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  1. Hi ErrkaPetti! Thank you so much for taking the time to try lookat this issue I had. I had not closed down Affinity Designer on my Ipad since before Christmas! Having closed every app and resetting Ipad last night I am finding the ‘problem’ I had is banished! The lesson to me is close Designer down more frequently. Thanks again and to anyone else who tried to help. Best wishes Jeremy
  2. Hi, thank you. In fact it seems you dont even have to select scale with object. I still dont get why on the desktop version, all you have to do is make a group of objects and they scale as expected and yet on the ipad version they dont! Perhaps one of the devs might kindly elucidate.
  3. Hi all, newbie question. In Designer on desktop, if I select and group of say polygons and then resize them they stay joined together and the whole group scales upward or downward. If I try this on Designer on Ipad, when I increase the size of grouped objects, the objects do not get bigger but spaces appear between them! I have found two ways of achieving what works seamlessly on desktop version. 1 select the objects to scale, making sure they are ungrouped, then go operations expand stroke, then group. All objects now scale as expected 2 select objects, go into layers studio, expand the froup and select each element, select merge selected and again the objects then scale together. Does anyone know why desktop and ipad versions behave differently please?
  4. I am finding that say I have a folder of jpg files, ALL have valid thumbnails. However, once I open them in Affinity the icons disappear! This def seems like a bug in Affinity I am afraid. It is highly frustrating as all those I have opened are not identifiable without opening. Not buying mac desktop version until I have seen this ironed out. (and a whole load of other issues reading other posts :-(
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