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  1. That is also a useful trick. Is not ideal the need of a guides grid for table layout but in absence of other options is a useful resource. Thanks.
  2. Whoa! It is a workaround indeed but a useful one. Thanks a lot.
  3. This is a suggestion to improve working with tables on Publisher. Currently Publisher preserve table width as default. This causes a lot of trouble with the tables layout, because each time you touch any single aspect of any column, all columns change to readjust for table width. Your painstakingly set columns widths goes nuts. All columns are now wider on narrower without your consent, and trying to re-set all column settings is a pain, because you set a column width and it gets modified when you change the next column. There are some ways this could be improved: A checkbox or dropdown menu to mark width of a column as "FIXED" so it doesn't change automatically. This way, you can have some columns fixed and others flexible. Deactivate table width preservation at all, as a default or as an option on table pane. Is better to change a column to fix the table than retouch all columns because table width didn't change Currently, Publisher manage tables as Word does, and we all know how painful is to manage tables in word. On this, again, InDesign manages tables a lot better, with options for minimun, auto and exact column widths
  4. This is a common issue in all Affinity suite, being Designer the most recurrent offender. The three apps works very weird and randomly with the finder. Sometimes they remember what the last folder was, sometimes not. So you must be very careful to where are you exporting or saving the documents, because is a bit random lottery. Sometimes it use the last folder, sometimes it goes to the folder used some documents ago. Sometimes they add the last used folder to Recent folder list, sometimes not. So you export a document and sometimes the export folder appears in recent folders on system dialogs, sometimes no. Totally random and a big nuissance, specially when you try to attach the file in a mail and the folder doesn't appear on recent folders, and you must search the file the slow way. When you close documents before quit the apps, there is a uncertainity about finding all documents open again next time you launch the app. Again, totally random, but in this case more, because the documents where closed, ehem, as physically and intentionaly closed! I'm finding reopened documents continually, as if the app could not clear it's in use file or temporary file list list after closing it. I can't provide steps to reproduce this, as is totally random and it happens simply working with the apps. I tried to find a pattern or a meaning to this, but not, is a totally random issue, as a lack of communication with the finder. Maybe it could be related to working over a network drive (It happens both over AFP and SMB) but again, it fails inconsistently. If I can give you more info, simply ask. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for noticing that other threads. Interesting info. Happy not to be alone on this.
  6. I'm all aboard on this In my case I do a lot of bilingual work (Two co-official languages here) and that means a lot of layout in two columns, usually narrow ones, and one of the languages (Basque) tends to have large words, so you could end with a column with multiple two or three word lines than usually can't be hyphenated (Or a customer that ask for no hyphenation at all).The size of the spaces in that cases is horrible and relaying on word/letter spacing only brings horrible results. Add the lack of GREP styles to manage some forbidden hyphenation on Basque that both InDesign and Affinity insist on commit and you can figure the rest.
  7. I'm finding the justification settings on Publisher not as good as my former layout app (InDesomething it was named…) Most of the time I get excessive space between some words, that not justify settings can correctly avoid, specially on paragraphs that doesn't use hyphenation (I have customers that don't want hyphens at all, ups!) The key difference I find from InDeapp whose name we don't say, is that it offers character horizontal scale settings inside the Justification settings. There, I can use a threshold from 97% to 103% (With 100% as preferred scale) and that makes for nice paragraphs with perfectly equilibrated word spacing. I suggest to add that option on Publisher, specially if is your intention to make it able to open that app files someday. It would be a nice and happy addition. Cheers!
  8. Not sure if this is an error due to Designer or to Word itself. Copy accentuated (tilde or ñ or umlauts…) text on designer and pasting on word gets accentuated characters scrambled. Same text pastes ok on TextEdit or other apps. It seems that word gets wrong with the formatted text. If you paste it as text without format it pastes correctly, so apparently there is something in the format info that causes Word to going nuts. (Original text: Una ración de tamaño adecuado equivale al grosor de dos dedos de tu mano.) As I said, it could be Word. Simply to let you know. Is not a live or death issue. Hugs!
  9. Well. I confess that it was indeed my fault. I got confused with my InDesign brain muscle-memory and a little misconception from the Spanish localization. Sorry for bother you with this. Me bad. My brain was completely off. Thanks for helping me to see what was obvious. I made an error and was so obfuscated that i can't get out of it. Big hug for all of you.
  10. Thanks people. I’ll check later. i think that this is my fault due to interpreting incorrectly the Spanish translation of the no break setting in character pane, is translated as separar, very similar to indesign option for enabling hyphenation, also in its character pane thanks a lot and sorry for the alarm and terror. Will report the outcome.
  11. This is an old error coming back from the death with yesterday updates. Activating hyphenation breaks paragraphs. Checked with different languages. Just now it makes the three apps unusable. Very serious as it affects all my ongoing works. Procedure: make a paragraph, justify alignment, activate hyphenation. ARRRRGH!!!!! (updated: also happens in other alignments, different on each aligment) Using all there 1.7.3 versions. It happens on the three apps. - MacOs 10.14.6 with Spanish as main language. . bad hyphenation.afpub
  12. This is a suggestion for the desktop suite. It would be great to include an option to sync export settings on the three apps. For example, the pdf export custom settings, (I use around 6 different custom presets) that just now I must manually set on each app. A single option called "sync custom presets" could do it easily and I don't think it should be hard to implement (but what I know in fact)
  13. This is a Spanish translation error on the three apps of the suite. In Preferences > General: the "Automatically hide extension" setting string has been incorrectly translated as "ocultar selección automáticamente" (which means "automatically hide selection" ) It must be translated as "ocultar extensión automáticamente" I've been getting crazy because I could not find the hide extension setting, until I set the apps on English and realized it was incorrectly translated. Best regards and have a nice weekend.
  14. I've found this glitch when exporting to PDF. On the left, the clipping is correct, and the container object does not have fx applied. On the right, as soon as I apply fx to the container object, the pdf is exported without clipping. I've attached the original designer file and the exported pdf for your amusement. Have a nice day. clipping error.afdesign clippping error exported.pdf
  15. Yep. It is the same issue. It happens with both the app being full screen and not. The app itself goes on front (The menu changes to Affinity menu) but is the window what is left behind.

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