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  1. But they never said they won't do it. Just need a little more time to do they the right way. And probably we'll be able to test it a lot before it goes to commercial. I understand I was "gifted" with the opportunity to help developing a better app. Beta testing is this, we don't have the final version, we're helping build it. I really don't complaint about data merge lacking (or that I can't import my GBs of INDD and save a lot of work), because this is a beta version. A going work. I'm testing the best I can, trying to find holes and bugs (like the diacritics problem I have when writing in portuguese -- like typing ' and a to get "á", which is giving me " 'á " instead). Let's wait. Be patient... This is a real pro app, able to face Indesign straight in the eyes and say "I'm better than you and a lot cheaper".
  2. Well, I'm really interested and anxious about data merge but, guys, let's be patient. The Affinity guys are doing a GREAT job, delivering excellent product. I'm pretty sure they're listening to us. They said they have some other stuff to take care before. I truly believe they'll add data merge to Publisher in the due time. I'm waiting, and testing other features they already done as much as I can. I must say I'm very happy using Publisher beta as my first app, already rebuilding some INDD files I have from scratch, testing all my workflow. Be patient.
  3. I don't understand why you are moaning about our needs. The problem isn't text or linked files. The problem is text styles, color palletes, hifenization exceptions and a lot of things you can't get from PDF. And you're wrong: sometimes I receive indd files. And I don't want to use Indesign anymore. If you don't have this problem, lucky you. But, please, if this is not a problem to you, just watch.
  4. Well, not thousands, today. But dozens. Newsletters, magazines, reports... Files I've been use year after year, changing here and there, but based on a structure (text styles, master pages, color palettes for instance) that I would have to rebuild. The point is: I don't have time to rebuild all those files. I'm still using Adobe CS5 (I don't wanna pay per month to use Indesign). If I have a way to import/convert/use indeed files in Publisher it would save me a lot of time. And sleep. Do that using a PDF file is the same of doing that from zero. I know how to do that, I can do that, but I don't want to do that, if I have another way.
  5. The problem is I (and I believe a lot of people) have thousands of files of work built using InDesign. Most of them I need to update frequently or use as a base to new jobs. Been able to open or import an Indesign file would save time and work, since I wouldn't need to rebuild all.
  6. Well, I only knew they're working on this last year. I think they're doing a great job, since it's not easy to assemble so many functions in an app so efficient like this. I'm sure they're taking the time they need. But, if you're not happy with their schedule, there are a lot of options out there...
  7. Well, I'll wait. I'm very satisfied with Publisher evolution. Serif is doing a wonderful job. I'm sure they'll do the best.
  8. Hi, Gabe. How is this going? Any news? I'd love to test this feature...
  9. Oh, my god! It works! You saved our lives! Thanks a lot. @Fred, check this! It's not a bug, it's a feature! itworks.mov
  10. 1. I'm trying Publisher and loving it. To solve this problem, I use normally. At the end, after typing all I need, I run a SEARCH>REPLACE to remove the wrong characters. It's not the best, but since I'm trying and searching for bugs, I keep going... 2. Same here. 3. Paste is ok, indeed. Sometimes, when I need to finish the job fast, I do the same. When I'm testing for bugs, I do what I told in 1, above. 4. The last updates just change the wrong character, but the problem persists. Strange is that it doesn't happen in Designer or Photo (well, I'm using the commercial versions, not beta, hope they don't bring the same problem). Regards.
  11. News! It's still happening, but now when I type ' as in á, é, í, ó, ú or ç, appear a new character before: a double "smaller than". See the image...
  12. You're master! I didn't notice they were RGB. I'll double check all other files. I'm used to link files instead of embedding them, because (in this case) I have a lot of files using the same source (for instance, the kidneys). I got this file from the client, and didn't check the color mode. I'll try to fix this and rework the PDFs to see. Anyway, when I opened them in Illustrator, besides the message, the file was ok, ready for printing in CMYK... Thanks a lot. Best regards from Brazil and I'll keep looking for issues and bug to help you make the best Publisher ever! PS: I'd love to have data merge (someone teach me a way to bypass this, but sometimes I'd need more complex tool for some works)
  13. Indeed, one error is missing. I attached the file below. Forget to send it before, sorry. dmr2019 adesivo 8x8cm.afpub
  14. Hi. I generate some PDFs using X1A format and default Print format in Export menu, just added crop marks. A guy from a press office told me he's having a issue report when opening the PDF file in other apps (he tried with CorelDraw -- poor guy --, and I've tried to open using Illustrator). Both are complaining that "An unknown shading type was encountered" and "An unknown imaging construct was encountered". Image ScreenShot1.png attached. I click OK to see if there was any problem with the objects in the file and couldn't find any. But decided to send them to you, to check if there's some bad code involved when generating the PDFs... By the way 1: the file adesivo.pdf is PDF X1A. The other, adesivo1.pdf is Print Default. By the way 2: Take care of your kidneys, guys. Check renal function at least once a year (start with creating, and keep good habits). Living with hemodialysis is not what someone would wish... dmr2019_adesivo.pdf dmr2019_adesivo1.pdf