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  1. I'm bringing it up again since this has never worked properly. Slice tool only sees "current vector layer boundary" and "canvas" boundaries. Which makes it pretty much useless since the only way to do it is to screenshot the positions in regular mode and make a stickie from it to type them into the transform panel in export mode.
  2. Also this is forced upon me. I don't care for wasting cycles. Don't force options on the users that they do not want. I want Nearest Neighbour filtering, not bilinear!It constantly keeps resetting itself. Very frustrating.
  3. Just created one for you. Also Metal on or off doesn't make a difference. All rendering options are messed up. Can't we just get version 1.6 with a compatibility mode for 1.7 files until you've sorted this out so the apps are usable again? Affinity Compatibility Errors.afphoto
  4. BTW… the workaround for not being able to sharpen layers anymore is: Sharpen your layer Get selection from layer (in new layer) Fill selection with white (in new layer below) Fill entire layer with Black merge the two layers Sharpen with the same parameters as before Rasterise to Mask Assign mask to layer you wanted to sharpen previously Nine steps for something that takes 1 click everywhere else. Now that's what I call progress.
  5. Yeah, I opened older files. Pretty much everything I've ever done in Affinity is now for the birds. Don't even ask about client work. I've lost every client I've ever shipped Affinity files to.
  6. Addition: The destructive sharpening filters also don't work anymore on single coloured layers with alpha (it used to be possible to sharpen the alpha).
  7. Nested Live Filters render incorrectly. Try it out. They seem to ignore the premultiplied alpha and render against a black background, then multiply the alpha.The destructive versions of the same filters don't do that. Past documents still look a garish mess.
  8. Any news when it might be safe to use Affinity products again? Or a standalone app to convert the Affinity files to layered raster/vector files that look like they're supposed to look?
  9. Interesting. I never had El Capitan. I went from Yosemite straight to High Sierra and from that to Mojave. It didn't occur on Hight Sierra, but only hours late on Mojave.
  10. If it's not a Mojave issue then why does it only happen on Mojave? The client who got a new laptop this week (with Mojave) used the exact same version (1.7.2) as I was using when I created the documents for them. I saw the same thing then myself. Worked on the document, shipped it off. Launched the Mojave upgrade, opened it the next day. File was unusable. Same for all my other files. Someone else is now rebuilding the set in Photoshop based on my approval JPEGs. You can imagine how thrilled they were about it.
  11. Yes, that's the issue. You can try making the document more complex and look when it is deleting upwards as well. Doesn't happen with all documents (the upwards deletion, that is). I'm not modifying all of my existing documents because of a Mojave incompatibility though. I'm already getting shit from people I've shipped Affinity Documents out to. Two won't accept Affinity files anymore as a result. A common line was "I can open old Photoshop files and they work fine, your experiment clearly isn't working." Not a good week.
  12. Frank Jonen

    Print problems

    Look at Rango it says Documento completo. What you want is to select each artboard separately and print that one at a time. To expedite the process, export to PDF and Print from Preview.app. There you can just print all pages. When you select the whole document it tries to fit all artboards into one view, which makes zero sense but that's the way it works.
  13. Kill as in: Disappear, negate, erase, nullify, make nada, desaparecer… I copied a section from one of my documents. It's similar throughout at 95% of my Designer documents are built like this. 100% of my Photo documents are built like this. Only in Mojave it broke. Probably related to all the other Metal problems Affinity had? But then again I went as far back as to "Software" in the renderer. All renderers have this problem in Mojave. In this small example the mask only kills everything below, even outside of its group. Once documents grow in complexity it also affects layers above it. Mojave Problem.afdesign
  14. I just upgraded to Mojave thinking I've waited long enough. Apparently not. Designer 1.7.2 is not usable anymore. All of my past documents created in Affinity just went to shit. Photo and Designer share the same bug. Good thing I didn't get Publisher yet. Error: Without fail, when you nest a gradient mask (rectangle) to any object or group, it kills everything in the layer stack below and above. The moment that mask gets disabled, the document looks normal again. It's hard to trust the apps with anything at the moment when even standard tasks fail so massively. Reproduce: Create a document with a few shapes, pixel layers and vectors (for diagnostic purposes) Create a Rectangle object. Drag a gradient out using the Transparency Tool. Find some element in the layer stack and drag that Rectangle next to it to mask it. Congratulations! You've just destroyed the entire document. It probably has to do with the ongoing graphics bugs that were introduced with the 1.7 releases. Is there a place where we can download past versions of Affinity apps (legally) or are we just screwed indefinitely? Gradually stepping back versions would help finding WHEN something got broken and narrowing it down to the WHAT. It would also mean I could work again.
  15. Frank Jonen

    Affinity Video Editor?

    So you can scale it without rendering quality issues. A motion graphics tool can use temporal anti-aliasing more efficiently when it can use paths to generate its own pixels the way it likes to process them. In Nuke for example you can get super sharp logos if you create a font with the base shapes and colour them in-app once compiled to match. In general, rastering to need vs pixel remapping is very different when it comes to render. Also most motion graphics apps will let you manipulate the vector shapes once imported.

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