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  1. Yes, I just turned it off. It doesn't fix the problem for people who want to use it though. Users will inadvertently press the wrong key like me all the time.
  2. This is awful! Did you user test this? Every time I want to zoom (option + scroll) I accidentally hit the command key (command + scroll). I cannot tell you how many times I rotate the canvas by accident since these keys are right next to each other. I end up having to reset my view all the time. Worst experience ever! Fix it.
  3. I have noticed the 'Add' feature is also broken and does the same thing when combining shapes. The bug is probably related. I have attached a file. Try expanding only the topmost stroke, then combine it to the top shape. You will see a very similar problem where it fills the right area of the combined shape. My guess is in both cases, where the intersection happens, you are forgetting to create a node (or point). rig-icon.afdesign
  4. I'm beginning to think they can't actually add this feature as it is very complex. They probably need to hire a mathematician who specializes in vectors.
  5. Has the Affinity team considered looking at the Inkscape repo to see how they have implemented envelope / distort. It is after all an open source project. You could probably glean some ideas there.
  6. @davemike Well I guess Adobe can take your money and run with it (that's what they did to me). Even after leaving Adobe, they offered me 3 months of creative suite for free. After my 3 free months were up they didn't actually cancel my subscription as I assumed they would. No, they actually started started billing me again and never reimbursed me (criminal). Personally, I'll wait until this summer for Affinity Publisher. Good bye Adobe.
  7. I've noticed crashes happen for me when I'm editing a symbol on an artboard, and then move the symbol off the artboard (AF beta 4). I'm using El Capitan 10.11.5
  8. I don't think the problem is the magic mouse. I have a magic mouse 1 and 2. When I use Illustrator I don't have the same problem. I think Illustrator has permanently turned down the fidelity though. Panning in Illustrator is not smooth, and it shifts in about 5px increments. However, my solution is to turn the panning fidelity down ONLY on mouse down (like Illustrator). Turn the fidelity back up on mouse up. I don't know if this is possible, but obviously this is not a big problem in Illustrator. I still love your product though.
  9. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.4.2 and I could not figure out how to edit a group. I double clicked the group to no avail. Finally I realized that I actually could edit the group, but there was no visual cue to tell me that I was in edit mode. I think having a greyed out transparent background would be helpful (similar to Adobe Illustrator's isolation mode). This would tell me that I'm now able to edit the group.
  10. I'm not sure if AD uses SVG as it's default file format, but the <symbol> definition is pretty easy to implement. Here is a quick example: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/SVG/Element/symbol
  11. It would be nice if AD could create interactive prototypes for wire frameing. This could be handled by attaching actions to objects and then turning on / off certain layers. You could also allow the action to go to a different page or artboard (I know artboards are still coming). You could export the whole thing as an interactive SVG for viewing in a browser, or export as html. As many designers use multiple tools to handle this already, you would be doing everyone a service by combining all the tools in one. Just my opinion.
  12. +1 for me. Global swatches are very useful for UI design (especially true when you have multiple art boards).
  13. That's excellent news Dave. It should reduce the number of complaints for sure. Good to see Affinity is focusing on the fine details. Very important when building large scale products.
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