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  1. Thanks for your reply. I understand how these handles work (kind of a separate usability discussion), but they are not the problem. The problem is that when clicking the flow arrow on a text frame, then using the new "flow" cursor mode to click-drag-draw a continuing text frame, the second, continuing frame contains text of a different size (3pt) than its linked predecessor (12pt). This occurs before the opportunity to use the resize handles. The behavior depicted in the video from Kroco above is exactly the issue.
  2. Incoming Fax

    Guides and Guide Manager

    +1 copy guides as objects or from list (in Guides Manager) from any master or page
  3. Experiencing same issue and came looking for solution, assuming it was a bug or hidden setting. Creating a new, linked text frame from an overflowed text frame should inherit all text properties from the first frame, regardless of the dimensions of the new linked frame. More often than not, I want to manually scale and position a newly linked text frame while keeping text format continuous. If the intended behavior is that newly created and scaled text frames also scale text, then the design sucks.
  4. Incoming Fax

    Wavy lines

    For InDesign havers (who for some reason aren't using Publisher yet), the wavy lines will copy-paste into Designer as vector objects. Nice.

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