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  1. Just download the new version and it's the case. Thanks !
  2. Hello, Wouldn't be good when you create a new document that a new master will be create too ? So users would not have to manually create a master and say " ok, first page is master 1". David
  3. The point is to be able to change the size or position of the frame on the master and that will change on all the pages.
  4. Hello, Thanks, I didn't notice that the is was for group But what I was in mind, was more groups where you could collect different paragraph style and/or character style. David
  5. Hello, Could it be possible to add on option groups on paragraph style, character and colors ? David
  6. Hello, Yes, I'm on window (10), so it's all version apparently. It's not a big bug, but, even when you use style, the size will stay different. David
  7. Hello, When I drawn a text frame and resize it with it's content (for exemple I pass from 18pt to 24pt), the links text frame will used the 18pt text size. David
  8. Hello, You should try to unlock the layer. So the frame for your picture could be used.
  9. If I use "Replace image" the picture don"t keep the scalling, rotation, etc. that I used, it just put the picture at 100%. I don't find that relevant, because if I take the time to positioned the frame and the picture like I want, it's not to do it again if I change the picture. Maybe, it's because I use Indesign every day, but the drag/drop is the fastest way to do it.
  10. Hello, Do you thing it would be possible to have a "last page" with the "page number" ? And also, the possibility to 'stick" 2 or more pages together ( the spread to shuffle option in Indesign). Also the possibility to drag a master in the pages window to add a page. Could it be possible to not have pre existing style with a now document ? It's really not useful and that take place for nothing. For the moment all the shape seems to be with flat colours, is there a gradient option who will be add ? Thanks. David
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