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  1. Hi All, New to affinity range. I have new and old range. In PagePlus I am able to create PDF Bookmarks. These are very useful for readers who can expand/collapse such a panel in PDF reader, and jump to sections with that PDF Bookmark index. It works like an Index (title/sections and jumps to page number or anchor). Is there something like this in Affinity Publisher? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Carl123, I think I have to learn more and plan for more time for basic things - OK to be fair, PagePlus is 8th generation, and Affinity Publisher is version 1. This is kind of what I am after - found it in Help file of Publisher -> help | Creating custom tables. I know full control is good, but some wizards, styles out-of-the-box, and publisher file templates (like page layout, frames, etc. - we could buy some affordable content in the past for PagePlus) would help
  3. Hi All, New to affinity range. In PagePlus, I could add a table and apply themes/styles, e.g. medium green on column title, then light green1 for line 1, light green 2 for line 2, and colours for line even and odd line numbers alternate automatically. How is this done in Publisher? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All, I finally found items - on the Master Page. I did not edit anything on master pages last few days, so how those text frames changed I do not know. I deleted every text frame, one by one to see which one was the culprit. When I tried all, I deleted all, and found still warning popping up. So then I thought OK, Master Pages last guess, and that was it. Time I will not get back :-(. Maybe this tip helps others. I only hope that Affinity range keeps getting better.... These are basics we need like pre-flight check and all features of old range + better must be there. Easier and more intuitive.
  5. Hi All, New to Affinity. Is it possible to create vertical page layout (single page at a time), BUT occasionally I would like a double-spread, e.g. 2 pages together, or 1 page in horizontal mode. This is for some graphics or illustrations I need more space for than in A4 vertical, but rest of document should be A4 portrait more and some pages landscape mode. Is it possible? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for the more detailed tip. I made sure it is checked. I think I see some small red circles on text frames when not selected, but those maybe from field names and page number showing through from master page. So I do not think I understood your "extra round red markers". I also no longer see the red eye next to right ward pointing triangle when a text frame is selected. I tried dragging out text frames off the page to see if any text appears, but cannot see anything (not that the dark background of non-canvas area helps). So a bit of a mess. I am trying to learn Affinity, but not as intuitive as legacy range and still has many basics missing. I only created a few pages so far in Publisher because of issues like text alignment, text styles, looking for line spacing, indenting, etc. Probably would have taken me 20 minutes in PagePlus, but several hours in Affinity Publisher so far. Well, don't give up easy, so will try the Affinity publisher route more for the publication I need to create, but if pain like this I will have to go back to PagePlus.
  7. Hi All, I have the same issue - but I cannot see any small "red eye"? What is the "Flow handle"?. Yes, in legacy range, there was a very easy to use pre-flight check panel. We need that in Publisher.
  8. Hi Digger, Have you tried selecting "Start on Left side" for the 2-page spread? I think then your first page is also double facing
  9. Thanks Walter, your first option (File Menu | Edit | Defaults | Revert) did the trick - I had the text frame selected. Before that I did try on a new document and there the behaviour was normal.
  10. Hi All, New to Affinity range. Struggling with Publisher (as well as Designer) a bit, as new GUI, workflow, and in my opinion not as intuitive to use. Ok, legacy range is in version 8 and Affinity is version 1. Anyways, I am on a Publisher document - spent 2 hours (would have taken 5-10 minutes in PagePlus), and I cannot figure out why when I add a Text frame there is padding at the top. I thought it was because something weird caused by linked frame. I create a new frame. Still several lines, meaning if I place text frame on page (top to bottom of page), the text starts half way down on the page. I spent time looking through settings for frame, but cannot find out why this behaviour happens. Any ideas? All new text frames I create now are like this. Text starts half way down in the frame. Means unusable. Is there a way to reset? Is there a "format painter" to take style etc. applied to Frame1 to Frame2? What is the way to create a text frame with bullets and numbers - have some line spacing e.g. 1.5 between bullets or numbers, but then normal space on following text after list? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Dave, Thanks for your quick reply. Sorry, could not find the "Leading override"? I am in Publisher, select the text in a text frame and then on the right side am looking at Character panel? A related question, what if I want "Line spacing for an entire text frame, or to then save that to the "Style" of a "Body text". In the old legacy range, I had "Line spacing" in text frame or paragraph options, and could select something like "Single, 1.5, Double, etc., or also specify custom height... Hope something like this is available in Affinity Publisher?
  12. Hi All, New to affinity range. In PagePlus (legacy range) I could click on a paragraph, select bullets, and then I have 2 buttons for indenting left or right. I could not find that in Publisher? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi All, New to Affinity range. I have a text frame. I wish to increase "Line space" between 2 top lines. I found to increase paragraph spaces and character spaces, but not for line spaces - e.g. just top 2 lines. Is there something like that? Thanks in advance
  14. Hi Walt, Thanks for your quick reply. I experimented a bit with the settings you mention. I think if I select Justify All it also stretches a line that just has a few words, e.g. half length on last line, which then looks bad. I am used to the Publisher (old suite) having a nice Justify All what did a better job lining things up in a text frame squarely, but not stretching overly. I guess just have to keep experimenting.
  15. Hi All, New to Affinity range. In DrawPlus there are tools like Cut - scissors for cutting out sections of a shape. Does this exist in Affinity designer? Also what about Shape Joining, creating shape from selections? These were tools in DrawPlus - not sure how to do in Affinity designer Thanks in advance

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