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  1. The Home key not working was already an issue on former versions of the apps. It is just since 2.2 that the whole "family" has failed me (I emphasize that it happens to me, don't know if this is a more generalized issue). This and the old issue of the numeric keyboard not being identified as such but as regular numbers. Something that reduces greatly the amount of custom shortcuts you can make.
  2. Tested with a Logitech Extended MX Keys and with an Apple USB extended keyboard.
  3. Hi there. The keyboard navigation keys (page up, page down, Home, End) don't work. They just make error sound when pressing them. Could anyone check this? We have checked on 2 macs with Sonoma and Ventura 13.5 systems. A 3rd Mac with Ventura 13.4 works well. We also checked the keys in all programs. It only fails on Affinity.
  4. Hi. I have tested on both my displays on 90º, 180º and 270º rotation and I had no issues at all. I checked with the three Affinity apps and all work like it should. Also checked with Metal and OpenGL render engines. Used Affinity apps 2.2 version. With MacOS Sonoma on a m2 mac mini. Sorry not being able to add more light on the issue.
  5. Checked on Publisher 2.2 Since the update, if you drag and drop multiple images at once over a Publisher document, only the top one remain selected, so you need to re-select all of them manually to move or scale them. On former versions, when you dragged multiple images, all remained selected after placing, facilitating the work a lot. Not sure if it is a bug or a new by default behaviour.
  6. In Designer v 2.2 I can't activate "Scale with object" until a FX has been activated previously. The check mark un-checks itself. This should not be more than a little nuisance but I have found that it could occasionally generate an error on which the check mark can show as active and be in reality inactive after trying to check it repeatedly. To reproduce it: Make an object Open FX dialog Click on "Scale with object" (It un-checks intermediately) 😐 With some degree of frustration, click a second time (It repeats the uncheck) 🤯 You realize is not working. Now activate an FX (For example, inner shadow) and later activate "scale with object" (Now it remains active) 😀 Sometimes (Not always and with no logical pattern) the scaling ends being inactive despite the check mark showing that is active. I can't assure you that the steps will work always. Sometimes the issue happens after three clicks, other after two, sometimes does not happens… I can't say what the combination is, but I've been able to make it happen multiple times in the last two days. It seems that the check don't remain activated, but the status of the activation itself is preserved. On former versions of the app, you could activate "scale with object" before choosing an FX. Reverting to this behaviour should solve the issue.
  7. Check if you have View > "Show text flow" active. If so, deactivate it. While active, text frames are visible. This way you don't need to work on preview mode all the time, which hides guides and margins.
  8. I can confirm that none of my computers can't delete objects with backspace/delete key. I had to click "Apple defaults" on the shortcuts settings and then manually assign the key to the delete action (It didn't worked by only assigning it). Also doing it this way I didn't loose my custom shortcuts. This is not right. Backspace is universally used as delete key on mac everywhere, and it has been default behaviour on Affinity apps since the first 1.0 version with no need to do all of this. At least there is a solution, although an inconvenient one.
  9. I agree. I do a lot of interactive PDFs for kiosk mode, no keyboard nor mouse to manage it. Also, readers providing the functions crash very often with the user not knowing that such option exist. I have subestimated a lot of times how users does not realize that they are viewing a full screen PDF or, directly, ignoring that they can navigate scrolling with the finger. The use of such button is to provide accesibility and usability to the users that need it. Just for that alone it is important to have it.
  10. The curious thing is that happens even if you have closed the app and try to copy-paste or duplicate a frame form a long ago document. I just opened a document from February, copied a pined frame and still remembers that in February I had changed the size. As if the resize parameter remained stuck with the frame after three months.
  11. I restarted the app and now it is behaving right, but it is making a new odd thing. If I pin an object, make a group and change the size of the group, or just resize the text frame (thus also reducing the pinned object) when I duplicate the group the pinned object reverts to original size, the text remains reduced. Also If I keep alt-dragging the pinned object gets bigger and bigger… rare-pinned.mp4 It is all very weird and random. Like a random size property not being preserved or changed… I'll keep testing to refine the issue.
  12. This is on Publisher 2.1.0 (Yep, the shinny new one…) If you copy a text frame or group where there is a pinned object, the object shrinks when pasting or duplicating. STEPS: 1 - Pin a shape or object to a text. 2 - Copy or duplicate layer or alt-drag the text 3 - The pinned object in the copy is much smaller than original Checked that it is the pin that causes the error. If you copy it unpinned it pastes right.
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