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  1. Is there some way of setting the colors for guides? I find that default color (blue) can be very hard to see and would like to set it to something brighter and more noticeable. The same holds true for margins and bleeds. It would be really nice if we could control these colors directly.
  2. Thanks, that really helped knowing that was the way to detect an overflow, helped me find the place that had the overflow. But it certainly was painful having to check every text frame.
  3. When exporting to PDF I get a dialog that pops up telling me that there are text frames that have overflowing text. I cannot locate these text frames so I'm wondering is there some way of viewing all text frames that have overflowing text? Would be nice if the dialog that alerts you to the problem offered to show you which frames were overflowing. I have to say I'm very impressed so far with Publisher it is awesome. I was able to take one of my brochure designs that I had done in InDesign and recreated it in Publisher and it was pretty painless and being a long time Designer and Photo user I felt totally at home. Great job!
  4. Thanks. I did see that it was listed as being in the features being added to 1.7 after I had made this post, sure hope it makes it as it is something that is really missing. cannot believe it has come this far without it. Wonder when we will see a 1.7 BEAT?
  5. When will we see the ability in Designer to set the origin of the ruler, this is the one thing about Designer that has annoyed me since day one and there never seems to be any mention of fixing the problem. If this feature was added I would finally be able to ditch Illustrator?
  6. This is such a fundamental feature that I find it hard to believe it has not been implemented already, why not?
  7. I'm trying desperately to abandon using Adobe apps for Affinity versions, but I cannot believe that an application as powerful as designer does not support adjustment of the ruler origin. This is the main thing holding me back from switching to it full time as I simply cannot work without this feature. It seems amazing to me that this has not been implemented as it is such a fundamental capability. Maybe it is there but hidden from view, I have tried to find a solution but none appears to me.
  8. I certainly hope so as right now this is the one feature that is preventing me from moving from Illustrator, well that and the fact that I don't seem to find a convenient way of scaling objects. I'm very surprised that AD does not have this really fundamental feature as rulers are crucial to the work I do! I'll keep my fingers crossed that this will show up sooner rather than later!
  9. As far as I'm concerned this is a major flaw in AD and one that is preventing me from switching completely from Illustrator to AD, so I hope it is something that shows up sooner rather than later! Not sure how it got this far without this valuable feature!
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to set the origin for the rulers in Designer, this is something I use regularly in Illustrator and have not been able to discover how to do this in Designer?
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