it goes to commercial. I understand I was "gifted" with the opportunity to help developing a better app. Beta testing is this, we don't have the final version, we're helping build it. I really don't complaint about data merge lacking (or that I can't import my GBs of INDD and save a lot of work), because this is a beta version. A going work. I'm testing the best I can, trying to find holes and bugs (like the diacritics problem I have when writing in portuguese -- like typing ' and a to get "á", which is giving me " 'á " instead). Let's wait. Be patient... This is a real pro app, able to face Indesign straight in the eyes and say "I'm better than you and a lot cheaper".
  11. AleMello

    Data merge

    Well, I'm really interested and anxious about data merge but, guys, let's be patient. The Affinity guys are doing a GREAT job, delivering excellent product. I'm pretty sure they're listening to us. They said they have some other stuff to take care before. I truly believe they'll add data merge to Publisher in the due time. I'm waiting, and testing other features they already done as much as I can. I must say I'm very happy using Publisher beta as my first app, already rebuilding some INDD files I have from scratch, testing all my workflow. Be patient.
  12. I don't understand why you are moaning about our needs. The problem isn't text or linked files. The problem is text styles, color palletes, hifenization exceptions and a lot of things you can't get from PDF. And you're wrong: sometimes I receive indd files. And I don't want to use Indesign anymore. If you don't have this problem, lucky you. But, please, if this is not a problem to you, just watch.
  13. Well, not thousands, today. But dozens. Newsletters, magazines, reports... Files I've been use year after year, changing here and there, but based on a structure (text styles, master pages, color palettes for instance) that I would have to rebuild. The point is: I don't have time to rebuild all those files. I'm still using Adobe CS5 (I don't wanna pay per month to use Indesign). If I have a way to import/convert/use indeed files in Publisher it would save me a lot of time. And sleep. Do that using a PDF file is the same of doing that from zero. I know how to do that, I can do that, but I don't want to do that, if I have another way.

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