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  1. Daniel Gibert

    No snapping to grid

    Looking with interest on this bug. Is difficult to place nodes with misaligned grid.Also, the misalign changes with zoom level so is even more nuisance.
  2. Hi @GabrielM I've tested and it seems that any artboard on some documents from the previous versión is getting the bad behavior when opening on 1.6.1 New artboards on the old documents works well as you suggested. I think/suspect that 1.6.1 is "damaging" the artboards or that some kind of incompatibility is on the artboard code itself, because on the previous versión of AD all worked fine with all files. Also I checked on other documents and it seems that there is some bit of random on the issue. Maybe it is happening on files that have evolved (duplicating, saving as, renaming…) from a much older version. Just tested on an April file and worked fine, but other files not. I'll keep you informed if I find more clues. Meanwhile i'll try to "convert" problematic files into new ones. Thanks and keep going!
  3. Hi. This is an old, old, old solved bug returning on 1.6.1 If I duplicate an artboard and change the name, its associated export slice retains the old name. Also, changing existing artboard name doesn't change slice's one. It is happening randomly. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, I can't find a pattern to give you steps to reproduce. Not sure if is a general issue or is triggered by something. I suspect it happens on documents created in the previous version. It seem to work correctly on documents created directly on 1.6.1 Feel free to request further info or a problematic document.
  4. Daniel Gibert

    Error setting custom bullets, it adds default bullet

    Great! Waiting fo it! Thanks Team!
  5. Daniel Gibert

    Error setting custom bullets, it adds default bullet

    Hi Sean. I added it using the 'More' option and selecting a symbol font, so the symbol is in fact a text character. Just tested again using a single character in the same font than text, but as soon as I click outside it change the symbol and format, with light variations on how it does it. Sometimes it reverts to the las used bullet, sometimes it deletes the tab… and it fails both selecting with 'more' and typing directly in the field. If you need more test or info, feel free to ask for it.
  6. I've been testing the bullets (a lovely feature I was waiting for) and although iI can create custom bullets (using any character on any font) at the moment I click outside and deselect the text box, Default bullet is added to my custom bullet. In the attached images it can be seen the custom bullet while editing, and the bullets once I get out from the text box. This is editing the bullets… And this happens when I deselect the text.
  7. Daniel Gibert

    Error arranging symbols order

    Hi Chris. Testing more, it seems that yes, is Back to Front/Back what fails (Moving all instances instead the selected one) and that I can move Front/Back One. I didn't appreciate it at first. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Daniel Gibert

    Error arranging symbols order

    I'm trying to use symbols to create the scales for a Koi Fish, but I get heavy errors changing the order of the instances. If i send one Symbol to the background, all symbols are re-ordered arbitrary, sending all of them below or above the non symbol objects. after that, is nearly imposible to reorder any symbol, with buttons and commands becoming non-responsive. Also, the moved symbol does not goes to back but to a totally random place. Idem with sending to front. Add to this some rendering artifacts. Same objets used as a single group instead of a symbol works well. Stept to recreate: Create a new symbol duplicate the symbol multiple times (for example to create fish scales, overlaping) Select a front symbol and send it to back, or a back symbol and send to front get invaded with desperation. AD 1.6.1 MacOS 10.13.6
  9. Perfect update. It took two long minute pauses while extracting the files (Afraid of crash but no, simply early in the morning and updater still sleepy :-P) and even reopened the document I had open before updating (Opened in purpose to test it)
  10. Hi. I've reach this same bug. Some more details. It previews and prints if printer default settings are selected. At the moment you select a printer preset, the preview disappears. Is not only the preview, if you send it to the printer the page end blank.
  11. Daniel Gibert

    tab to navigate pane fields

    Thanks for the feedback!
  12. Applying the "no break" option results in text expanding beyond the text frame. Happening since version.
  13. This is a general issue on the three apps from Affinity, maybe not a bug but a "not a feature" but is a nasty issue. When you change a setting in a pane, on most cases, you can't use tab key to go to next field. Yes, it works good on the color mixer, but don't work in almost any other panel. You change a field, and the next tab is interpreted as a regular tab instead of going to the next field. That means than most of the time I end with the studios hidden because tab hide it instead of going to next field. Is the only set of apps I know that doesn't let you navigate fields using tab key and forcing to make a click in each field that you need to modify. I don't know why, because the color mixer works well, so it is clear that is feasible feature. Only other exception is in dialogs, that works because you are on a window and can't go anywhere until you close it.