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  1. This is a Spanish translation error on the three apps of the suite. In Preferences > General: the "Automatically hide extension" setting string has been incorrectly translated as "ocultar selección automáticamente" (which means "automatically hide selection" ) It must be translated as "ocultar extensión automáticamente" I've been getting crazy because I could not find the hide extension setting, until I set the apps on English and realized it was incorrectly translated. Best regards and have a nice weekend.
  2. I've found this glitch when exporting to PDF. On the left, the clipping is correct, and the container object does not have fx applied. On the right, as soon as I apply fx to the container object, the pdf is exported without clipping. I've attached the original designer file and the exported pdf for your amusement. Have a nice day. clipping error.afdesign clippping error exported.pdf
  3. Yep. It is the same issue. It happens with both the app being full screen and not. The app itself goes on front (The menu changes to Affinity menu) but is the window what is left behind.
  4. It would be wonderful if the documents could preserve printer settings so you don't have repeat the setting each time you open the document. I got so accustomed to InDesign doing this that I miss it a lot, specially on documents that must be printed recurrently. On certain documents it could take a lot to put all printer setting in order, specially for printing certain materials and custom paper sizes. Just an idea.
  5. This is a fail common to the three Affinity apps. For any reason, when double clicking to open any Affinity document from Finder, the app does not come to front. The document opens, and then you must go to the app to watch it. I can't remember of any other app that does this. All apps on my mac come to front at document opening. Is not a life threatening issue, but is only a bit of frustration each time I open any document. Also, don't know if it is a general issue or if only happens to me.
  6. Issue is still ongoing in latest 1.2.7 update. If fact, it seems worse, as point misalignment is worse and in some grids, as 2:1 triangular, the guides itself are misaligned as you zoom, not only the anchor points but the guides. I want to use my ipad for isometric illustration but this is refraining me to do it.
  7. On Publisher and Photo, the string "Open in publisher…" is not translated to spanish. Don't know for other languages.
  8. Daniel Gibert

    Table's last row keeps increasing height

    Thanks a lot. I already did it. Keep going, people! You rule!
  9. Hi. I'm having a strange bug in a table. Any time I touch anything or do anything on the last row the row height increases by aprox. 10mm If I delete the row, the new last one starts to behave the same. If I create a new table there is no issues. Never mind I set the height manually, it reverts to the last + ±10mm Also, if I insist on solving the height issue on that row (modifying attributes or deleting the row) the app end crashing after some trials. I saved the table copying cells and pasting on a new table, so the issue is with that particular table. I've attached the document for your analysis. Hope you could find it useful. Publisher 1.7.2 (Bug appeared under 1.7.1) MacOs 10.14.6 Fichas IDC cliente .afpub
  10. Daniel Gibert

    Table Continuation

    Well. After much trying and testing, I'm sad that, despite how much I love Publisher, the first to works I have half-made on it have to go back and be remade on InDesign. Simply for table managing. All other features had worked superb, but not having tables reflowing is a nightmare. First, it forces me to do tables once all elements and layout have been set, because you need to know where things start and end on the layout to split tables Second, is a nightmare to add multiple pages tables, because you have to be segmenting them, and this is slow error-prone procedure. And third, and worst, a simply correction or change sends layout to go nuts.Each time you do some change or correction you need to review all tables for cropped or misplaced rows. Documents like those two mentioned, with tables that spread for 15 pages, are simply a no-go on Publisher. Yes, it could be done, but is not profitable and customer will not pay for the extra time and risk. A single three page spread table has take me around one hour more than on indesign, due to continuos layout adjustments on each tiny correction made on the previous content. Looking forward to when tables have the basic flowing that other apps have since years ago. Will use Publisher for works with no table or single page tables (Half of my work) Still love Publisher, and will use it a lot, but for a time this will be an open relation with InDesign. Mpppfff.
  11. Publisher, by default, saves files with file extension hidden. And the save dialog doesn't have the option to show/hide it. It should have. Some people want to save files with extensions and is a pain having to set/show the extension on the finder. Is a basic on almost any software.
  12. Thanks. Nice to know is getting logged. Unfortunately File > place will not work for me on this document, as it has so much complexity (Complex tables that don't flow on publisher and complex charts to be redone and undesired formating and styles) that will add excessive work to clean up. I Will work with opening in Pages and copy+paste. Thanks to you and the team.
  13. Not the whole document, but an extract, as the original contains info from customer that i'm not allowed to share. You could test the issue with it anyway. Also, I've attached a Publisher doc with the text pasted, in case you can't reproduce the issue. At least you will watch how the text gets pasted. As mentioned early in the thread, the issue happens when the copied text includes end of paragraphs. As temporal solution, we are opening the docx files with pages, that allows us to copy and paste with no issues. extract.docx pasted text.afpub
  14. Interesting, but it will affect to text copied and pasted from Publisher itself as people here are so used to command+v for pasting. Changing conventions is hard. By now i'll assign command+E for paste without format. At least it will be a two keys shortcut. It will work, although I'd love to have that setting to define the paste text behaviour.
  15. Yes. As I said on the post, there is that option, but is slow, with a complex keyboard shortcut that doesn't come naturally to the hand as simple old command+v. What I talk is an option to set command+v to paste without format as a default. The actual paste without format is a cool feature to be used sporadically. Don't like to compare, as I love affinity apps much more than Adobe's, but for my workflow, Indesign solution is elegant, easy and best of all, optional. It pastes directly any text from external apps as simple text, and is an option that you activate if you need it. When you have complex tables, texts and multiple sources on the same document, all loaded with nonsense format that the customer though it was cool (surprise, is not) the option to paste all as pure text is very important. In some works I could be copypasting more than 30 times per minute, and the difference from command+v and command+alt+caps+v is around 200% more time for the second, less hand effort and less thinking about it. Also, on my team not everyone cand do that complex shortcut with a single hand and going to menu is slower.