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    AD Unhandled exception Error on launch

    The ctrl method didn't work. I can see that being a useful feature though, I wish I had it on some other programs. There's only a previous build for AF and it's not one that works either. I've had a good old cull of programs I don't need on my machine in an attempt to find conflicts to no avail. I am tempted to do a clean Windows install, to see if that would remedy it, but that wouldn't identify the conflict and help you fix it for anyone else encountering it. I'm patient and I have an array of other digital art tools available, so I'm happy to try to work out what it is. I'll try the betas at a later time and report back if they work. Edit: Nope the betas crash out too. I'll hunt for conflicts when I have more time, as this is a puzzle I want to solve and I like puzzles. :D
  2. Graphite Addict

    AD Unhandled exception Error on launch

    Ok I tried closing all of those in sequence, one after another. None of them fixed the issue. I suppose new conflicts can occur across builds, but all those services and programs played nicely with previous versions. It's only the last 2 or 3 updates/patches that have caused the problem. Are there earlier versions I can install in the meantime? I only just bought Affinity Photo and I've never been able to use it. :( Affinity Designer I've owned for some time and used throughout the beta.
  3. Graphite Addict

    AD Unhandled exception Error on launch

    I have neither of those programs installed. I don't install codecs unless they are included with the software, as they are often more trouble than they are worth. Processes and Details files are attached.
  4. Graphite Addict

    AD Unhandled exception Error on launch

    Hi Sean, Sorry for the delay in reply, Xmas and all that. OK, the Log file is completely blank as in a Zero k file with no text so cannot be attached. I've attached a copy the SystemInformation.txt if there's anything asterisked out that you need to know, let me know. I have Affinity Photo, different program I know, and that launches fine but crashes after trying to open a file. the log file for that says SystemInformationedit - Copy.txt
  5. I'm getting an Unhandled Exception Error when starting Affinity Designer. The program halts on the splash screen. I've kept up to date with the latest live build,, as well as all my Windows 10 updates. Any thoughts?
  6. Please could we have a simple Merge Node command. It is fundamental to building various shapes by hand and its absence in Affinity Designer makes little sense. I would like to be able to take two open nodes (typically from two separate curves joined with add), overlap them, select them both and merge them. The result should be a single node which inherits the respective bézier properties of each side. Creating objects with the pen and pencil tool then joining them with other creations is a complete and total pain right now. I covered a related problem in some detail here http://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/26930-joining-nodes-without-losing-bézier, however the problem of joining separate curves in Affinity Designer remains frustratingly counter intuitive and often produces unexpected or unintended results.
  7. Of course, I merely used a Heart shape as a simple example someone could draw to repeat the problem.
  8. Ok, MEB thanks for that. Further info is I'm using the AD Windows Beta.
  9. Graphite Addict

    How to separate vectors

    Select the drawing using the Move Tool and then Divide, this will create separate Curve objects you can see in the layers panel.
  10. It's possible to do a simple distortion in Affinity Designer using Shear - with the Move tool, select the object then hover the mouse near (not over) the control handle on the middle one of the sides and you should see an up & down arrow for vertical sides and a left & right arrow for horizontal sides. However, as I discovered to my disappointment, Designer cannot yet pull in corners independently in a similar fashion to create a perspective warp. At least not as far as I could see.
  11. Is it possible to merge nodes without losing their bézier setting? The task I'm trying to do is to create a design that has some symmetrical elements. I draw one half and mirror it over. The problem I find is when I come to join pieces. There doesn't seem to be a way to get nodes to merge properly. I can snap overlap them, but that is not ideal and may cause problems later. An example would be a heart shape outline. Imagine you draw the left side then mirror it right. Joining the top right and bottom right nodes to their left counterpart loses the bézier on the right of the node. The nodes on the left side retain their bézier, on the right they become sharp. Thanks for any help, this is driving me mad. :wacko:
  12. Do you ever add features between major updates? Lack of offset paths is a major roadblock for me, as is calligraphic strokes. Quite frustrating as Affinity Designer otherwise makes my workflow much quicker because anchor point and bézier editing is a breeze.
  13. This is going to save me time. :)
  14. Not quite what I meant. Your suggestion almost works. I'm trying to draw fills in the same way I would with Illustrator's Blob Brush. So the size of the cursor produces a fill rather than a stroke. This old tutorial I found shows what Blob Brush does, if people are not familiar with it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNoQSXJ6yVw It's a particularly useful tool for creating fills by hand, where using shape tools and booleans would either take a lot longer or produce a less natural looking result. I can work around it for now using your advice though, so thanks. :)
  15. OK, so I bought Affinity Designer for the person that loaned me their Macbook since I don't own a Mac (and their trial had expired). The intent is for me to get up to speed for the forthcoming Windows Beta. I tried to do some work on it rather than just doodling. Immediate thoughts are as follows. an Offset Path function is a necessity (I'm hoping this is part of the currently roadmapped "-Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape" and that it works with more than just the preset shapes) Expand Stroke produces too many nodes (a known issue I understand you're working to improve) Vector Brush Tool needs an option to work as a Fill rather than a Stroke (can it do this? I couldn't find it and obviously Expand Stroke doesn't solve that problem, even if it didn't sprinkle extra nodes with reckless abandon) I would also like to be able to create true vector custom brushes However it's not all wants and needs, the Pen Tool was an absolute joy to use. :wub: I can vectorise line work by hand and tweak it with incredible speed. Affinity Designer will be my go to application for some of my line work for the performance of the Pen Tool alone, because the Pen Tool in other programs were seemingly "designed" by people who appear to have no concept of the value of a speedy workflow. Really looking forward to see how this program improves over time.