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  1. For the technical info, that I always forget: Mac OS 11.2.3 3.4 ghz intel core i5 24 gb RAM System language Spanish Affinity Suite 1.9.3 Suite Language Spanish
  2. Exactly the same. It seems the conflict is in the use of comma as decimal point. Also happens if I set Publisher on English as language, so the conflict is with the system. I'd not mind to work with Affinity on English but to change all MacOs to english in another thing. Is the system preferences what sets the decimal point format. For what i'm testing, it happens in all panel's fields on which you type the measurement. Fortunately, most of it are already in mm, only the strokes are measured in pt. and we use pt for it, so is not a painful error.
  3. Looking at the video capture, i realized that the app converts the , to . as I write the first m. So it is clear that it is having issues with decimal character translation.
  4. Thanks Gary. So it seems is a localization issue. I've attached a video capture for better understanding. Also checked on other computer, where behavior also happens. decimal-fail.mp4
  5. I detected this on Publisher, but it happens across all three apps When I try to write a line width in millimeters with decimals, as soon as I write mm the decimal point (or comma in Spanish) disappears. I must manually click and rewrite the point or comma. Steps to reproduce: draw a vector line or path Go to stroke panel and enter on the width field (which by default measures in pt) Write a decimal measure in millimeters (1.25 mm for example) As you write down the m's, the unit is selected with the first m and looses the decimal point with the second m and yo
  6. I was waiting for it. Downloaded and whoa! what a difference. Not a single crash in all day, even with files with 3000+ images. Former version was making me mad, with crashes every 20 to 30 minutes and very unstable . Now it goes smoooooooth!!! Kudos to the team!
  7. Hi there! I'd love that the page numbers in the pages panel and the current page field would match the numbers of the pages when they differ. Currently we are working on a multi document catalog, and each document has a different initial page starting number, so they correlate when together. The document I'm just working starts on page 15, but the page miniatures in the page panel are labeled from 1, so this causes a lot of confusion and discrepancies. Also makes it difficult to make corrections, because my customer would send me correction for a page number that does not matc
  8. Currently in Publisher, when you paste text with paragraph/character styles that already exist in the document, it could happend two possible things. If the parameters of the incoming style matches the existing one's, it uses the existing ones. If the parameters of the incoming style differs on any single aspect from the existing one's, it adds the imported style to the style list, adding a number to it. So you probably end with a document with myriad of redundant styles that you must search, change and clean. I know that you can do this with the search/replace panel but it is
  9. Hi again, @Jon P We have been researching on the issue and we think we have framed the cause and why it happens. First, the files are in a NAS server, so the read speed is slower than from local HD (Despite gigabit ethernet, but crappy Apple's SMB implementation). Second, the lag is produced each time we do something that changes the number or disposition of layers in the current spread. (so it is because of this that only happens on duplicating, rearranging order, pasting and moving from other spread) After testing against a local copy (which causes no issues), we have com
  10. Hi, a silly but annoying bug. Numbers in the color mixers on the text style editor cannot be entered with keyboard. It let you select values with the mouse but in does not accept any keyboard input, so you can only adjust color with the sliders. It happens both in paragraph and character style editors. Steps: Double click on a style to open the editor, go to any color setting and try to modify a color by entering number on a field. This issue seems to occur on 1.9.1, it was not present on 1.9.0 (at least that I noticed) Publisher 1.9.1 MacOS 11.2.2
  11. In designer 1.9, when you group a text frame and a form with transparency gradient, the final text size is larger than the original if the text frame has been resized previously. Steps to reproduce result: Create a text frame and write some text Enlarge the text frame dragging the resize handler (The one that enlarges both frame and text) Create a form and apply a transparency gradient to it Group the text frame and the form. Text gets enlarged in the same proportion that it was enlarged before. Note that this only happens when grouping (with menu, contextual m
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or as featured on Publisher 1.9. Recently I updated my collection of Open Sans font by Google (So I use the last official and clean version). As I open a Publisher document, now i'm greeted with a message about Open Sans Regular being missing and it shows as that in preflight. No issue here, i go to font manager and select Open Sans Regular as replacement font. But keeps asking for the original Open Sans and it seems not to register the font substitution. This is not happening with any other Open Sans Style and, if I recall correctly, when i replaced other
  13. Hi Jon. I'm sorry for the long long long delay answering. I finally got authorization from our customer to send you files (there was confidentiality clause over it). We have been having the same issue with other projects and the issue is still present on Publisher 1.9 Is the Dropbox link for uploading still available or do we need a new one? Also, for your commodity, here is the list of actions that got slow: Duplicating object (both command+j or Alt-Drag) Pasting object (It does not happens with text, only with objects) Changing layer order on an object Movin
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