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  1. @Bryan Rieger Export Persona only handles single page stuff and I had some problems in the past with Export Persona not being that reliable with EXRs. I have a few Publisher documents too that would become a nightmare to work with if I'd use Publisher v2 for it. Skydomes in various states for example. Publisher so far was great to manage HDRIs that only need a few elements changed between each version. Now in v2 it's unusable. Same with texture sets. I was able to keep everything tidy in one place, export the pages all in one go and be done. Not possible anymore. It would take forever.
  2. Should be optional. For my use, I compress from an uncompressed, flattened master file. Saves a lot of time. So there that'd hinder me as well. For people who want to go straight to final and tinker around with each image, it could be useful to wait around and fiddle. It doesn't even have a region of interest selection, you always have to wait for the entire layer stack to render. I now shudder at the prospect of having to do actual work in Photo which also has this crap now. I have composites of several GB. If I have to wait for that shit, I'm done with Affinity. That's atrocious.
  3. Not true. I'm getting a beachball with every element I click on and have to wait. A process that shouldn't even take 5 seconds, takes minutes. I haven't seen a single preview yet, just the spinning fan in the preview window while the beachball annoys me in the settings.
  4. There's no reason why it can't work with the auto-reflow within the active document. The need to generate a new document to evaluate the dataset just feels clunky. Like using a Microsoft app from the early 2000s. Generating new documents should be optional for the few people who generate entire catalogs with it. But even there it would be faster to see what you're working with.
  5. This should've been in the previous release but here it is again. Markdown import so we don't have to convert to legacy formats or use crude copy & paste for each article. Solution: Link Markdown files to text frames like the data merge preview. That way the documents can be worked on by writers/editors and kept up-to-date via the Resource Manager.
  6. Why is that even in there? Who went "here's a brilliant idea, let's waste the user's time by forcing them to wait on a beachball for each and every settings change"?! WTF. I wish upon that person zero trusts in their farts for the rest of their life.
  7. Doesn't work in V2 either. But with the amount of new bugs we got in Publisher now, I'm not holding my breath for us ever getting that feature fixed.
  8. Stop giving people harmful advice! This answer (and those of the same ilk) should be removed by a moderator or at least flagged as inaccurate as following it will lead to data loss. When you crop-rotate a document, you're changing the document itself. The pixels themselves are being changed. Do that a couple of times and you end up with a blurry image and you have to go back to an older backup, losing all the work you did since. When you rotate the viewer canvas, you rotate the viewer canvas, nothing about the document changes.
  9. I copy and paste the objects via copy and paste. Every time I paste an item that has been in a Constraints Group and group it again in another document, that becomes a Constraints Group as well. It effectively poisons the group.
  10. Your document being in RGB actually solved the issue. The bug only presents itself in CMYK mode. There the colour either stays or jumps to white fill.
  11. I mean white as in white. Opaque. When place the text, it fills the new copy with white. To keep the text intact I have to either place the object last in the layer stack or multiply it over. The previous behaviour was to remove the fill. The new behaviour is to set the fill to white.
  12. That's it. That's the bug. Take any curve and put text on it. Boom, curve is now filled white with no way to fix it manually. Only way to address it is by converting to curves and fix it then.
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