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  1. Re forum usage hint: My theory at the time was that parties who were interested in observing the phenomenon might want to be able to see it for themselves. In order to do so, one might need to be in the program with a document available. I did not need to use any tabs in the simple message, so none were set. One would think that being already in a document would be an efficiency but, I just realized that there may be users who are bandwidth constrained, so to any of those, I apologize. I thought you folks were more advanced than North America as to Internet speeds. Do you have a listing of forum rules that delimit the file sizes/counts? I just want to help. That which you describe as your right-aligned tab experience is also what I would expect, but not what I experienced. As I stated in the .afpub it left aligns. My machine hardware is somewhat like but lessor than yours in performance, but AMD based for cpu and video. This appears to be a problem that neither you nor I can solve as users. Congratulations on your "almost milestone" Mr. Farrell - only 9 more posts to go!
  2. Right tab can't be set and has incorrect balloon help. See attached document RightTab.afpub
  3. My apologies for taking so long to answer. I have been a bit busy of late and haven't revisited forum until now. In case its useful, sorry no, I seem to have trashed it. Will try to keep stuff next time. QA, eh? Seems like we may have been living the Dream about the same unless '64 is a birthdate. I am ex QA myself. Keep on keepin' on.
  4. The build seems to be a step backward from 270. I was working on a "features recommendation" after upgrade to 283 when I noticed that the current line parser was not keeping up with my admittedly sluggish typing pace. It seems to take 5-10 seconds to process a simple 10-word input in a text box. I have attached the publisher document for show and tell. I created a second new document with nothing but a text box on a single page and it behaved the same. I did not exit the Publisher interface but simply File>New ed. My system state is documented in http://speccy.piriform.com/results/L5iccRPbIZJEjHTySzFK5ka in excruciating detail. It is possible that playing around with the text wrap feature excited the regression - see the attached file please. A couple of errors and recommendation.afpub
  5. JonasTH

    Text Wrap problem

    I'll be darned if I can reproduce it exactly now- shows you the power of Win10 Patch Tuesday. I did find a characteristic to this process that might be related (please see the attached afpub). I will try to remember to save the afpub of any problems. I tend to use PDF files for content retention because of beta software file structure "malleability" problems. Bug Report Followup.afpub
  6. JonasTH

    Text Wrap problem

    I will try to reproduce it for you. Publisher seems to be behaving better today after "patch Tuesday" windows event. I discovered a better work around than I initially used - if you select the text and rasterize it first, then group it with the graphic you want to caption, it works well. Kudos to the coder who sorted out the tables features. It works very well on, at least, my machine. Putting on my Nostradamus hat, this is going to be a great product.
  7. Possible bug using Text Wrap text function. Build 227 doesn't want to display text enwrapped in a Group. See attached pdf for more detail. Also as a side complaint, the program response to the keyboard is very erratic- missed and added characters - only on publisher Amd Bulldozer 6 core with 16 GB Ram. Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Bug Report.pdf
  8. After performing as noted in pages one and two of the attached PDF, the fit columns to data option is performed and the fit to the frequency column is botched. Please refer to the attached PDF. Fit to Column ProblemImage.pdf
  9. Clean install - no hassle - no indicated errors! Opened AFPhoto file in AFPub - no problem Tried to finish AFPhoto text project using Publisher(AFPhoto is erratic in text operation-"nervous"). Observation 1 - Unusual insertion maybe by design When I use Text Frame tool to insert text, if I simply click in the work surface - nothing happens- maybe it is supposed to be that way, but most all applications I use will insert a contingent text frame set to the current font style, font, and font size and if you insert no text it is forgotten. I may end up liking the behavior, so if the behavior is by design, cool. Observation 2 - In order to get a frame in AFPub, you have to click drag and then you have a persistent frame with or without text. Once a frame is created with or without text, the work area is jittery so long as the mouse text frame cursor is in the drawing/pasteboard area. If you move the tool cursor over to the page thumbnail area it immediately stops jittering. Moving the cursor back to the work area, the jitter reinitiates. I suspect the jitter is along scroll direction rather than having a side to side component. Strangely this behavior subsided in the time it took me to create this note and has not reoccurred through to the following day. For the record.