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  1. You're master! I didn't notice they were RGB. I'll double check all other files. I'm used to link files instead of embedding them, because (in this case) I have a lot of files using the same source (for instance, the kidneys). I got this file from the client, and didn't check the color mode. I'll try to fix this and rework the PDFs to see. Anyway, when I opened them in Illustrator, besides the message, the file was ok, ready for printing in CMYK... Thanks a lot. Best regards from Brazil and I'll keep looking for issues and bug to help you make the best Publisher ever! PS: I'd love to have data merge (someone teach me a way to bypass this, but sometimes I'd need more complex tool for some works)
  2. Indeed, one error is missing. I attached the file below. Forget to send it before, sorry. dmr2019 adesivo 8x8cm.afpub
  3. Hi. I generate some PDFs using X1A format and default Print format in Export menu, just added crop marks. A guy from a press office told me he's having a issue report when opening the PDF file in other apps (he tried with CorelDraw -- poor guy --, and I've tried to open using Illustrator). Both are complaining that "An unknown shading type was encountered" and "An unknown imaging construct was encountered". Image ScreenShot1.png attached. I click OK to see if there was any problem with the objects in the file and couldn't find any. But decided to send them to you, to check if there's some bad code involved when generating the PDFs... By the way 1: the file adesivo.pdf is PDF X1A. The other, adesivo1.pdf is Print Default. By the way 2: Take care of your kidneys, guys. Check renal function at least once a year (start with creating, and keep good habits). Living with hemodialysis is not what someone would wish... dmr2019_adesivo.pdf dmr2019_adesivo1.pdf
  4. Don't worry. And let's leave that for tomorrow. BTW Happy New Year. I'll work on the text file later and send it to you. Best regards from Brazil
  5. Anyway, for simple projects it's fantastic! Thanks a lot.
  6. I've tried my idea. Didn't work. In page 1 I created a new text box. SHIFT-clicked the upper box the flow icon and Publisher created the pages.But it added a "empty" page between each name tag. Probably because the text format I have in Mac. Then I SHIFT-clicked the second text box flow icon and Publisher added a lot of new pages. I'd expect it would follow the page count. And, again, and empty page between sessions... Probably I need to work on styles, perhaps asking Publisher to flow to next frame. Just don't know how to work the text file for this. Paragraphs, right?
  7. This is fabulous! Great! Question: will this work if we use different styles? I mean, for instance, sometimes I need to personalize names and sessions the guy attended. With data merge it's a piece of cake. But this way I'd need to create 2 boxes, right? One for each text file... Did you try this? (i'll do it and let you know what happens)
  8. Hi. Got it again. File Attached. I dragged both text frames together from left to right, and the content changed position. I used column break after BRIOCHE. swap connection.afpub
  9. During that preview video you release before the beta become public, I saw you changing a placeholder in one page and the same happened to other pages (55sec at ). Can you explain me that and how I can use that? When I'm working on a huge document, sometimes I wish I could do that without going to master page. But I couldn't repeat what I saw in the vídeo.
  10. Chris, I couldn't repeat the problem either. As we say here in Brazil, it's a problem of Exu-Tranca-Rede (like a little devil that blocks the network). :-D Or, as you say in Europe, a leprechaun related problem. I'll keep you posted if it happens again, ok? Best regards
  11. AleMello

    Open AI CS5 to Designer: bug about color profile.

    Didn' t happen again. I've been trying other files to see, but nothing wrong so far.
  12. AleMello

    Open AI CS5 to Designer: bug about color profile.

    Update: after force quiting Designer, when I reopen the app, the file opened with the same dialog, but this time I was able to close and work.
  13. I opened a AI CS5 file in Designer and got a dialog box about color profile, which locked all app. I couldn't close, ignore or else. Had to ForceQuit the app. Screen Recording 2018-11-30 at 12.17.35.mov
  14. 1. :-D 2. Well, indeed. My intention was to complicate to find problems. When working, sometimes I have to break frames (for one reason or another) and using the connection allow me to organize the text and don't retype or copy paste it all. That's why this feature exists. 3. I used Column Break. Not Frame Break 4. In my file, text offset probably is due to font change or just a text size too high. 5. We have time, take your time... But thanks, anyway