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  1. Re forum usage hint: My theory at the time was that parties who were interested in observing the phenomenon might want to be able to see it for themselves. In order to do so, one might need to be in the program with a document available. I did not need to use any tabs in the simple message, so none were set. One would think that being already in a document would be an efficiency but, I just realized that there may be users who are bandwidth constrained, so to any of those, I apologize. I thought you folks were more advanced than North America as to Internet speeds. Do you have a listing of forum rules that delimit the file sizes/counts? I just want to help. That which you describe as your right-aligned tab experience is also what I would expect, but not what I experienced. As I stated in the .afpub it left aligns. My machine hardware is somewhat like but lessor than yours in performance, but AMD based for cpu and video. This appears to be a problem that neither you nor I can solve as users. Congratulations on your "almost milestone" Mr. Farrell - only 9 more posts to go!
  2. Right tab can't be set and has incorrect balloon help. See attached document RightTab.afpub
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