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  1. Read! Read! You say the truth. I tested this year with a catalog with 250 pages and around 1200 photos and Publisher, although much better than InDesign, has its little strugles becouse of document size. I'd love this year to make the general catalog (480 pages - 4900 images) in Publisher but if I cant divide in chapter documents will meant that will slow down the performance and we will no be able to work multiple people simultaneously on the project. We will try to manually split the document but it is gonna be a pain, for sure. Specially because we will need to manually bookmar the PDF once we join all the parts, manually check pagination and manually fil lthe TOC.
  2. Today I alt+dragged a group do duplicate it. The group was pinned to a text (and with wrapping applied). As soon as I started dragging it, the copy was stretched to incorrect size. If I alt+drag the item un-pinned it copies correctly. I tried with other kind of grouped objects and all of them gets distorted. It happens on single shapes too. Steps to reproduce behaviour: mage a group of objects (In my case, a rectangle and two text boxes) Apply a text wrapping and place over the text (In my case a squared wrapping) Pin the group to the text Alt-drag the group to make a copy. The cloned group gets horizontal distortion I've attached a publisher document with the example used. alt-drag-issue.afpub Publisher 1.8.4 MacOS 10.15.7
  3. I can confirm this issue here too. I though it was a 3rd party problem on my mac, but it seems other people also have issues renaming layers. Is a very frustrating problem. An a very ancient one. Is happening since the first days of designer, some years ago and it seems never resolved.
  4. Just tested it. Select same and contour are now my new best friends!
  5. Still fail, but you gave me a clue and I've found the culprit. It seems a badly formatted dictionary for basque language was in conflict with the Spanish one. I examined the basque dictionary files and one of them was named es_ES instead of eu_ES. Your route to the library gave me the clue that long ago I installed a basque dictionary. Also, this also solved the issue of publisher crashing when selecting automatic as hyphen language. I hope this could help others in the improbable case anyone has this issue. Thank you very much! Going to advice dictionary author so it can check it.
  6. Hi again @Gabe Just tested in a completely new user. It seem to work fine, so is a user related issue. Suggestions? reset publisher settings maybe? (how was it done?) Complete reinstall of publisher?
  7. Thanks @Gabe Good to know. I'll check it on next work (I had to convert it to raster image to send printshop for this one) Hugs for the team!
  8. Hi again @Jon P I've uploaded to the dropbox link a publisher file and one of the offending image, that causes pdf export to fail. Let me know if you need anything more. Thanks again
  9. Hi @Jon P All images are JPG linked. The thing is that the app does not have any issues moving all those images, navigating, editing, etc. The fails are in those simple actions mentioned, and only those, and once you do the action, you can redo it again with no lag, until you do a different one. Is as if publisher where loading the action slowly but once loaded can use it. Apart from this, Publisher has been doing it like a champion. This same catalog was done before on InDesign and the improvement is great. (job not imported from ID, was layout from scratch) I've been monitoring Activity monitor and the app has free RAM available, never reaching the settings marked limit (Computer has 24 gb of RAM) but I've noticed that just opened only use 1 to 3 gb, increasing as I work to around 12/13 gb peaks. But when you closed the document it get stuck on the RAM used while working, as if Publisher failed to release the unused RAM. I don't know it this helps, but let me know anything I can do for you
  10. Exporting to pdf the attached document results on incorrect render of the gaussian blur effect. Tested with all default export settings. (Error disappear if render all is activated) If I recall was this a former error already solved? a regression? Or a new one? I've included my pdf result. Sin título.pdf error-export-pdf.afpub
  11. Hi @Gabe Not a single hyphen. They appear in any other hyphen language
  12. Hi. Since upgrading to 1.8.4 Spanish hyphenation has not been working. Despite having hyphenation panel adjusted even to force it (up to 7 consecutive hyphens, zones to 0, prefix and sufix at minimal, etc…) not a single hyphen is generated anywhere. On language section on character pane, whenever I choose Spanish as Hyphen language, hyphen stops working. As soon as I choose any other language, it works. Just now i'm having to use Latin hyphen because is the most similar to Spanish rules. Crap, I get correct hyphen even with the English US hyphen dictionary. It is clear that there is something strange with the Spanish Hyphen dictionary. Also, app crashes if I mouse goes over AUTO on the hypen language drop selector. Ouch! Spanish: Not working English and Italian, works perfect.
  13. Thanks for the tip. It will be useful but is far from a perfect solution. I find strange that there is no options to article, selection only search. For the kind of work I do is a tool I use continually. I hope is on the list for future updates.
  14. I'm all in for this.Doing a lot of catalog with product references. I'd love to be able to replace a part of incorrect references in a table without risking to destroy all references in the document.
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