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  1. Hi Fixx, Thanks for the quick reply. I had not seen earlier, paragraph object selected, in the right hand pane, paragraph tab, then scroll down, and expand "Drop Caps".
  2. Hi All, I am moving from Serif PagePlus to Affinity Publisher, so still learning. Is there a Drop Cap text or leading character text feature in Affinity Publisher? In PagePlus I can select the paragraph, right click and select Drop Cap, and then I can select Dropped or Raised. Anything like that in Affinity Publisher? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi, Has anyone tried editing iPhone portrait photos on Affinity Photo iPad? Anything I missed to do? Or are there are any workarounds? I just thought it would be nice workflow as photo already available to iPad, I have Apple Pencil and Affinity Photo iPad app would be nice for editing on Sofa :-). Anyways, thanks in advance if anyone has any tips/solutions/workarounds.
  4. Thanks Callum, I will try watching those videos and see if I can recreate. Pity the first one does not have slower steps and some audio to explain instead of music, but maybe watching a few times I will be able to recreate. Projects like these would make for a nice volume 2 of affinity photo workbook, or new online tutorials...
  5. Thanks guys, managed to get a EPS file also. I could not edit text easily, e.g. a word or sentence came out as individual letter vectors, but at least I got a lot of the layout etc. Love the serif community, thanks for helping others
  6. Hi Callum, Sorry for the delay, got caught up with work.... trying to attach the file which I emailed to myself from the iPad. Not sure if apple converted anything then or not. When I open the file on the iPad with Affinity Photo for iPad I see 2 layers, one is with background, and 1 layer is a mask. When editing in apple photo app, I can see the original image or go into portrait mode to simulate low-key or high-key. There are some small areas where the simulation does not always work, e.g. hair and background, so I was hoping I can edit the mask a little on the iPad with pencil and Affinity Photo. But I cannot see how to edit the mask while seeing the background and knowing which are to deal with, and I cannot see how I can kind of inverse the mask to show colour image of person subject, but decide if I want the actual background, or the simulated black (low-key) background. When I import into Procreate app on iPad I see the low-key effect image, I don't think there were multiple layers like I see in Affinity Photo, but I could then try to colour out the problem areas with brush strokes. Anyways, wondering how this is possible in Affinity Photo for iPad? Or it could be that the app cannot (at the moment) handle the apple portrait mode images? Though it is smart to see the layers of portrait mode coming through from apple format. Anyways, any ideas or thoughts welcome. Love the Serif community - thanks in advance
  7. Hi All, I see some nice template files in Adobe IN or EPS. I do not use those programs (too expensive) and happy user of Serif for many years. Can Affinity Designer or Publisher open the .IN files or .EPS files? Can I then edit these in Affinity? I do not want to buy template and then I cannot open/edit. I think EPS file might work as I tried a vector EPS file with Affinity Designer and that worked. Anyways, wanted to know from expert community. I think the Serif templates we had for PagePlus were a nice idea also.
  8. Hi All, I have some nice iPhone 11 portrait photos in Low-Key and High-Key. Sometimes the background shines through e.g. with long silky hair. I was thinking of editing this with iPad and Apple pencil and of course Affinity Photo for iPad. When I open the file (from my Apple Photos from cloud/iPad) I cannot really edit the file. It seems to display the mask of portrait, but I cannot see the original photo and mask (which then is used by iPhone to create High and Low key effect). I was hoping to use the apple pencil to brush out some areas. I can open the same files in Procreate 4 and do some editing there. Anyone else know how to do this in Affinity Photo iPad? Did I miss something? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi All, I am seeing some nice photos from iPhone 11 and portrait mode, especially for low-key and high-key. Is there any way to do this with Affinity Photo Desktop? I saw some video on YouTube using the "lights" simulation and masks with Affinity Photo, but cannot find that clip anymore. Wondering if anyone else had some nice steps, samples to show how to create Low-Key and High-Key images with Affinity Photo (e.g. normal colour photo as source) and then end up with High and Low. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi All, New to affinity range. I have new and old range. In PagePlus I am able to create PDF Bookmarks. These are very useful for readers who can expand/collapse such a panel in PDF reader, and jump to sections with that PDF Bookmark index. It works like an Index (title/sections and jumps to page number or anchor). Is there something like this in Affinity Publisher? Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks Carl123, I think I have to learn more and plan for more time for basic things - OK to be fair, PagePlus is 8th generation, and Affinity Publisher is version 1. This is kind of what I am after - found it in Help file of Publisher -> help | Creating custom tables. I know full control is good, but some wizards, styles out-of-the-box, and publisher file templates (like page layout, frames, etc. - we could buy some affordable content in the past for PagePlus) would help
  12. Hi All, New to affinity range. In PagePlus, I could add a table and apply themes/styles, e.g. medium green on column title, then light green1 for line 1, light green 2 for line 2, and colours for line even and odd line numbers alternate automatically. How is this done in Publisher? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi All, I finally found items - on the Master Page. I did not edit anything on master pages last few days, so how those text frames changed I do not know. I deleted every text frame, one by one to see which one was the culprit. When I tried all, I deleted all, and found still warning popping up. So then I thought OK, Master Pages last guess, and that was it. Time I will not get back :-(. Maybe this tip helps others. I only hope that Affinity range keeps getting better.... These are basics we need like pre-flight check and all features of old range + better must be there. Easier and more intuitive.
  14. Hi All, New to Affinity. Is it possible to create vertical page layout (single page at a time), BUT occasionally I would like a double-spread, e.g. 2 pages together, or 1 page in horizontal mode. This is for some graphics or illustrations I need more space for than in A4 vertical, but rest of document should be A4 portrait more and some pages landscape mode. Is it possible? Thanks in advance
  15. Hi Dave, Thanks for the more detailed tip. I made sure it is checked. I think I see some small red circles on text frames when not selected, but those maybe from field names and page number showing through from master page. So I do not think I understood your "extra round red markers". I also no longer see the red eye next to right ward pointing triangle when a text frame is selected. I tried dragging out text frames off the page to see if any text appears, but cannot see anything (not that the dark background of non-canvas area helps). So a bit of a mess. I am trying to learn Affinity, but not as intuitive as legacy range and still has many basics missing. I only created a few pages so far in Publisher because of issues like text alignment, text styles, looking for line spacing, indenting, etc. Probably would have taken me 20 minutes in PagePlus, but several hours in Affinity Publisher so far. Well, don't give up easy, so will try the Affinity publisher route more for the publication I need to create, but if pain like this I will have to go back to PagePlus.
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