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  1. I'm still hoping for Python instead of JavaScript. That way it's easier to have it talk to other applications to get and sync data across. Having JavaScript talk to an application only really works if there's a RESTful API or some other form of URL scheme, which pretty much no one does for internal use. With Python we could talk to pretty much anything to get text into a catalog while it's still being worked on. Also the ML libraries available for Python could really help with doing custom image pickers for large catalogs.
  2. Frank Jonen

    Crop tool

    In Photoshop it was easier. It took just one key when dragging to get even spacing to the edges when cropping. No need to rasterise and the document remained intact for future edits. You just couldn't make it bigger again. I'm doing the output in Publisher now. Pages = different crop versions for lossless ideating.
  3. Frank Jonen

    Crop tool

    Just the normal way crops work pretty much everywhere. You hold `command` and the crop tool just works as expected. In Affinity that never was the case. To get an exact crop we always have to go through this highly annoying dance of nesting the entire layer stack to a rectangle. Scaling it. Copying it to a new document and saving it from there. Urgh. The opposite side of intuitive workflows.
  4. Frank Jonen

    Crop tool

    Ever used Photoshop?
  5. Frank Jonen

    Gradient Editor on new beta version

    Not having the opacity as part of the colour picker seems like a bug. We're in a layer context here where all colours are described as RGBA, so having the picker only be RGB seems kind of odd. Maybe a checkbox to lock the opacity like we have in the live filters would be a good solution, so we'd have a choice. There are valid reasons for both but neither apply 100% of the time. It would also eliminate the need to switch back and forth to Designer for the convenience of the opacity tool. Edit: Yes it's indeed a bug. When you bring up the Colour panel you can pick the colours normally. RGB + opacity for each stop of the gradient. It appears the colour pickers used in the toolbar and top tool bar are different from the normal one.
  6. Frank Jonen

    Crop tool

    It's the tool you use to scale things. They're usually called 'scale' or 'transform' / 'interactive transform' tools. You pick an object and it shows you the transform handles. Hold the designated key for the desired transform constraint and drag the handles. Now try the same with the crop tool.
  7. I know this has been asked a few times before (because it's weird to not have it). Can we have the same constraints on the crop tool that the scale tool has? Not being able to crop properly and having to create a rectangle, nest the layer stack below, copy and paste to a new document to quickly get the proper cropping is just crazy. But it's what we have to do at the moment.
  8. Frank Jonen

    Affinity for VFX

    Keep in mind Adobe also has an ingrained hatred for Linux stemming from the GhostScript vs PostScript days. That's also why their purchase of Substance will leave a bunch of users in the dust when the time comes to do what Adobe always does with acquisitions. But for VFX? Adobe doesn't really care about VFX in the first place. Look back at how insulting they behaved (and still do) with claiming the inventors of OpenEXR were wrong about the format and only Adobe is right about it.
  9. Right now we just get the floodgates from the config.ocio. Would it be possible to get it more towards how other OCIO tools handle it (using the hyphen as menu separator)? Specifically the grouping so it's quicker and easier to get to the transform you need.
  10. Frank Jonen

    Affinity for VFX

    Maybe Linux would be viable if the price for the Linux version would be significantly higher so a dedicated developer could work on that alone?
  11. Frank Jonen

    EXR with Metal

    I turned Metal back on and the images now work. The Colour Wheel still looks a bit odd in 32-bit mode. How do you plan to handle that? Derive colour picking transform from the config.ocio or set it separately?
  12. Frank Jonen

    Auto-smooth Problem with Sculpt Mode

    Honestly, you'd be more productive in Clip Studio for that type of stuff. There the line follows what you draw. Its nodes are reasonably clean as well in case you want to bring the lines over to Affinity.
  13. Pen, Iris and Hornbach are alike in the new betas.
  14. Frank Jonen

    EXR and JP2 still unsupported

    Not necessary anymore. The Metal compute was the culprit for the EXR problems and some Jp2 issues. For a file to crash Photo you can refer to @walt.farrell's post.
  15. Frank Jonen

    EXR and JP2 still unsupported

    Yup, that's a very efficient crash here too. Just tried it.