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  1. Hi @Jon P All images are JPG linked. The thing is that the app does not have any issues moving all those images, navigating, editing, etc. The fails are in those simple actions mentioned, and only those, and once you do the action, you can redo it again with no lag, until you do a different one. Is as if publisher where loading the action slowly but once loaded can use it. Apart from this, Publisher has been doing it like a champion. This same catalog was done before on InDesign and the improvement is great. (job not imported from ID, was layout from scratch) I've been monitoring Activity monitor and the app has free RAM available, never reaching the settings marked limit (Computer has 24 gb of RAM) but I've noticed that just opened only use 1 to 3 gb, increasing as I work to around 12/13 gb peaks. But when you closed the document it get stuck on the RAM used while working, as if Publisher failed to release the unused RAM. I don't know it this helps, but let me know anything I can do for you
  2. Exporting to pdf the attached document results on incorrect render of the gaussian blur effect. Tested with all default export settings. (Error disappear if render all is activated) If I recall was this a former error already solved? a regression? Or a new one? I've included my pdf result. Sin título.pdf error-export-pdf.afpub
  3. Hi @Gabe Not a single hyphen. They appear in any other hyphen language
  4. Hi. Since upgrading to 1.8.4 Spanish hyphenation has not been working. Despite having hyphenation panel adjusted even to force it (up to 7 consecutive hyphens, zones to 0, prefix and sufix at minimal, etc…) not a single hyphen is generated anywhere. On language section on character pane, whenever I choose Spanish as Hyphen language, hyphen stops working. As soon as I choose any other language, it works. Just now i'm having to use Latin hyphen because is the most similar to Spanish rules. Crap, I get correct hyphen even with the English US hyphen dictionary. It is clear that there is something strange with the Spanish Hyphen dictionary. Also, app crashes if I mouse goes over AUTO on the hypen language drop selector. Ouch! Spanish: Not working English and Italian, works perfect.
  5. Thanks for the tip. It will be useful but is far from a perfect solution. I find strange that there is no options to article, selection only search. For the kind of work I do is a tool I use continually. I hope is on the list for future updates.
  6. I'm all in for this.Doing a lot of catalog with product references. I'd love to be able to replace a part of incorrect references in a table without risking to destroy all references in the document.
  7. Hi Jon. Unfortunately I already have postprocesed all the images that caused the issue and can't send you a copy. I've noticed that all the failing images come from the same single source, so it could be an issue inside their images (From +1700 images in the catalog, only ±20 caused issued with the profile absence, all from that source). I tried with all pdf settings, default and custom, so I believe that the problem is in fact in the images. I'll try to obtain a new copy of the original images and reproduce the issue to send you in another document (no disclosure clause on the current catalog) I'll come back to you as soon as I can. Thanks your your dedication!
  8. PDF export fails when a linked image has no embed color profile (Message failed to export once progress bar reach the end). It was getting me crazy. First i had to export the pdf page by page until i find the offending object resides. Checked all images on that page. Then simply opening the image in Photo, letting it automatically assign a color profile and saving the image with the new profile embed solves the issue. It failed both on default PDF settings and my custom setting. Publisher 1.4.8 Mac under Catalina last.
  9. I'm putting Publisher on hard work with a catalogue with around 2000 images. So far, i'm in love with the experience, swiftness and smoothness of the process. But there are four actions, very recurrent that are getting me nuts. Pasting anything just copied from the document Duplicating elements with alt+drag Arranging objets up and down layers Deleting an object Each time i do any of this actions, it take up to five seconds of non-responsiveness even with a second or two of beachball of death in the cursor. The curious thing is that this only happens when you do it AFTER any other action. Once you duplicate, paste, delete or rearrange, you can do it again with no lag immediately after. But do any other action (write, draw, move…) and the lag behavior returns next time you do a duplication, pasting, deleting, or arranging. Also, it doesn't matter what the object is. It can be a simple text frame with two letters, a heavy image or a single square. Is as if Publisher where loading something or writing on disk. And the lag gets bigger as document size increases. Having in mind that this are basic recurrent actions, the lag is a bit nerve breaking. Behavior does not disappear restarting the app or the whole system. On new documents with few content it works perfect. Maybe a RAM issue? I did not appreciate this until 1.8.4 (But it could be that the document has become bigger after upgrading. Already tried saving to a new document to prevent file corruption) Publisher 1.8.4 Catalina 10.15.6 24 GB Ram 4050 gb free disk space
  10. Didn't though about using the text frame ruler. Certainly is serves me well to solve the issue. Thanks!. Anyway, the issue is still there. A weird tabs panel.
  11. I'm working on a catalog that make use of tab stops a lot. I have created a paragraph style with all the tab stops needed. Great. But now i have a paragraph that need to have a new tap stop at the beginning of the line. To my surprise, Publisher don't let me add a tab stop lower than the higher already existing. if i enter the measure manually, it jumps to the automatically added value. If I decrease the measure clicking the arrows or with the mouse wheel, only goes down to the value of the higher tab. How can I add a smaller tab to a paragraph then? This means that i need to recreate all tabs in crescent order from scratch or modify all tabs values already existing. Does not make sense. Steps to reproduce: Create a paragraph Create some tab stops in the tabs panel, let's say: 10mm, 25mm, 50mm and 78mm Now try to create a tab stop at 13 mm. Impossible. Only let you create tabs 78mm or bigger.
  12. Here is the issue You are writing a text with accentuated characters: Este camión es muy grande You decided is not what you want and starts to undo (command Z) to start over the paragraph: Este camió Once you reach an accentuated character, it deletes the supporting vowel but it gets stuck with the accent, waiting for you to add a new vowel: Este cami´ You can't continue to undo unless you click out of text box and undo while out of the text box. Is not a serious issue, but it happens. I think it happens because undo does not consider the accentuated character as a whole but two characters, and once it deletes the vowel, it gets waiting for a new one as if you just added the accent. Also I know that you can simply delete instead of undo, but there is times when undo is what you need because you also want to undo not only writting but styling, color changes, etc…
  13. Oh! I see it has been added as a setting in preferences to the new Beta today. Thank you so much. I'll take a look as soon as I can and expect the final release soon!.
  14. I stand for a book/chapter management system. We do team editing of catalogs and to have page numbers and styles coordinated on multiple documents for each catalog product family is key for any team workflow.
  15. In our case we use indb for catalog production. Our typical catalog have around 11 product families, each a indesign file. Page numbering is coordinated by the indb file. This is important because it allows us for different people to work simultaneously on different families but getting the page numbering and styles coordinated. Merge is only a good option to reunite documents in a single one and then work only on that document, which is not a solution for a team edited project. The way indb works, means that we don't have to do nothing for each change in the independent documents. If we add pages in one document or modify styles, all documents are updated, which is pretty important. Merge is a do once, stay forever action and once done, the separate documents are no updated on the merged document unless you delete pages and re-merge again (And merge result will not go back to the original documents). I'd love to have this on Publisher.
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