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  1. Hi Is it possible to make the cropping settings revert to the last used setting rather than the default or set different defaults for size and dpi. I would like to be able to set size to mm and dpi to 300 and have those setting stick. Thanks
  2. I am really impressed with all the Affinity products and after completing some big projects in Publisher I have reduced my Adobe subscription to just Acrobat, a real vote of confidence in you. Here are two things that would make my life easier. First and really important; an option to place pdf files with embedded fonts working. This is the default in InDesign and QuarkXpress. I receive lots of adverts for programmes and newsletters. Most are in pdf format and many of the advertisers are very creative in finding typefaces that are hard to source and a pain to keep track of on my system even with Suitcase Fusion. I am working around this by saving to eps with fonts converted to outlines but this simply should not be necessary. Secondly there is a beginning of a pre-flight system in a warning that frames have overset text. But this warning doesn't say on which page the overset text is on. Giving the page number would be a real help with long documents. A big thank you to all at Serif
  3. Thanks Mike, that was the first thing I checked and I made sure that this title wasn't using an active baseline grid either on the page or text frame.
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    That would explain it Walt, thank you - but not what I would like and not really suited to documents with lots of graphics. Early days though
  5. Stenness

    File size

    Hi, I have been replicating some of my InDesign jobs to see how they work in Publisher. Impressive for a beta. One thing I have noticed is that (even with all graphics switched to linked [which really should be either the default or there should be a Preference for this] all the files are around 3 times the size of the InDesign ones. I wonder why this is the case?
  6. I have been a user of QuarkXpress and InDesign for more than 20 years and was eager to try this new alternative. For something so new Affinity Publisher is impressive and surprisingly full featured. So many things are personal preference but here are a few things I would like to see. Images defaulting to linked rather than embedded. Headings to span columns as an option. When I select a character style like (Italic) the blue section bar remains even if it is not applied (which requires a click) - this is quite confusing. Columns on Master Pages please Double line strokes (Thin-thin, Thick-thin, Thin-thick, etc.) Insert Punctuation Space, Figure Space and Thin Space More options to specify units (mm, picas, points) and of course .docx and .idml import with styles and character formatting. I downloaded within an hour of the beta going live and have now spent many hours with Publisher. It has been totally stable, no glitches and no crashes :) The one thing I haven't been able to fathom is that the Liberty OT font I have to use for the title of a Magazine just wouldn't allow me to change the leading between a 2 line title. I had to shift the baseline of one line. This may be a font problem but it doesn't happen in Quark or InDesign (strange.) Thank you for all the work you have out into this software.

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