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  1. Does anybody know when, if ever, affinity photo will support the OM 1 raw files?My work around is to convert to DNG but this is time consuming.
  2. No, lines were visible not in exported jpegs but appeared in an exported tiff when i reopened it. For what it's worth, i think there is a fault somewhere in the program and I would appreciate a response (excuse the pun) fom Affinity Photo themselves.
  3. Hi Callum, I didn't expect to report back so soon. This morning while reviewing previously edited images, the images displayed stark continuous horizontal lines across the photo. I immediately reset hardware acceleration and when I viewed the same images again, all were all good. The only conclusion i can come to is that Affinity photo is misbehaving but I don't know why? The question is should i download a new version of affinity photo and see if the 'non responding' persists. what do you think? So over to you for advice.
  4. Hi Callum, It has happened again today to me. Luckily, AP provided me with a recovery File. I have taken your advice and have,reluctantly, switched off hardware acceleration. I will report back, if this issue persists.
  5. Maybe one of the moderators might have some idea as to what causes AP to stop responding during an edit.! And bear in mind that this is only a recent occurrenceThanks
  6. As I said yesterday, it functioned for a number of edit without crashing. I will keep testing it in the coming days and should it stop responding in the middle of an edit, I will switch off hardware acceleration and see if it has any effect.
  7. On reflection, i did use Topaz Denoise on a number of images but i can't be sure if this was the culprit.
  8. Hi, I haven’t had a chance all day to get to my computer until now. Herewith details as requested; Processor: i5-104000, 2.9 GHz on Windows 10 RAM: 24 GB installed Graphics card NVIDIA GTX 1650 Super Affinity Photo version with hardware acceleration enabled. My workflow is straight forward. I import raw into the Develop Persona and do all my processing in the Photo Persona. This comprises initially straightening and cleaning up the image followed with adjustments as required for levels, Curves, HSL etc. and finishing with unsharp mask. It’s nothing complicated and finally I export the image as a Tiff and save the image with layers as an affinity photo. I still don’t understand why at critical stage in the workflow AF stops responding and when it does I go to the task manager and end task. When I switch AF back on, If I’m lucky I get a recovery file and if I don’t I start all over again. I get no error message as such except to say Affinity is not responding. I have done quite a bit of editing this evening with no hitch. The only additional step now in my workflow is to save the image every so often. Hope this gives you the necessary background to my problem. Regards Bill
  9. Thanks for responding. Its late now and I will furnish you with the info you requested in the morning. .
  10. I have been having this problem of late and it is most frustrating. When i get to the end of an editing stage , AF without warning stops responding. Can anybody help me.
  11. Gehen sie zu Dokument in Menu, wählen Sie 'Dokument Groesse Aendern'. ihre gewünschte Bildgröße eingeben aber neu beproben (resample) abhaken. Die Qualität wird etwas nieder aber Sie bekommen Ihre gewünschte Größe. Gruss Willy Entschuldigen Sie bitte mein schlechtes Deutsch!
  12. Hi DWright, Yes, I did exactly as you suggested. Topaz Denoise and Topaz Sharpener downloaded ok but not Topaz Gigapixels. It's strange to say the least. Thanks for your suggestion.
  13. I have reloaded successfully both the NIK collection and Topaz plug ins (DEnoise and sharpener). Unfortunately, when I try to add Topaz gigapixel AL to Affinity Photo, it doesn't pick it up. Cant figure out why! Any suggestions
  14. I downloaded upgrade recently but when I when I went to look for my NIK plugin it was nowhere to be seen. Has anybody had a similar experience?
  15. Rich, Yes it will do all what you asked for. But don't take my word for it. Down load it, its free for non commercial users and play with it Have fun.
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