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  1. Yes of course, I'm fully aware of that and that's why it is not the default behavior but concerning my first question/problem where I don't have to overlay objects, it would be great!
  2. Thanks for your reply! I have actually not really experimented these buttons until now. I have just been trying them and I have to say they almost solved my problem! But... too bad you can't change the default behavior If I could set the "Insert behind the selection" behavior by default (each time I create a new layer) it would have been perfect! I really hope this change could be implemented!! Anyway, thank you @fde101 for your help!
  3. I have an issue concerning overriding text of Master Pages. I created a document with a Master Page including two text frames: one with a static text set in my Master Page (text is the same on all my pages) and one I override with my own content in each pages. I wanted to reuse and translate my document to get a few model documents in different languages. So I modified the language of my Master Page's text frames and I noticed that: - for my static text frame: the language has actually changed in all pages - for the other text frame (the one I completed with my own content on each pages): the language hasn't change. I noticed the same problem with other properties like text colour for instance: I couldn't find how to apply a text colour to all my text frames by modifying the one in master page if the text has already been edited in the different pages. One solution could be applying the Master Page to my pages once again but if I do that I lose all the text I have previously added. Does anyone know if it is possible and how to do that? How to automatically override text frames properties without deleting the text on the different pages? Thank you for your help.
  4. Thanks for your replies! Yes and the "painters order" is obviously legit when you have to place layers and manage foreground / background. Of course, it could be a solution. But the "logical flow" of elements is personally from top left to bottom right. The origin (0 / 0) of the rulers is top left too, so it's easier to place elements starting from top left. Regarding that, I just regret there is not an option allowing users to choose the flow of the layers (create new layer / duplicate). It might be just my way to see and organise things but I wanted to share it in case someone had the same "issue"
  5. Hi, I just wanted to share an issue I have been facing since I use Affinity Designer (and the Affinity suite in general). I don't think it has already been discussed on other topics and if so I apologise. I use the Affinity suite (Designer, Photo and Publisher) and my issue concerns the layers order. I'm used to organise my artboards, groups and layers according to their position in the workspace of the document. For instance I put elements that are on the top left of the workspace, on the top of my layers panel. Then I put elements that are on the top right, then elements that are below, etc. (You can find an attached picture to better understand my organisation ). Those who are familiar with the Affinity suite can figure my issue: Affinity apps always place the latest created element on top of the layers panel list. This is a major issue for me when I automatically duplicate layers: the display order in the layers panel and the order of my elements in the workspace are opposite. So I have to take time to reorganise my layers and I'm still a bit frustrated by that. I don't know whether I am the only (weird) one to order elements this way and I don't think it is currently possible to solve that issue. So I would be more than grateful if Affinity could let us choose the spreading order of the elements on the layer panel!
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