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  1. I absolutely agree. Just trying to export a large document, and I'd really like to not have to look through every page to find the overset text box. Of course, a preflight feature would be quite handy to answer this kind of question, too...
  2. cableguy

    Fix for tables???

    This also happens when copying and pasting tabbed text from a text frame in Affinity Publisher 1.7.3 (OS X 10.12).
  3. +1 on this. I'm just working on my first few tables in Affinity Publisher (after roughly 15 years of tables with InDesign), and I basically end up setting all the column widths by hand again and again. Sometimes, InDesign gets weird in that respect too, but there I can just run an AppleScript to set my column widths the way I want them to be. Exactly as you said in your previous post, when I paste into a table from Excel, there's a bug where an extra column gets tacked on. That also happens when copying and pasting from another text frame in Affinity Publisher. When I remove that column, all the other column widths change. At least when I resize the text frame that contains the table, all the column widths go back to where they were before inserting the text into the table.
  4. I tried copying the text frame into a new document, doing search/replace there and copying it back again. But then all the paragraph styles in the table in the text frame are duplicated, so I have every style as "Style" and "Style 1". (Is there a way of telling Affinity Publisher to just use the style in the target document without duplicating styles?) It would be great to be able to limit search/replace to a certain text frame or selected text.
  5. +1 from me! Just doing my first project with Affinity Publisher and it's great, generally. Coming from InDesign, I'm amazed that Afinity Publisher search/replace has all these cool things like regex search etc., but something so basic as limiting your search to the text / table / text frame selected is missing.

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